Making it feel better than home

Posted By on May 21, 2015

My wife and I have been preoccupied this week with helping our son Taylor get settled into his East Walnut Hills (Cincinnati) apartment after his move back from Williston, North Dakota.

Each time “I” think we are getting closer to finishing, the “mama-bear” (aka: Brenda) adds a few more items to the list … but I must say, Taylor’s Jackie Gleason/ Honeymooners kitchen” is looking pretty nice. I think he is really going to enjoy this next phase of his life.


  • Yup … I think Taylor is going to like living in Cincinnati. The previous tenant left behind a nice bike so after filling up the tires he took a bike ride to Eden Park while he has a little time on his hands. Very nice.

  • Taylor did a fine job of sanding his new butcher block top and treating it with Linseed Oil … another oiling ever other month will keep these tops looking great! Nice job Taylor.

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