TechFriday: Epson Workforce M1560 monochrome all-in-one

Posted By on May 12, 2017

EpsonWFM1560 The "cheap" replacement Epson printer arrived on Thursday and I was very disappointed in the quality of the multi-function-device that replace the Epson WF 545. Unfortunately several years after the previous, the WF M-1560 is of even poorer quality and even slower as a scanner. It was surprising to me.  


The positive is that it was a quick and simple network set-up and software download vs installing from the included CD (added for a "first scan" look at scan quality). It should be more economical as a copier since it only uses larger Black only cartridges which should offer inexpensive copies … if it were only faster.

I would not recommend this unit as I’m disappointed that the scan speed for both images and copies is so slow … even at low resolution.


  • I’ve got a WF-3540 (color) and it’s been quite a workhorse. Keeping up with my wife’s insatiable need for printed copies of all her reading for two masters programs. We scan/copy a lot of documents for the kids sports and never had an issue. Maybe the lower tier Workforce series just are not as good?

    • This will be my 4th Epson … first being a “dot-matrix” from the 1980s. HA! The previous was a “Perfection” photo model that was replace with the Workforce 545 under a partial warranty … low price to keep me with Epson. It “was” a fair printer, scanner, fax machine but “may” have had a power surge (who really knows?) but basically was off and would not respond. Customer service indicated that it was a reconditioned model and therefore would not offer any incentive to purchase another. After looking around … decided better to go with the brand I knew than venture with a much more expensive unknown. I figure “for sure” that this newer Workhorse M1560 would at least scan as fast as the previous … but nope. I gave up color because I have a color laser and generally used the scanner, fax and copier in BW mode. I think I’m just disappointed and expected more.

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