Independence Day: Render Unto Caesar, a Mike Rowe Podcast

Posted By on July 4, 2017

If you listen and make it to the end of this 10 minute July 4, 2017 Independence Day podcast by Mike Rowe, you’ll get the point of this interesting story. Well worth the Blue Apron advertisement and introduction (definitely a worthwhile podcast to subscribe to or follow on Facebook).

 Render Unto Caesar (mp3) | Mike Rowe – 2017


  • Darryl Estes

    Mike Rowe has a great podcast but how can I subscribe?

    • Several ways to subscribe and receive notice … probably the most popular is Facebook followed by Apple’s iTunes. Click his link and it should give you options.

  • Forgot to include my “retired flags” photo. Each replacement is dated and folded … currently the piles are stored in the window well of our finished basement. I’m not sure what the future hold for them, but I’m not ready to take them to have them destroyed properly just yet — so the collection lives (really had a well made flag last time that would still be flying IF not for how faded it became???)

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