Birdhouses and raccoons and a great Drew and Katelyn photo

Posted By on June 20, 2021


Received nice photo from Katelyn and Drew last week and since I included one of Taylor and Megan last week, this is one that needed to be archived on my OostraBluebirdHouse210612blog. Most most personal photos nowadays are of our granddaughters as Brenda and I have long ago moved past the stage of photos our ourselves … and even our kids? By the way Drew … Happy Father’s Day and thanks for the photos.

To add a little humor to the week, Drew also updated us on the bluebird house that Annalyn and I made last year. As I mentioned to him, the bird that moved in obviously takes after the birdhouse builder when it comes to collecting and keeping stuff. I’m not sure there is even room for a bird in this house?

The raccoon trapping and relocating continues (mp4 video below break) in an attempt to keep them off our roof. Hopefully the raccoons that are left will take the hint that they are not wanted. With all the rabbits and critters, its no wonder we have such a healthy coyote population!


Tool tip: The Alligator Forceps purchase pays off immediately!

Posted By on June 19, 2021

AlligatorForcepsTube210614Having just posted on the tool tip from Adam Savage yesterday, the Alligator Forceps paid immediate dividends. It was the exact tool I needed to replace the degraded gasoline tubing of my aging TroyBilt 4-cycle string trimmer.


For context, photo from 2007 below …

Tech Friday: Security and less than consistent VPN connections

Posted By on June 18, 2021


Generally, I don’t use a VPN connection at home, but since I’ve been having slow connections on my laptop and iPad with VPN connections (both TunnelBear and ProtonVPN), thought I was test at home. ProtonVPN has been working pretty well and doesn’t restrict as much as the “warm and fuzzy” Tunnel Bear, but I’ve not opted for the purchased service connected to my Protonmail encrypted email account. I’m convinced that I would pull the trigger and pay IF I were convince I could get consistent VPN speeds. The ping is always lousy, but speeds fluctuate between can’t connect to pretty good.

Small item Alligator Forceps tool tip thanks to Adam Savage

Posted By on June 17, 2021


After repairing our iRobot pool sweeper last week and figuring out how to hold a “behind the riveted new screen tiny nut in place (after I dropped it!) … I happened to see Adam Savage’s model building recommended tool (mention him an his testedcom before) and “just had to have it.” In the photos above, it is the new one on the right … but thankfully I had a medical forceps in my tool box that worked (photo on left) … in a “pinch.” (ugh, DDJ)


Of course it would have come in handy to have had the Alligator Forceps before I needed them … but I ordered and hung them on my workbench wall for the next time (might be great for sewing too?). BTW …  (more…)

The odds are at least 50-50 … right? #learning #statistics

Posted By on June 16, 2021

So why do I always end up trying to open the wrong end of a trash bag?

TrashAndRecycleBagsKitchenWith human intelligence and adaptive learning being what it is, one would think knowing which end of the trash bag to open when pulling one out of the box or roll would favor me getting it correct? I’m here to tell you that this is not the case … even after a lifetime of doing it.


I haven’t scientifically tested this, so it is not possible to state it as a fact, but I’m convinced that statistically, I’m wrong more than I’m right.

Am I an outlier or is this “wrong end of the trash bag thing,” or is this one of those universal truths?

Moving ahead a little bit with the mini split AC installation

Posted By on June 15, 2021

NewCork_MiniSplitAC210612_aniThis past weekend I moved forward in getting the mini split AC unit installed in my home office. I started the planned chair rail  and cork wall (insulation, sound deadening and a place to pin maps, etc). I’m not sure about the can of worms I’ve opened, but I spent half the day on Saturday hauling “junk” out of my office. From holiday décor and seasonal stuff “stuffed” in the closet to boxes of books, papers, magazines and gadget boxes. One has to wonder why I’ve kept so much stuff over the years?

Still though after tossing a lot, I’ve managed to keep way too much that I just moved into the guest bedroom for now. The big question is whether I’ll find the time and ambition to finish the cord wall, build the corner cabinet, fit the crown moulding and paint the walls and trim? If that were not enough, Brenda would like me to tackle some kind of laminate wood flooring rather than carpeting … then extend the look to a guest bathroom remodel and guest room.


Music Monday: B.T.O. – Roll On Down The Highway

Posted By on June 14, 2021

Bachman–Turner_Overdrive_sOnce again, Music Monday highlights another 1970s Canadian rock and roll band and a song from the greatest music decade (IMHO). HA! If you’re not turning up the volume or moving in some way when listening to this song, you’re probably not alive.

Anyway the bumper music on a business news show triggered the Bachman-Turner-Overdrive (B.T.O.) 1975 song “Roll On Down The Highway.”

  Bachman Turner Overdrive – Roll On Down The Highway | 1975

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