Music Monday: Mary Chapin Carpenter – Hometown Girl

Posted By on July 13, 2020

Last weekend, while on Facebook catching up on family goings-on, Mary Chapin Carpenter had a live chat as quite a few musicians have been doing.HometownGirl The video conversation she had with fans from her front porch reminded me of the 1980s when listening to a bit more Country and Folk music as that genre gained popularity in the US.

As politics heat up and summer drifts into the hot steamy days, a little gentle music for Music Monday from Mary Chapin Carpenter’s older 1987 album Hometown Girl may help sooth the soul.

  A Lot Like Me
      Mary Chapin Carpenter | 1987
  Hometown Girl
      Mary Chapin Carpenter | 1987

A new keyless remote and programming for my Honda Odyssey

Posted By on July 12, 2020

The Keyless Remote on my 2002 Honda Odyssey stopped working this past year and figured it was just a dead battery. Unfortunately after replacing the battery … twice …and confirming that my other remote still worked, I gave up and ordered one.


ProgramHondaRemotes200709After searching the Internet for fixes and replacements, I opted for one on Ebay from The service was good (one week to ship) and everything was packaged professionally and it was factory-looking-new remote … and even came with a battery. The company packed it with a small note with coupon code discount, email address and phone number .. but I never needed them. (let me know if you need the coupon code).

The trickier part was reprograming the remotes … you have to do all at the same time. Even after reading a few posts on the  Honda Ody forum, it was a little challenging (could be just me?) After finally getting both remotes re-programmed and confirmed, everything seems to be working just fine again.

So for $10, you too can have a new keyless remote – not a bad deal if you ask me. 

Step-by-Step Programming Instructions:

  1. ENTER the vehicle and CLOSE all doors. (Each of the following steps must be completed within five seconds of one another. If you take longer than five seconds between steps or make a mistake, you must start the entire procedure over.)
  2. INSERT the key into the Ignition, HOLD one remote in your left hand with additional remotes close by.
  3. PERFORM each of the next three (3) steps in order, then repeat all three (3) steps two (2) more times for a total of three (3) times each.
  4. TURN the Ignition to the ON position, marked “II” on the Ignition.
  5. PRESS the LOCK button on the remote for approximately 1 second. (Say “Mississippi”)
  6. TURN the Ignition to the OFF position, marked “I” on the Ignition. (REPEAT Steps 4-6 three (3) times)
  7. TURN the Ignition switch to the ON position, marked “II” on the Ignition.
  8. PRESS the LOCK button on the same remote. The door locks should cycle indicating the vehicle has ENTERED Programming Mode.
  9. PRESS the LOCK button again on the same remote. The door locks should cycle again indicating the vehicle has successfully PROGRAMMED that remote.
  10. For programming additional remotes to your vehicle, REPEAT Step 9 with each additional remote one after another. Step 9 must be completed within ten (10) seconds for each additional remote. You may program up to three (3) remotes to your vehicle.
  11. TURN the ignition to OFF.
  12. Test all remotes. Programming is now complete.
  13. After successful programming, if your remote has a TRUNK RELEASE Button — you will need to hold that button down for 5-10 seconds for that function to begin operation.
  14. If these programming instructions helped save you time and money, please consider sharing our website with friends and family so they can do the same.

Paintings and memories: Do you own any priceless art?

Posted By on July 11, 2020

Since I recently completed the bookshelves project this past spring and repainted our Library/Music room, Brenda and I have been discussing what artwork to put back on the walls. We’ve collected or have been given quite a few painting and likely will rotate them … but probably won’t include my favorites – the ones with special meanings.


The special paintings to me mean little to other people (like this famous portrait), but because I remember and know where my grandmother painted them, they mean A LOT to me. They generally do not get placed in the “entry rooms”  of our house like the Library/Music, Foyer or Dining rooms, and end up in everyday spaces were I see them more often. One of them (above) is in our great room (family room) and was painted down the road from our house when I was a boy growing up on Lake Erie.


Wouldn’t it be nice to cool off in the pool on hot summer days?

Posted By on July 10, 2020

PoolTemp200709It has definitely been sunny and warm this past week or so, but this kind of pool temperature is ridiculous! Whew, 89 degrees!

I’ve been trying to keep up with brushing half the pool each evening in hope to stay ahead of any wall growth. Chemical balances look decent so far, but after my trip to Florida last month it has been a challenge to catch back up.

Speaking of “trips,” Katelyn, Drew, Annalyn and Ellerie headed back north and stretch out their weekend. It is nice for them to have a summer escape in Michigan (Drew’s parents) where the evenings are cool … and they can stay “safe from the resurging Coronavirus.” Of course we have it pretty good here too .. so we are staying close to home and reducing our trips out (but really this is just an excuse to archive a couple family photos 😉 – thanks for sending Drew!)


EDIT: Forgot to add my “clouds” photo from today … incredibly beautiful! (more…)

Tech Friday: Apple Mac OS Catalina desktop window tip

Posted By on July 10, 2020

As an Apple Macintosh user for nearly forever, I learned a new tip from a Verge article this past month that has not been widely talked about. It happened to come up when I was offering advice on how I rotate through and set up about 5-7 desktops and the second monitor Parallels Window side of my iMac. I have the habit of setting the open window sizes manually and customizing how I use the display desk space.

What I did not know about a new  MacOS Catalina was that open windows no longer just rotate between hidden, full screen or “set size,” but can be automatically resized and set to  “tile to” left or right of screen by hovering and not clicking the green “full screen” button at the top left of the open window. An extra is even the ability to move that open window to a second attached monitor if one is used. Great small tip for Macintosh users.

A happy Taylor after updating his apartment’s kitchen #TBT

Posted By on July 9, 2020

TaylorKitchenTable200707TaylorAptKitchen200707While smiling and thinking about my “now domesticated son ” (HA!) after seeing a couple photos Taylor proudly sent me after updated his kitchen apartment, I realized he is now closer to middle age than living in “just out of college” bachelor pad. The pre-COVID19 days of “always going out” have adjusted to “being comfortable at home.” It is enjoyable seeing him take pleasure in creating an attractive space to live – and keeping it clean too. And like he said, I spend most of my time sitting in the kitchen now.


So to make this a true Throwback Thursday #TBT post, I’m adding a photo from his Williston, North Dakota apartment in 2013 (above) and another one from 5 years ago in 2015 (shocker!) when he took a new job as Clermont County’s Planner and moved back to Cincinnati (below). wpid-Photo-20150520225928738

The longest serving US military rifle – the Coconut Rifle

Posted By on July 8, 2020

The “Coconut Rifle” … known to most as the Colt ArmaLite AR-15 (SN 000106) … the original for what is now the longest primary service weapon in our country’s military history. The originals firearms (20 of them) were manufactured by Colt in 1959. One of them #106 was involved in a July 4th 1960 “Watermelon Demonstration” for some ‘pentagon brass” at the sales and marketing company, Cooper Macdonald Corp’s annual yearly cookout at gathering at the farm. As they say, the rest is history when it impressed Gen. Curtiss LeMay enough for the U.S. Air Force to order 8,500. That started infamous “Black Rifle’s” rise to popularity. In war, the M16 start service in 1964 in Vietnam and has become the backbone rifle for US Armed Forces ever since (and the semi-automatic AR-15 variants in private use).


When it came time in the day to shoot this new rifle some watermelons were placed at approximately 50, 75 and 100 yards. General LeMay fired at and destroyed two of the watermelons. The General was very impressed with the results and noted there was one target remaining. When he was asked if he wanted to shoot the last watermelon or just go down and eat it, General LeMay sighted in on the lone melon and replied, "Let’s eat the son of a bitch!" It was in the middle of a field, eating watermelon where the discussion arose about an 8,500-unit order for the Air Force. It was at that point that Colt ArmaLite #106 became the rifle that made the M16 weapon system happen. [LINK]

As for the “Coconut Rifle” nickname, the sales demos travelled around the world and spent a little time being demonstrated in tropical places (like South Vietnam) where “coconuts” were used as targets as a way to show the lethality of the rifle.


A well traveled rumor also has Lifetime NRA member President John F Kennedy firing the same rifle “from the deck of his grandfather’s yacht, the Honey Fitz.” Never really documented undisputably but written about in gun publications regularly.

The US M16 family is the longest serving rifle in American history, and its civilian semi-automatic-only variant is the top-selling rifle in America today. It all started with watermelons and coconuts.

Serial number 106 sold to a private collector at a James Julia auction in October 2011 for more than $100,000. (Image courtesy of James D. Julia) [LINK]

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