What do MMT economists theorize? "The Deficit Myth" #book

Posted By on May 8, 2021

A few times before I’ve thought, and blogged about MMT or Modern Monetary Theory, when it comes to newfangled economics. Personally, I (nor many economists) can accept the thinking or rationalize the TheDeficitMyth_StephanieKelton_Book2021_mlarge deficits and debt path our country is on. In order to better understand the mind-set, I decided to read Stephanie Kelton’s book “The Deficit Myth.” She has become a leading advocate for MMT and I’m hoping to be able to at least understand the illogical to me logic of spending TRILLIONS of dollars that our country doesn’t have for every wish list item politicians keep adding – much of it political payoff.

At some point stimulus payments, health care, education, infrastructure, climate change and every other kind of pork our government is printing money to fund “wants,” is going to be too much for an economy to bear … at least I think so???

Currently we’re seeing spending on steroids coming from Democrats running the House, Senate and Whitehouse … and like an irresponsible teenager on spring break with his/her parent’s credit card … it will eventually get declined.

Although, I’m not sure the spike in prices that we’re seeing at the moment is the kind of 1970-80s inflation (or hyperinflation) that will stay with us (or crash us) … or is being triggered by government’s reckless spending, but it sure worries me. WheelbarrowOfCashAll I know is that prices are rising, people are being paid to stay home and the deficit and BitcoinChart210504debt is growing. For those investing, just like every bubble I have lived through, the sugar high feels good .. until it doesn’t.

Unfortunately for those wanting to build this year, lumber prices have gone berserk (likely thanks to the pandemic shutdown, cheap money and pent up demand for houses). Question: Have you ever seen a long term price chart like this one below (well, besides cryptocurrencies!) HA!


Tech Friday: Would you consider buying this iPhone 5G slider?

Posted By on May 7, 2021

iPhone_5G_sliderconcept2021_aniIf you keep your eyes open, there are plenty of interesting Android and iPhone concept videos floating around. As a Palm Pre slider user, I’ve always thought there might be another slider (or foldable) pocket friendly phone in my future.

Here’s an iPhone slider demo that has promise … although personally I think we’ll see a folding “flip-style” iPhone from Apple before we see a slider.

Speaking of flipphones, I can’t help but reminisce about my old PalmOS based Samsung SPH-i500 that to this day is probably the best quality and pocket friendliest smartphone I’ve ever owned … although the iPhone5 came close.

Selling my May Fly lures inventory came back to haunt me #TBT

Posted By on May 6, 2021

Whoops … an interesting Throwback Thursday #TBT flashback and mistake on my part … MayFly4Sale

I received an order for MayFly Lures that I posted back in 2018 and sold a few and then sold my entire inventory in one lump in 2019. Unfortunately I forgot to remove the original blog post and so received a paid order earlier this week.

Thankfully I kept a couple back for my own personal Walleye fishing (if I ever go) and so decided to offer to the buyer before removing the post … now marked as PAID.

Archive: A few saved family photos from the week that was …

Posted By on May 5, 2021


Received an email from a friend who said, “hey, there are no photo of you in your last week’s vacation post?” Hm, true .. and realized that this panorama is the nearest photo I have of me relaxing on the beach. EllerieKatelynWaiting210501
But since our vacation is now in the rear view mirror, here are a few from our family to archive on the blog.


Granddaughters of course take precedent as they were out and about now that the weather is nice (although never really just stayed home?) Annalyn is growing into a “young girl” now and Ellerie is just happy to be waiting for her big sister (dance class) with mom in the car.

Taylor and Megan stopped by on Sunday after we returneTaylorHeadboard210502d home; in part to pick up the cedar headboard I made for Taylor in 2016 (we kept it on his bed in his room). They also brought Brenda a new rose plant as an early Mother’s Day gift and ended up taking some lilac clipping home. They look great on the turntable buffet … and the headboard looks great on the bed in Taylor’s apartment too.


Looking at New York City from the Empire State Building #pano

Posted By on May 4, 2021

How many building top water tanks can you count? (you could spend hours zoomed in on this photo … and if that is not enough, there is a naked man somewhere in this “Where is Wally or Waldo-like” photo). 

LINK: “World’s Largest Photo of New York City

Music Monday: The Beach Boys, "Fun, Fun, Fun" and some R & R

Posted By on May 3, 2021


It was a week of R and R for us with some sun and fun, so for Music Monday what better music than The Beach Boys and Fun, Fun, Fun from 1964.

BeachBoysFunFunFunBrian Wilson and Mike Love wrote the song based on a party inspired by the events of Dennis Wilson. It was originally song being worked on called “Run, Run, Run” but their then manager Murry Wilson was “dissatisfied with the song.”

Another comment was from KNAK Salt Lake City radio manager Bill “Daddy-O” Hesterman who promoted the Beach Boys said “the song was inspired by an incident involving Shirley Johnson, the station owner’s daughter. Johnson had borrowed her father’s 1963 Thunderbird, which had a University of Utah parking sticker, ostensibly to go study at the University library. Instead, she went to a drive-in theater. When the deception came to light, her driving privileges were revoked.” True or not, a “Fun, Fun, Fun” story.

  The Beach Boys – “Fun, Fun, Fun” | 1964

It was good to get away to sunny Florida for a restful beach week

Posted By on May 2, 2021


Although I know much of the country has lived locked down for much of the year, Brenda and I have probably done a little more than most. She has worked in the pharmacy without much of a break and since the COVID19 vaccinations have started, has been very busy. We had planned a trip to Florida in March, but was asked to delay since Kroger Pharmacy was heavily involved in vaccination clinics. She complied and we moved our spring getaway vacation week to the end of April. So glad the weather was perfect for our vacation.


Nothing was on my schedule as far as condo or boat work since I was down in February and hauled since Encore needs new bottom paint, a new cutlass bearing and a new stuffing gland. If the weather would have turned lousy, I would have heading up to the boat since I need to get parts ordered … but the beach weather was too nice.


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