TechFriday: The new Apple MacBook Pro has been announced

Posted By on October 28, 2016

As Fernando Lamas would say (or Mark Howard – it’s on the back of my late brother-in-law grave marker) …  "it looks mahvelous!" (paraphrased).


Unfortunately the Apple’s newest MacBook Pro has a price to match it’s looks and expected performance with the 13" model WITH the new TouchBar starting at $1799 and the big boy 15" starting at $2399.


Yes … my 2007 Gateway needs a refresh, but I’m not sure I can beg, borrow or steal enough to justify a 13" model with a little extra RAM (16GB for additional $200) and the new version of Final Cut Pro just for travel … but I would like one.
Winking smile Too bad my wife doesn’t read my blog because Christmas is coming!

I read the MacBook Air with hang on by it’s claws (13" only), but suspect that it is on the way out eventually. A few other highlights mentioned in the "hello" event were some interesting Apple TV "app" improvements … one call TV that looks interesting for cable cutters. The socially connected app with Twitter and their livestreaming (sports aka: Thursday Night Football) was particularly intriguing considering I’d like to see Apple acquire Twitter.

An interesting tidbit around the history of notebook computing and innovation over the 25 years history of "laptops" (or notebooks as they are now called) by Apple was the impressive speed and processing power gains (not to mention battery improvements and thriftiness). It was stated that the new MacBook Pro is "6.8 millions times faster than the original Apple notebook" and that it would take the original "one year of processing to do what the new MacBook can do in 5 seconds."


Astounding. (Here were a few of my Apple memories)


  • Ed Shelly

    Doubt this new Mac is going to improve Apple as a growing company. Nothing overly impressive or must-have considering the very high price point.

    • Miss you comment last week Ed, but thanks for chiming it.

      I suspect you are correct about keeping Apple from “growing” or from keeping $AAPL from much than treading water. Those who need/want the best laptops are still going to buy a MacBook Pro … but fewer and fewer average users need powerful and expensive notebook computers anymore. Apple needs to innovate if growth is in their future. (Including a graph from Business Insider illustrating the need for something new)

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