Tech Friday: A powerful Copy and Paste app for the Macintosh

Posted By on April 16, 2021

If you use a computer for any length of time (my “go-to” is an aging 2012 Apple iMac), you’ll find yourself cut, copy and pasting things on a regular basis. Security experts do not recommend using the cut/copy feature CopyEmLogofor secure items like user names and passwords, but that doesn’t prevent the habit of using ctrl/cmd-X, C and V keystrokes.

What is even more helpful is to add an app that permits saving regularly pasted items (text, images, etc) or just building a history of copied bits so that you can use previously clipped items. My favorite “powerful” app for doing this is one called Copy’Em available in the MacOS app store for $14.99 (2021). A feature that makes it even better is that clips can be cloud saved (iCloud) and shared with other Macs and iOS devices too.

This past week there was an update, now 2.10 … so far, so good.


UPDATE: I’ve made the personal decision not to use the Sync to iCloud feature (paid premium) feature that shares Copy and Paste items between devices (Mac, iPad and iPhone).

My new visual for the "blow your own horn [trumpet]" idiom

Posted By on April 15, 2021

John Rowe, an automotive friend on Twitter, often shares a “ Today’s Useless Tweet” that I find entertaining. It fit with the idioms tag on MyDesultoryBlog and thought his  “blow your own horn [trumpet]” (see below embedded tweet) would be fitting as a filler for today.


When will Ford reinstate their dividend? $F

Posted By on April 14, 2021


Since Ford once-upon-a-time paid a solid dividend, it was one of those stocks I felt comfortable trading in and out of ford-logo-2003or  just sitting on for a while … but after the company suspended the dividend in March of 2020, I had to re-think $F stock. Owning Ford in 2020 and so far in 2021 has became much more of a pandemic “price-rebound” trade stock than a “I don’t mind if I hold for a while” investment. Will this change in the second half of 2021? Will Ford pay out a dividend again … or will shareholder have to wait until 2022? One thing is for sure, the company saves a lot of money by not paying a dividend, but do they prefer shareholders who will own the stock long term in exchange for a respectful dividend (think retirees, mutual funds and pension plans)?

Ford saved about $2.4B in cash last year by not distributing the quarterly dividend of $0.15 per share.

My guess is that the management and the board will wait for assured profitability (pandemic over) or until borrowing becomes too risky and costly (money gets tighter and interest rates rise). Since selling the shares I’ve held longer than a year in February and March (for long term vs short term profits), I’m still glad to see the demand for vehicles returning – who doesn’t want a growing economy? Hopefully this progress will continue and that President Biden’s tax increases will be tempered by wiser advisors and that the vaccine rollout will continue to move us closer to herd immunity.

Unfortunately the political winds are not gentle these day and the Left – Right divide is as wide as I’ve ever seen. The pressure cooker is constantly bubbling. printingmoney_aniFor now, and for the good and bad, Washington DC keeps dumping piles of money into the system, be it in the form of stimulus checks, infrastructure bill or pork. Besides A LOT of money ending up as inefficient bureaucratic waste, debt and bloat .. the money rolling into the economy doesn’t hurt the demand for new products that employ Americans or create trade in the form of Ford vehicles. Now, how much more borrowed and made up money we can continue to print without consequence?

Experimenting with a Magnetohydrodynamic Drive demo

Posted By on April 13, 2021

You can take the boy out of school, but you can’t take school (and learning) out of the VASIMR_spacecraftboy ( or older man at this point).

ExperimentMHD210411Over the weekend, I was talking to Brenda about how I’ve been following the NASA feed (tweet below) and waiting for the helicopter to take flight on Mars. The conversation lead to talking about engineering and when I was learning about Lorentz force (F = qE + qv x B) and electromagnetic fields. My semi-lecture, and her questioning my decades ago education, lead me to theorizing that we would eventually use this principle in a space engine or something referred to as a plasma propulsion engine.

LorentzforceBrenda remained a skeptic, so I headed down to the workshop on Sunday afternoon to create a prototype in order to demonstrate the "no moving parts" electromagnetic principle – it’s a fun science project: a Magnetohydrodynamic Drive. Anyway, she was moderately impressed and said, “you should have waited and worked on that with Annalyn and Ellerie” (maybe I will someday as it is a great idea if they ever need a Science Fair project?)


Music Monday: Sheryl Crow and NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts

Posted By on April 12, 2021

TinyDeskConcertNPRLogoStumbled across a pre-COVID19 lockdown NPRMusic Tiny Desk Concert on YouTube when watching another video from an automotive friend of mine … and since I like Sheryl Crow “music” … I figured it would be an easy fill for Music Monday.

Her “Soak Up The Sun” hit from 2002 was included a couple years ago, but the intimate “tiny desk” concert video below is also enjoyable. We may not all like her political activism, but who doesn’t like her music?

Celebrities Then and Now Photos (popular on social media)

Posted By on April 11, 2021

Last week my sister-in-law shared an update on her Facebook page of some well-known Hollywood celebrities that I thought would be interesting to at to MyDesultoryBlog. I downloaded the 30+ different-sized photos, resized a few and decided it might work as an automated slide show (if you want my resized originals, download this .zip archive).

Celebrities Then and Now 2021

After looking at the celeb photos from “then and now” and remembering most of these actors from their younger days as well as today, it is not surprising to reflect on how many years have passed. Yup, you are reading my mind –  these celebrities aren’t the only ones getting older (photo/post when dating Brenda at ONU in 1981). 

Canary cam selfies, Taylor and his fraternity friends in the Bahamas and the passing of the UK’s Prince Phillip

Posted By on April 10, 2021


It is that time of year again … spring, when the camera loving birds (1, 2, 3) sit and look at the Pool Garage camera. The downside is that every time they sit and look at the Canary cam, it triggers a motion alert to my phone.


Taylor and Megan are on their way back from a week in the Bahamas with his fraternity brothers .. they did the same in 2019. I have not talk directly with them, but from the photos (archiving), they look to have had a great time at Will’s family’s place on Harbour Island. They have remained good friends and have taken a few trips together, although few as memorable as hiking the Na Pali Coast in Kauai, Hawaii.


The news on Friday afternoon was that the UK’s Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh passed away at age 99. He had been hospitalized since February and underwent surgery for a heart condition. He has been married to Queen Elizabeth II for 73 years.


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