Replace a Keurig One-Cup coffeemaker with a Hamilton Beach

Posted By on March 5, 2016

HamiltonBeachCoffeeMaker160301I replaced my one-cup Keurig coffee maker last weekend after attempting to take it apart to find a leak. Unfortunately these plastic parts are made in such a way that getting to the internal tubing are impossible.

Last year I considered a Hamilton Beach Flexbrew machine for the boat (never did buy one) and decided the higher end version of that machine fit my coffee making style. I never use the K-cups and instead use Chock Full o’ Nuts coffee in a reusable basket anyway.

So far so good … it makes a quick cup of coffee, is easy to clean the 3-piece basket components and has a 2-level system (“tall” travel mug and coffee cup).

  The Coffee Song
      Frank Sinatra – 1946

(Amazon — was $39.88 on 2/25/2016)


  • James Shelley

    Do you like this coffeemaker?

    • So far so good. It is a bit slower than the Keurig “with already hot water” in the tank, but convenient since there is no tank holding water … just one cup at a time. The 3 part basket for grounds and dripping seems well made but three parts to clean. I purchase the paper liner “discs” for easy cleaning but the dripping doesn’t stop as quick at the Keurig (more waiting) and can keep dripping when you remove the cup … not a big deal.

      Both make similarly “good” coffee from my Chock Full o’ Nuts canned coffee … but neither makes good coffee when I grind bean on my own. ???

      So far I’d save the money and buy the Hamilton Beach over the Keurig IF you don’t use K-cups. Thanks for the comment.

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