The Pain at the Pump is even worse when it comes to diesel #TBT

Posted By on May 26, 2022


I have put off buying diesel fuel for the Kubota mower and John Deere 330 as long as possible … but inevitably the reserve of 25 gallons stored in fuel jugs gets used up. It looks as if it is time to pay $$$ the inflated prices on fossil fuelsDieselPrices220524elections have consequences (pre-Russia invasion of Ukraine post)

It is hard to believe President Biden (video below) and most Democrat politicians are “purposely” restricting domestic production (along with their ESG pals preventing capital from being used by US energy companies). Those in charge are at the same time turning to Venezuelan dictators, Iran and our Strategic Petroleum Reserve rather than helping the American energy industry meet our needs? Something has to change — American who can least afford high energy prices and the inflation that follows (everything is shipped and costs more) end up squeezed the most … and as interest rates rise, few will be able to finance a new $60,000 electric car and associated charging setup, even if they want a new EV.

And just to make this a Throwback Thursday #TBT post, here’s a presidential candidate Joe Biden campaign promise:

Do you think it has been a wet May … at least in Cincinnati? ⛈
Yup. Measurements taken at CVG by the National Weather Service recorded 8.13 inches of rainfall. That makes the first 21 days of May the wettest on record.

Blog database backups and WordPress 6.0 <= done!

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Generally I don’t rush to updated software or computer operating systems, but noting that WordPress 6.0 has “400 bug fixes” had me deciding to backup the current MDB install and updating. So far, all good.

WordPress 6.0 includes more than 500 enhancements and 400 bug fixes. This page highlights several key advancements aimed at making your WordPress content-creating and site-building experience more feature-rich and intuitive.


Reworking my old corner computer desk for the home office

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CornerDeskProjectEdging220522Now that the desk and hardwood floors are complete, and floor finish has cured enough in my home office, it is time to tackle the trim painting, putting the closet and bookshelves back. Another project I’ve been contemplating is to revitalize my older well-worn corner computer desk. Having used it for a couple of decades made me understand the shortcomings and so I’m going to modify it slightly.


The deeper sides, not shown, will be slightly larger to accommodate how I use the workspace and the beat up top and plastic edge trim will be replaced with 1/4” oak banding. For the surface, I’m using leather desk mat material I purchase “on the cheap;” hopefully it will make for a better worksurface and double as a mousepad? I’ve been testing it on my  basement office setup with my Apple mouse so far so good.


Birthday Book: “The Old Man and The Boy” by Robert Ruark

Posted By on May 24, 2022

TheOldManandTheBoyBookMy buddy Jeff Pitts is my go-to source for interesting books to read. For my birthday this year (we had lunch last Friday … a Mexican restaurant, of course), he gave me an older 1950’s era book by Robert Ruark called “The Old Man and The Boy.” I passed on reading my other books and started in on this one since he mentioned it reminded him of my relationship with my Grandpa Bluhm … something I’ve shared off and on with him since college for the last 45 years (shocker … we’ve been friends for 45 years!).

While doing a quick search for the book, I noticed that there is a follow up on Amazon called “The Old Man’s Boy Grows Older” … so if I like this one, I might have a sequel to read. Thanks Jeff, and for the “one-plus” birthday reminder (and inside joke since I’m older than him by several months).


Read a February 2022 GoodReads review from Jaydn Asay, who  is likely  generationally much younger than me, and I enjoyed reading his take on a book. He commented that it was a “view into the world and era that just doesn’t exist anymore,” when “traditional masculinity was a given and not controversial.”  The author Robert Ruark (1915-1966) grew up and wrote at a time when “views of masculinity, femininity and gender roles were not as problematic as they are in today’s world.”

Music Monday: “Where Do The Children Play?” – Cat Stevens

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CatStevens_WhereDoTheChildrenPlayWhile reading in the evenings I’m often sitting with my headphones on listening to music while Brenda is watching one of her streaming series … I think she is watching TeaForTheTillermanthe Bridgerton TV series on Netflix before we cancel our streaming service.

Anyway, while listening to SiriusXM’s The Bridge channel on my iPhone, I found myself semi-singing under-my-breath to the Yusuf IslamCat Stevens song “Where Do The Children Play?” from the 1970 album Tea for the Tillerman (a previous Cat Stevens post on Music Monday). Brenda was of course grinning at me so had to refrain from embarrassing myself any further. 😊

  Cat Stevens – “Where Do The Children Play?” | 1970

Where Do The Children Play? – Cat Stevens (lyrics below)


Archive: SpaceX rocket launches and successes continue #video

Posted By on May 22, 2022

SpaceXStarshipMoonIt is difficult to ignore the success of the private space industry and admire companies like Elon Musk’s SpaceX as it launches and re-launches rocket after rocket. From satellite launching to shuttling astronauts to and from the International Space Station, SpaceX definitely has the potential to land astronauts back on the moon and to be the first to put a person on Mars (Musk’s ambitious goal).

StarlinkInternetLast week, I wanted to archive a video of one of the Falcon9 Kennedy Space Center launches to mark their continued success to my blog. The cargo were additional Starlink satellites that provide high-speed, low-latency broadband across the globe (very helpful in Ukraine in staying connected while defending their country). The technology, success and expertise is very impressive … especially the landing and retrieval of their rockets. 

SpaceX Falcon9 launch on 5/18/2022 from KSC 39B

Archive: What was once hard work, is now much harder work

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It is likely an age thing, but once upon a time, I didn’t think twice about trenching and digging. Now, I’m tired out by lunchtime (this was a Saturday (5/21/2022) morning project) and I didn’t even finished the trench for drainage pipe (it is relatively soft after the heavy rain, but has a lot of rocks and roots). Thankfully though, this isn’t a “must finish today” kind of project, but it is noticeable just how much more challenging the physical work is to do nowadays. 


The new grass along the driveway is coming in nicely this spring, although I’m using some of the dirt and sod to ‘try’ and build the edge back up after it settled a bit. I suspect this won’t be the last time it needs a little more topsoil and reseeding?

On a side note, Happy Birthday to my brother Ron! We had a nice conversation today.

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