LA Dodgers win surreal World Series in 2020 #COVID19

Posted By on October 28, 2020

As one newspaper reported, it has been “the weird­est year in base­ball his­tory.” The World Series ended Tues­day night with the Los Angeles Dodgers winning the 2020 MLB season’s in game 6 of the World Series. The Tampa Bay Rays were out played with strong pitching by the Dodgers, and although I had totally checked out of the MLB season early on due to polarization the sport over our flag, anthem and protest movement in support of a Marxist-based political organization, I have paid attention to the scores in the playoffs and World Series (just refused to watch – my wimpy protest regarding injecting politics in sports).

After the 3-1 win, the Dodgers gath­ered on the field for the tro­phy pre­sen­ta­tion, but just when I thought the “unattended games” in a neutral field couldn’t get any weirder, we find out that the Dodgers team—third base­man Justin Turner left the game af­ter the sev­enth in­ning be­cause of a positive coro­n­avirus test. No ex­pla­na­tion for his de­par­ure had been announced while the game was in progress, but yet he still ended up back on the field for the celebration (supposed to have been in isolation).

How fitting to end the 2020 MLB season on a COVID19 note, but my congratulations to the Los Angeles Dodgers for making it to the end of the season … although as a fan, it was hardly a successful or enjoyable one. Let’s hope for a bit more sanity next year.

Ellerie was dedicated at Waterville Community Church

Posted By on October 27, 2020


Although in the “time of COVID19 things are different when it comes to gatherings, going to church, keeping a distance and wearing masks, we did get together with the Oostra family for Ellerie’s baby dedication. It seems like just yesterday we were together for Annalyn’s, but now she is a big sister. She has such a great personality – and sure makes her Bompa smile. CarsonRandyDrewBarbChurch201025KatelynEllerieBrendaChurch201025

Ellerie is now 8-months plus and pays close attention to her big sister. She is at the age of wanting to be either with her mom or dad almost all the time, but can be entertained for a few minutes without a tear. This too shall pass.” 

We remained in our spaced-apart rows for much of the service and even Katelyn, Drew, Annalyn and Ellerie didn’t go forward as usual, but stood at their seat while a photo of the family was projected on the screen (photo below) and for the live-video broadcast of the Waterville Community Church service (YouTube archived). They did have photos after the service where they removed their face mask for a few minutes.



Just how many years do you need to be wrong?

Posted By on October 26, 2020

Generally, I prefer not to spread propaganda and campaign advertising, but Americans do need to vote with their eyes open. Not everyone’s family is getting paid millions by the Chinese like the Bidens.

Music Monday: Edgar Winter Group – Free Ride

Posted By on October 26, 2020

EdgarWinterGroupTOCOANIf the Edgar Winter Group performing “Free Ride” doesn’t make you at minimum tap your toe or move some part of your body a little bit … then I suspect your life is near its end. The song and group are just another in the long Music Monday list from the 1970s. That’s not to say a lot of the artists who peaked in the 1970s stopped performing, but in my opinion that is when they Edgar_Winter_Group_with_Rick_Derringer_1975were either creating or playing their best music.

Free Ride” was written in 1972 by Dan Hartman who also sang lead on the groups top 15 hit in 1973. The single version differs from the album cut in that it “contains a significantly brighter guitar track (that opens the song only on the left channel), added harmonics, a fuzz bass added to the bridge and other changes that contrast sharply with the "dry" LP mix. Most classic rock radio stations play the LP version.” (this one was engineered by Jim Reeves).

  Edgar Winter Group – Free Ride | 1973

Dilemma: What to do with my aging, shredded faux leather, tired foam, squeaking and generally falling apart office chair

Posted By on October 25, 2020

The office chair I’ve used for the passed couple decades has seen better days, but it is still my favorite. The sturdy build is better than most OldOfficeChair201023I’ve seen, the arm pivots up out of the way for desk-work and easily sliding up to type, write, read or clean around. The size fits me well even though the foam has long-ago required an extra cushion and the faux leather has nearly shredded away on the front and sides. I’m sure most people would say, just replace it … they are not that expensive. Unfortunately after looking around, I can’t find one with the sturdiness and features (sturdy pivot arms) and I’m not sure upgrading to an expensive chair at this point is something I want to do?

This leads me to my dilemma, do I take this one apart and attempt to re-foam, re-upholster, fix worn squeaky parts or bother to add premium wheels? Should I attempt to save a 20 year old run-of-the-mill office chair? Hm .. a dilemma.

Suspect ALL are glad presidential elections are 4-years apart?

Posted By on October 24, 2020

Contentious … doesn’t begin to explain the sentiment around the looming November 3rd 2020 election. Although I don’t mind discussions and debate on political thought and philosophy, this year the emotions and fervor I see and experience between a lot of Republicans and Democrats make open exchange and discussions nearly impossible. Emotions BidenChinaDealhave reached uncomfortable levels, even between friends and family.

Many in my circles have either gone silent (those who prefer not to fight) or are pushing back with louder than usual voices. Social media hasn’t help bring rational debate and what appears to most,a one-sided coverage by media, the openness that may have been intended? This has angered those expecting fair reporting and at least providing information so voters have the information they need to make decisions aligned with their political leanings.

To highlight this, recent suppression of a story or even sharing it by Twitter (last NYPost tweet permitted was 10/14) against certain stories regarding Joe Biden and his overseas involvement or non-involvement in his son’s and brother’s shady family business deals, has been shocking to most on the right who at least expect coverage.  We should all want a free flow of information, investigation and a “press” who looks  into these smelly corrupt dealings. Better answers are needed.

I’ll save a few more of my thoughts for next week .. but for now, a memory from my childhood (Jonny Quest) and a little election humor to lighten the day.


Tech Friday: MacOS Catalina security issue or a "me" issue?

Posted By on October 23, 2020


My iMac computer running macOS Catalina has been off for several days using the “shut down” command before leaving town (normally just let it “sleep”). Upon return, it was booted up and opened without requesting a login or password to unlock – highly unusual and a security issue?

I’ve never had this happen before and will have to research to see if this has happened to others?  In any case, it would not be the kind of thing shared office space workers would want to have happen.

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