Music Monday: “Georgia” – Boz Scaggs (Silk Degrees 1976)

Posted By on December 5, 2022

BozScaggsAlbumWhile heading home from Florida after our Thanksgiving trip, I opted to doze off to the free iHeart radio 1970s channel on my “ears” (Aftershokz – not the best for noisy environments). The song “Georgia” by Boz Scaggs streamed and I realized that I have not heard the 1976 song for a while. Hm … perfect for a Music Monday.

  Boz Scaggs – “Georgia” | 1976

It was the number 2 track on Boz Scaggs seventh solo album called Silk Degrees … which was loaded with quite a few great songs. Now I want to listen to the entire album … something I “would” do 40 years ago, but rarely if ever do anymore.


For the record, we joined Costco with the rest of America

Posted By on December 4, 2022

RichCostcoMembership2022With a new Costco store opening close to home in Liberty Township, Ohio (and one in Delray or actually in Boca Raton, FL), Brenda and I have finally decided to join. My buddy Jeff has been a Costco shopper for eons … and Katelyn and Drew are always telling us about their weekend trips to the warehouse club … so after shopping with them over Thanksgiving week in Florida, we decided to make it a “dinner date destination” and joined (it is hard to be an impressive hot dog and drink for $1.50 and giant slice of pizza for $2.00).

Even though we dislike shopping and no long “feed a family,” we kind of enjoyed the experience and will give it a least a one year try. I’m only hoping to find a time that it is a bit less crowded because so far it always seems to be busy.

EDIT 12/5/2022: Also … it is’s pick for company of the year.

How we chose Costco as Yahoo Finance’s Company of the Year Dec 5, 2022 (more…)

Archive: I love seeing “homebuilding” progress photos

Posted By on December 3, 2022


OostraHouseInsideNov2022Thankfully, even as the weather begins to cool these days, the homebuilding progress doesn’t screech to a halt as it did years ago (showing my age).

With that, it is great to archive a photo or two as the walls go up on Katelyn and Drew’s new house in northwest Ohio. There is a small part of me that would love to build again, but another part that keeps telling myself  that I should “be content and enjoy watching our children fulfill their dreams.”

(Perhaps there should be a tag for this #homebuilding project?)

Tech Friday: A big screen TV deal and Christmas light flashback

Posted By on December 2, 2022

NewTCLCondoTVconsole_Nov2022It is hard to believe that watching sports and movies on a 37" television just isn’t satisfactory enough these days? So when I saw a Walmart pre-Black Friday deal on a 65" TCL Roku TV for $228, I could not pass up the deal. It is very impressive for the money and a perfect upgrade for the condo in Florida.

Of course the downside is that we also needed to upgrade the furniture to hold it … so Katelyn and Drew took us Costco shopping and help pick out a very nice cabinet last week (although it was over twice the cost of the TV! Ugh!)



Festivus … “the all-inclusive December gathering” #humor

Posted By on December 1, 2022

BrendaFestivusWith Thanksgiving behind us, I’m wondering if Brenda is adopting a new-to-us December holiday tradition? Perhaps or most likely not … but I do see something that looks like a Seinfeld-like “Festivus pole in our foyer.

SeinfeldCoverFor those familiar with the the long running television comedy Seinfeld, you will recall immediately the 1997 episode call “The Strike” which is highlighted by Frank Costanza  and his created “holiday in response to the commercialization of Christmas.” Somewhat symbolic in the episode and in fandom circles is the simple silver Festivus pole. Comic genus!

The Seinfeld episode that featured Festivus was titled "The Strike", although O’Keefe notes that the writers later wished they had named it "The Festivus". It was first broadcast on December 18, 1997. The plot revolves around Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) returning to work at his old job, H&H Bagels. While dining at Monk’s Restaurant, as George Costanza (Jason Alexander) is opening his mail, he receives a card from his father saying, "Dear Son, Happy Festivus." This leads to Jerry Seinfeld and Elaine Benes (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) discussing George’s father’s creation of Festivus despite George not wanting it to be discussed. Kramer then becomes interested in resurrecting the holiday when, at the bagel shop, Frank Costanza (Jerry Stiller) tells him how he created Festivus as an alternative holiday in response to the commercialization of Christmas.

Meanwhile, George creates donation cards for a fake charity called The Human Fund (with the slogan "Money for People") in lieu of having to give office Christmas presents. When his boss, Mr. Kruger (Daniel von Bargen), questions George about a $20,000 check he gave George to donate to the Human Fund as a corporate donation, George hastily concocts the excuse that he made up the Human Fund because he feared persecution for his beliefs, of celebrating Festivus instead of Christmas. Attempting to call his bluff, Kruger goes home with George to see Festivus in action.


Archive: Some family time with our granddaughters

Posted By on November 30, 2022

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Lava flowing from Mauna Loa volcano a concern for residents

Posted By on November 29, 2022

Lava and smoky ash is sputtering from the world’s largest active volcano on the Hawaii’s Big Island. Mauna Loa isn’t immediately endangering towns, but eruption poses danger to over 200,000 people and the U.S. Geological Survey is warning people that it can be "very dynamic and that and advancing lava flows can change rapidly." (AP Reporting)

We enjoy our visit years ago, but would not want to live too close to this potential threat.


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