Brace for Impact, Floridians. Hurricane Ian is here – 9/28/2022

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GovDeSantisIan220927HurricaneIanWindCone220927From way up high, Hurricane Ian is a much more attractive (ani-gif above) … but suspect those Ian left under water and in its storm ravaged path in western Cuba … AND has nearly everyone in Florida chewing their nails while they brace for impact. (residents need a “Miracle on the Hudson” moment)

Governor DeSantis of Florida laid out the preparation plans in place and gave a final piece of advice when I watched him over lunch today: We can’t unring the bell if you stay and you end up getting washed away.”


Taylor has a CAN-DO attitude that can get him in trouble

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After fixingArthur Avenue Pork Sausage and Pepper Heroes with Melty Mozzarella Cheese and Garlic Potato Wedges … as the recipe card states on Sunday night, which was the last of our subscription meal for a while … my son Taylor called at 8PM after getting himself “in a pickle” (a perfect place for a TaylorBedroom220925Shakespearian idiom … or perhaps not)?  It seems being split between moving into his condominium and still sleeping at his apartment, he decided to try to move his king size mattress all by himself. Shockingly he was able to move the mattress down the stairs from his apartment to the street and then up on to the top of his VW Alltrack. He commented … “I was proud of the way I slide the mattress on a moving blanket and strapped it on top of the car.” I’m hoping he will send me a photo.


Keeping an eye on Hurricane Ian this week

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If you live in the southeastern US, you are likely watching Hurricane Ian this week. The likely path of this strengthening storm will bring it ashore somewhere on the western coast or panhandle of Florida, but the heavy rain and wind will be felt well inland.


Music Monday: “I’m No Angel” – Gregg Allman in 1987

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The relatively new way to stow bags in airline overhead bins

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JezBagFinding enough overhead bin space for carry-on luggage is a problem for a lot of travelers who dislike checking bags, waiting at the carousel … or even worse, dealing with lost luggage.

More and more airlines have or are updating their overhead bins to accommodate more carry-on luggage, but travelers have been slow to catch on to putting their bags on their sides rather than flat – often because the bag don’t look as if they will fit.

The taco analogy only goes so far, but I personally think the “stow your bags like a book” makes a little more sense … but then again, most books are taller than deep???

Check out the WSJ article on the subject: WSJDropDownBins

Squeezing everything into a carry-on bag is challenging enough. All that work goes out the window if there isn’t enough room for your bag in the overhead bin.

Airlines and airplane manufacturers have invested vast sums designing bins that fit more bags. But they’re running into a problem: Some passengers can’t figure out how to use them. Flight attendants are spending extra time rearranging bags before departure and repeatedly making announcements about how to stow them correctly. 

A growing number of planes have larger, drop-down bins, which fit one to two more bags each and reduce the number of gate-checked bags. American Airlines and Delta Air Lines have them on more than 80% of their planes excluding regional jets and United Airlines says the majority of its fleet will have them by 2025. Southwest Airlines, a major holdout, will join the club next year. American says it has seen a 30% decline in gate-checked bags since introducing the bigger bins.

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Who knew? Prairie dogs used the Bernoulli principle

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Prairie_Dog_WasIn order to ensure sufficient oxygen within their burrow, prairie dogs use the Bernoulli’s principle. One of the entrances is built with a raised mound of dirt, while the other is not. This determines different wind velocities and different pressures. (Massimo – @Rainmaker1973)


Bernoulli flow and viscous entrainment were identified by the researchers as the processes acting on the crater mound. These create a higher velocity flow at v1, and so negative pressure gradient from one end, which draws fresher external air right through the structure.




Tech Friday: A Versa 2 smartwatch and setting up Fitbit Pay

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It has taken me a while, but after updating my Fitbit Versa smartwatch a couple weeks ago, I couldn’t be happier with the “at the time” difficult decision. Once before, my original was replaced under warranty (free) but with the same Versa (1) smartwatch which really did serve me well. Lesson: Watches and gadgets do not last forever … and I sense we’ll Versa2Replacement220824soon be seeing this with battery powered cars too … GULP! 

This go-around, I’m giving Fitbit Pay a try since it is supported on the “new to me” Versa 2 smartwatch – it was not available on the original Fitbit Versa. For the record, having struggled whether to switch to an Apple Watch or not, a watch with 4+ day battery life for half the price won out for now … even though it would be nice to have a watch fully integrated with other Apple devices.


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