A little more endless summer please

Posted By on August 13, 2017

What a beautiful weekend in Cincinnati “for August.” Warm days, reasonable humidity and cool evenings. What’s not to like?

After all these years – a 50 piece set of 1/2″ carbide router bits

Posted By on August 13, 2017

The older I get the more often I stumble on items to include in my book, "Things To Buy When You Are Young" … or at least one that I’m slowly putting together and working on.

I’ve fumbled with woodworking most of my life and to be fair, have purchased or been giving my share of nice tools. Included in my arsenal of items are two routers, one mounted in a router table like a shaper and the other used in a traditional matter. I’ve had a mixture of odds and ends cheap bits and a few better bits to use with them over the years, but seem to never have the one I want.


Last weekend I was working on a small project, re-cutting a doorway threshold with my son-in-law Drew … and boasted to him about how much I liked my "spiral bit."  After we were finished and he was gone, I cleaned up and put away my tools. I realized I had a hodgepodge of bits and many were not carbide and NOT sharp anymore. I also realized I didn’t always have the bit I wanted and would make-do by making a template, jig or just clamping down feather-boards and a fence.


Happy Birthday to my wife Brenda (hard to resist this cute turtle)

Posted By on August 12, 2017

turtleCakeAnother year has passed and it is time to wish my wonderful wife Brenda a HAPPY BIRTHDAYagain.
The year marked a few more changes in her life such as the passing of her mom in January and the birth of a first grandchild in March … but it is all part of traveling on the bumpy road we call life. Hopefully this year the pothole are fixed and the ride smooth ... but who knows?

We do have a few things to look forward too … our family is all in Ohio now and Brenda finally has a partner pharmacist at work — a team. Besides that, her schedule has lightened and shifted from a 44+ hour work week to a 32 and 39 hour work week … although babysitting Annalyn may take up a few of those off hours, we’ll see?
Winking smile     Happy Birthday Brenda … we don’t want to forget "the turtle!"

Thinking about my dad. Has it been two years?

Posted By on August 11, 2017

DadwBoys1966closerTomorrow will be two years since my dad passed away, where does the time go? 

His interest in cars was handed down to me and although we both approached it from different angles, we BOTH held a respect for how each enjoyed automobiles. I did not have had the same "spit and polish" love for "clean and shiny" like my dad, but enjoyed the mechanical side of keeping a car "running." Give me a can of Bondo, a body file and spray gun … and I am reasonably satisfied. Weld some new metal, rust treat and paint will Miracle paint … it passed my critique.
Dad on the other hand was happier with a bucket of suds, some whitewall tire cleaner, a few coats of wax and regular buffing cleaning his Packard or any of his cars … but we both enjoyed our cars. As I’ve said to Brenda many time, I really don’t have any regrets during our final years together. Dad and I had a great relationship right to the end … he was proud of me and I of him.

I came across the photo above from Easter in 1966 standing on the wall in front of our house on the lake. I can not imagine a more idyllic place to grow up … both my mom and dad gave me a perfect childhood. I will forever be appreciative for those early years. (while archiving the old photo, I’ll include one with my mom below)


Investors are getting nervous over face-off with North Korea

Posted By on August 10, 2017


With the tension rising between the U.S. and North Korea over nuclear weapons, the broad financial markets headed lower today for the first time in a while (or so it seemed). The often cited DJIA closed down 204.69 or about 1% while the Nasdaq doubled that move at 2% down.

Even though the tone was set yesterday saw President Trump give warning with a fire and fury” comment, it was today after 33 year old Kim Jong un refused to tone down his threats and planned to fire four missiles toward Guam in mid-August.  Trump reinforced his words with “perhaps I may not have gone far enough.” In any case, investor even with positive momentum from solid corporate earning had the jitters. Hedge fund guru Ray Dalio suggested we should “buy gold on rising political risks.”

I’ve never been confident in buying lowand selling high, but I did add a few more shares of beaten up Ford $F to my long term dividend holdings in hopes to rethink an income stream based retirement portfolio (there was a day back in the 1990s when I was holding a couple 9-3/4% Treasuries thinking about laddering them and having my retirement set! Oh those were the good ol’ days for fixed income.)

Ford_2017-08-10 at 4.31.11 PM

The DVD movie Gifted was excellent, plus a Redbox tip

Posted By on August 10, 2017

giftedmovieWe are not big movie watchers and rarely go to the movie theater, but we did rent a very enjoyable movie on Sunday night … Redbox coupon triggered "movie night."  Anyway the child acting was excellent and story line enticing enough to spur debate. Brenda, the competition type, would have preferred to maximize education over childhood, while I was a bit more laidback preferring normalcy of having a childhood believing most children catch up to their potential and are better served having a balanced life. We both saw the value of each others thoughts and appreciated the quandary in making decisions for such a "Gifted" child. All in all, it was probably the best movie we have watched this year. Recommended.

Redbox Tip: If you are a Redbox movie renter and receive 2 for $2 coupons but only want to watch one movie … try this to save a buck. Put two DVD (not Blueray) movies in your cart, select one of the movies to upgrade to Blueray then remove from the cart. When you check out, a discount will still be applied to the single movie left in the cart.
Winking smile

Family Fun Weekend with Annalyn in Cincinnati – part 2

Posted By on August 9, 2017


The primary purpose of the visit was for Katelyn, Drew and Annalyn to see Uncle Taylor at his place in East Walnut Hills and walk some of Cincinnati’s beautiful parks (Eden, Ault, etc). It was easier to stay at our house and so we enjoyed spending time with the whole family for a few days and couple of evenings (see part 1 – yesterday’s post). As parents, it is great to see our family wanted to spend time together and really great to see Taylor and Annalyn having fun!




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