What do you do with the extra Epoxy after it has been mixed?

Posted By on December 5, 2017

TopsiderEpoxyWearbarsWhen mixing a small batch of epoxy for a repair, I’m always looking for a secondary project that needs some adhesion. I’ve finally decided that my go-to project is to apply additional "wear bars" to the heels of my favorite Sperry Topsiders.

I’ve done this before and besides the slightly annoying "clicking" sound, the epoxy wears well and hasn’t failed. I’m sure dedicated shoe glue would be a more appropriate product, but leftover epoxy works great too!

Christmas decorating and closing the pool in the same weekend

Posted By on December 4, 2017


It is hard to believe, but I finally winterized the pool and in the same weekend brought home a Christmas tree, put the wreathes up and modified the lighting we use on the house in December. The first years we used 150 watt incandescent floods (also had halogens at some point), then I switched to compact florescent floods for the last decade which cut back the wattage and this year switched to some super bright LED floods that only draw 17 watts each (shockingly little).

LEDChristmasHouseFloodsOrinThe new LEDs fit the standard fixtures, but are priced high enough to make me wonder. In hopes of making them last, I’m adding an additional o-ring to the base in hope to keep the rain out. We’ll see?



Beautiful Supermoon this weekend – the largest of 2017

Posted By on December 3, 2017


Sadly trying to capture the moon with a smartphone is not so smart … but hopefully those who wanted to see it found the time, and a clear sky, to enjoy the large early evening Supermoon.

Besides looking up, we enjoyed looking at our granddaughter at 9-months. So great to see Annalyn smiling so big in a family photo with Drew and Katelyn. Love it … thanks for sending it to us!


Apple fixes MacOS High Sierra and a faster Firefox browser

Posted By on December 2, 2017

SecurityInstallOnMacAfter updating my iMac to the latest High Sierra MacOS, a root log in security flaw was discovered and had users scrambling for a temporary fix. I followed the advice on 9to5Mac, but Apple quickly sent out a security update. Safe again?

Another install has been a major update for Mozilla and their popular Firefox browser. It is suppose to be much faster than competitors and claims to be more compatible with more of what we use on the web. Since I always have two browsers running on my desktop, I was happy to update and wanted it to work with all that I normally use, but quickly found out that their new Firefox Quantum 57.0.1 is still not able to use the Google Hangouts communication tool built into Gmail. Bummer. 


Tech Friday: Apple iPhone iOS 11 Flashlight brightness levels

Posted By on December 1, 2017

iPhoneFlashlight-aniiOS11_4LevelsFlashlightMost Apple iPhone users (as well as Android users) have been using a smartphone as a flashlight for years with only a few innovations. The simple swipe up and click on has been relatively straight forward until the addition of brightness levels.

With iOS11, the text description has been eliminated (???) but the brightness level now has 4 settings plus an off. To control brightness, access the flashlight app and press firmly to bring up the level control, then chose your brightness level.

<– previous iOS | New iOS 11 –>

The rise of Bitcoin – Just call it Tulip Mania or Speculative Fever

Posted By on November 30, 2017


As someone who had an early interest in cryptocurrency as a replacement for product and services exchange, the recent rise of Bitcoin is nothing more than frightening. Supply and demand obviously has traders of this public ledger block chain protected transaction “currency” excited and like all manias, is concerning since eventually trading profits will be too attractive for speculative traders not want to cash in.

Who knows when the bubble will burst … but even as someone who likes the idea of a stable and secure world cryptocurrency … this is currently just ridiculous gambling.

Some suggest it is on par with the dot-com boom and crash, which maybe true, but personally I’d go back a few more centuries to ‘Tulipmania.’

Tulipmania was the first major financial bubble. Investors began to madly purchase tulips, pushing their prices to unprecedented highs; the average price of a single flower exceeded the annual income of a skilled worker. Tulips sold for over 4000 florins, the currency of the Netherlands at the time. As prices drastically collapsed over the course of a week, many tulip holders instantly went bankrupt.

Tulipmania reflects the general cycle of a bubble: investors lose track of rational expectations, psychological biases lead to a massive upswing in the price of an asset or sector, a positive-feedback cycle continues to inflate prices, investors realize that they are merely holding a tulip that they sold their houses for, prices collapse due to a massive sell off and many go bankrupt.

EDIT 11/29 afternoon: Since I wrote this early Wednesday morning, I figured it would at least be appropriate to show what happened in the afternoon. If you own Bitcoins, you need a strong stomach.

Another great Jay Leno’s Garage video – a 1974 Porsche 914-6 GT

Posted By on November 29, 2017

One of the best YouTube channels for car lovers is Jay Leno’s Garage. He always has something interesting and the older I get the more I appreciate his highlighting cars I remembered and envied.

The 1974 Porsche 914 (or previous up to 1972 version 914-6 GT) was my ideal teenage car as it was still a realistic dream car (aka: affordable. Although I always thought of my 1974 Mercury Capri below as sporty and HALF German).
Since I was already tinkering with the air-cooled VW’s in the 1970s, the 914 was an attractive and sporty step up; it was also the entry level Porsche. Unfortunately for me, a Porsche is one German car that has evaded me over the years and a make I haven’t owned … yetwho knows, there may still be one in my future?


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