Fun with camera phones / Fuel prices jump

Posted By on August 3, 2006

Stopping off I-71 today as the midwest heatwave was buffered by some colder air rolling in from the northwest. The lightning was impressive as were the clouds. I haven’t checked the news today, but notice gas stations boosted prices about 30 cents; averages signs were reading $3.15 for regular gasoline! (I’m sending and posting this by cell phone.)

True North on I-71 between Cincinnati and ColumbusEDIT: I looked for a reason for the price jump, but about all I could find was an article in the Tri-State area confirming the jump and the same-ol’ same ol’. Ann Belcher, spokeswoman for AAA Blue Grass/Kentucky attributes it to “a variety of factors, including high demand because of the summer travel season, as well as high temperatures which can increase the risk for refinery problems. She also cited a federal energy report yesterday that showed gasoline inventories were down slightly, though still above the levels of last year.”

Add to that the turmoil in the Middle East and potential hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico and futures traders get edgy … or is it just price gouging when its up 20 or 30 cents at a time?


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