LiveWriter for blogging is alive and hopefully being revitalized

Posted By on January 6, 2016

openlivewriterlogoThis past December, after hearing in July that one of my favorite applications would be givng new life as open source software, Open Live Writer was released. The parent application was retired by Microsoft a few year ago but has remained available. Unfortunately after my move to Windows 10 and issues with sFTP support, it first required a work-around and then unfortunately stopped working — most likely due to it being part of the “report back to Mom” Live Essentials?

Thankfully the committed group of programmers, users and Microsoft people continued to push to have the source code opened under MIT licensing and it is now being supported voluntarily. After losing LiveWriter, I installed Open Live Writer on my iMac Win10 Parallels install and am giving it a try (keeping the old Microsoft LiveWriter on my 2007 Gateway notebook and still have it on my even older Gateway that still runs in a pinch). 

This is the first post with it, so we’ll see how it goes?


PS. I’m already missing the spelling check module but a big thanks Microsoft and to the volunteers working on this project.

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  • Bill Faust

    Any luck using Open Live Writer with secure FTP?

    • Hey Bill, obviously you were paying attention when I was doing the conversion a few weeks and moving to DigitalOcean. After a few lumps, I’m glad to be on a set-up designed to keep things secure. I’m still using the DO LAMP set-up for WordPress, but with a separate Linux/Apache image server set-up. I experimented using Amazon’s S3 and still have a few larger files links (videos for the most part) but it wasn’t all that simple to work with. Yahoo’s Flickr is “ok” but not ideal BUT FREE … also I don’t trust them with all the blogs images. The two options that seem the most promising are keeping the images on my companies server (easy and cheap — works well with Open Live Writer) and for the fun of it, a home based Raspberry Pi and nginx webserver set up as an image server — shockingly, it is just about perfect for my needs. Really … it is just all about experimenting for me, but I learn something at every turn. Thanks for asking and reading my ramblings.

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