Mellow Music Monday: Down in Belize with Jerry Jeff Walker

Posted By on April 24, 2017

moonchild_jerryjeffwalkerHere’s a MusicMonday tune from a studio recording by Jerry Jeff Walker in 2009 called "Down in Belize" 6th cut of his Moon Child album.

He’s an artist from years ago when my listening taste was more country, folk and tropical rock … well perhaps I haven’t really changed? If you don’t recall the long time Austin Texan Jerry Jeff, you’ll like remember his Mr. Bojangles hit … it was the one that put him on the map way back in 1968 (recorded by others as well).

  Down in Belize | Jerry Jeff Walker



  • Aaron

    Hey! We stayed at a resort (Victoria House) near Jerry Jeff Walker’s house on Ambergris Caye, in Belize. Supposedly he frequented, and played at, the bar at our resort, but we did not see him. I don’t particularly like his music, but it would have been a funny story of we had run into him! Congrats on being a g-pa. Does that make me Cousin-Uncle Aaron?

    • Ha! You do get around “nephew, cousin-uncle” Aaron! It is exciting to be a “Bompa” (Katelyn’s name for my dad). Noticed your “older” 1/3 and his family stopped to see Taylor, Katelyn, Drew and Annalyn yesterday. Very nice!

      As, for the east coast reefs of Belize, they are on my retirement sailing itinerary, although when we driving through “OLD” Belize CITY heading to a horse ranch in the rain forest a decade ago and saw the folks walking around the city streets with machetes for protection, it made me realize there are parts of Central America to avoid … of course the same could be said for parts of Chicago!

      Always good to hear from you … thanks for checking in!

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