Tech Friday: Magfast Life and Extreme charging issues

Posted By on November 25, 2022

Part of what was in my long awaited Magfast order arrived earlier this month and after charging the MAGFAST battery packs, I started to test the output plugs. MagfastChargingAeropex221115The USB-C worked just fine on my Kindle reader. The Lightning plug worked to charge my iPhone 7 and iPad. The Micro-USB worked (I think) and the USB-A output plugs  charged devices like my Fitbit Versa 2 watch using the special cradle, although very slow.

The one device that doesn’t seem to take a charge is my Aftershokz Aeropex headset. On the Life, the USB-A out is on the top and starts to charge then turn off after about 30 seconds … using the proprietary cable with magnetic attachment. The bigger MAGFAST Extreme has a couple of USB-A plugs on the bottom and they seem to work, but after hours of remaining plugged in, the condition indicated displayed 8 of 10 LEDs indicating a discharge, but the Aeropex remained uncharged fully with a still red LED (photo). I’ve written the company and they are looking into it.

It might be a sensing circuit that shuts down when the discharge is small … that is my thought anyway?

Thanksgiving 2022: “Out of the mouth of babes …”

Posted By on November 24, 2022

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Short video tidbit: Another way to fold sheet corners

Posted By on November 23, 2022

Music Monday: “Hey Jude” (or Julian) – The Beatles

Posted By on November 21, 2022

Surprisingly Music Monday has only highlighted a little bit from The Beatles. Perhaps it was because they were for the most part “before my time” … FN_JulianLennonor maybe it’s just not the kind of music that I’m attracted too? Nevertheless, the British group made a big splash in the 1960s and had an enormous influence on popular music from 1960-1970 … and beyond.

Nicknamed “the Fab Four,” John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr took America by storm when they arrived from England in 1964 for their first visit to the U.S. and started the whole British Invasion thing as it pertains to rock and pop music. Beatlemania was already in full swing when they arrived, but their live performance on The Ed Sullivan Show viewed by 73 million cemented that it was “a mania.” It was the FN_PaulMcCarneymedicine the U.S. needed in recovering from the late 1963 assignation of President John F. Kennedy.

Who knows where to start when it comes to their music, but since a tweet (below) made its way on FoxNews as it relates to Paul McCartney and the late John Lennon’s son Julian Lennon accidentally meeting up with each other in an airport, the 1968 song  “Hey Jude(Julian) seems appropriate (video with weak audio below as well as a HQ remastered mp3).

  The Beatles – “Hey Jude | remastered 2015

Native American tribes in America before the Europeans #maps

Posted By on November 20, 2022


Maps and history have always held my interest (as they do for my son Taylor too). Having grown up when schools glossed over most of American the history prior to Columbus in 1492 (or perhaps the Vikings) … it is interesting to learn a little bit more about the “approximately 20 million” Native Americans that populated North America prior to the 16th century.


I certainly did not remember learning that there were “over 1000 tribes, bands or clans” prior to disease and war during the first 300 years that our country was “founded” (hm?) I’m not a “woke” education advocate and prefer most of what we learn is from the contemporary teaching of American history, but I still don’t mind some attention to and learning about the native population … and particularly enjoy learning through maps. Check out the article “Why Isn’t This Map in the History Books?”

While I’m on the subject of maps, history and learning, I’m going to pull a book by Gavin Menzies off our bookshelves (below) that I started several years ago but never finished. The “claim” by Menzles is that the Chinese sailed to America before Columbus. It is intriguing …even if most historians call his assertion pseudohistory


His book 1421: The Year China Discovered the World, is a work of sheer fiction presented as revisionist history. Not a single document or artifact has been found to support his new claims on the supposed Ming naval expeditions beyond Africa … Menzies’ numerous claims and the hundreds of pieces of "evidence" he has assembled have been thoroughly and entirely discredited by historians, maritime experts and oceanographers from China, the U.S., Europe and elsewhere.


Our Chick-fil-A order was securely delivered with a smile

Posted By on November 19, 2022

Our Chick-fil-A order last week was “securely” delivered to our car by a law enforcement officer … and with a smile (wish I could have tipped him)!

Tech Friday: Wyze Cams satisfy my gadget addiction

Posted By on November 18, 2022


My older Canary Cams are still working but will eventually be retired as lower priced and higher quality Wyze Cams and Wyze Cam3s have SolarWyzeCam_Oct2022become the “go to” products to fill my gadget WyzeCam3ProImageaddiction.

On Wednesday a male cardinal trigger one of my cams and it reminded me to check on my subscription, re-read the promotional email announcing the new Wyze Cam v3 Pro and to include Drew’s new Wyze Solar Panel powered outdoor Wyze Cam.


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