Tech Friday: What about free streaming music from T-Mobile?

Posted By on December 5, 2014

tmobilefreemusicWhile traveling to northeast Ohio this past week, I finally tested the “free streaming music” available from T-Mobile on my 4G/LTE connected iPad Air 2. I streamed it for an hour driving on the interstate without a hiccup and glanced at my recently reset 200MB free data “meter” (screen shot left) and didn’t show any data use.

pandorajacksonbrowneradioOn longer drives the iPad sits on a Ram Mount when I’m in my Honda Pilot and so running a Pandora station like Jackson Browne (my current favorite Pandora Station) is a pretty easy task … so as long as a have a T-Mobile service (not necessarily the service that those with Sprint, AT&T or Verizon are use to). Nice perk from the least expensive wireless tablet data provider I could find.

NOTE: I purchased a 6 month $10 bucket of 5GBs of data in October which kicks in each month when I use up the free 200MB. If the service footprint was better, T-Mobile would be a real winner.

While on the subject of music … and I’m thinking of you Aaron Howard

Q: What was the 333rd “Greatest Song of All Times” according to Rolling Stone?


A: Norman Greenbaum’s 1969 “one hit wonder” Spirit in the Sky.

  Spirit In The Sky — Norman Greenbaum, recorded in 1969


  • Don Pielsen

    Rich-Are you happy with the coverage of TMobile in Ohio? I had a smartphone with them a few years ago and their coverage was worse than Sprint. Maybe things have changed but I did not have service while driving on interstate 71. –Don

    • Thanks for the comment Don. I definitely understand the weak footprint of T-Mobile and am not necessarily “happy” … but assume they are working on it? It’s my opinion that “IF” the best coverage is needed, then Verizon or AT&T are the only options … but at a price. For me, I’m close to 100% coverage with my iPhone using Ting (and can use Ting as a hotspot or my Freedompop MiFi puck if needed: see ) and also having 4G/LTE built in with T-Mobile when not on WiFi for my iPad is an added plus. Show me a wireless tablet plan that is less than the $10 for 6 month for a 5GB bucket plus the 200MB per month for life … and I’ll change. 🙂

      Thanks again for the comment.

  • Aaron

    Ahhh! I can’t believe I missed this post! But in my defense, it was finals week. That is a good song, love the guitar part. I just got PPL Live: Takin the Stage on vinyl. It is great. See you in a few day!?

    • You are the person I think of when I hear “vinyl” oldies. Every once in a while I get curious about a “one hit wonder” kind of song and it is interesting to find out what becomes of the songwriter, singer or band.

      If you like PPL … another less popular group I listened to was the Cooper Brothers (ever hear of them?) Loved the harmony in the second cut on this album.

      • Aaron

        I have heard of them, but I haven’t done my due diligence! That second song is great, I agree with you about the harmonies. I really liked “Melody’s In My Mind”, great pace, synth solo, and harmonies, as well. I will definitely give them a closer listen.

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