Great idea for storing your flip-flops when sailing

Posted By on February 24, 2016

SailingChance_flipflogstoreI’m always looking for better ways to store things on the boat … Kelley Gudahl shared a few things they do on her Sailing Chance blog … so figured I would archive them.

First the flip-flop storage idea really caught my eye since we always have them sliding around the cockpit floor. There’s not that much space on either side of the steps leading up the companionway, but I could probably rig a bungee in the cockpit?



  • Kelley Gudahl – Sailing Chance

    The best part about storing flip flops is that nearly every boat can find a bungee somewhere on their boat, and somewhere to attach it 🙂 Thanks for the love, keep me posted if you rig up your own bungee!

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