Interesting to see old Palm Treo phones in articles #TBT

Although the “installing engineered hardwood flooring” comment caught my eye in this @Forbes retweet from @ForbesAdvisor … I couldn’t help but noticed the “likely” canned image with an old Palm Treo hanging on the installers belt. Fun to remember those old days! It does bring back memories …  

An Akron/Canton CAK photo from my Palm Treo in 2006 #TBT

While cleaning up one of my old Flickr accounts where my Palm Treo 700p photos were backed up, I stumbled across one of the first photos with it I took and posted to this blog – June 2006. Even though the camera was lacking by today’s cellphone standards, I still think the Palm PDA turned […]

Palm Treo to blog photo posting

I was tinkering with my aging Palm Treo 700p smartphone and the cellphone quality camera lens and sensor (1.2meg) while killing time trying to directly post a message to my blog. (the steaks and asparagus were great, but the phone-to-blog post didn’t work correctly)

First look at Palm Treo 800w is disappointing

As someone who started with a Palm Pilot many years ago and who has been wondering what will replace my business oriented Palm Treo, I am disappointed at seeing the new Palm Treo 800w (at least displayed side by side with the new Blackberry Bold). I can’t imagine many new smartphone shoppers will select this […]

Pondering the future for Palm Treos

Those of us using Palm Treos (and Centros) are curious as to what’s next in the Treo lineup … and Andrew from the Treonauts blog posted an interesting illustration. He speculates that there is a significant Apple influence at Palm and points to the latest hires from that innovative company. I’m not sure what this […]

Sprint-Palm Treo 700p MR available then pulled

It’s been an interesting 36 hours after a year of waiting for the Palm Treo 700p Version 1.10-SPNT maintenance release. The MR was announced by Palm earlier this year and followed on the heals of the 700p’s successor, the Treo 755p … but due to installation issues has been temporarily suspended. Thankfully update went fine […]

iGrip Palm Treo holder: Snow in Akron, Ohio

After purchasing a highly rated iGrip Palm Treo holder over at Treonauts, I decided to try it our with my Treo 700p on my trip from Cincinnati to Northeast Ohio this week. One of the features that intrigued me was that the camera lens was not covered, so I tried it as a dashboard video […]

Introduction of the Palm Treo 680 smartphone

For Palm smartphone enthusiasts, here’s a 20 minute video interview from the October 12th Digital Life Conference on the new Palm Treo 680. It is a question and answer session with Phil McClendon, the Treo 680 product manager, courtesy of TreoCentral. Some of the features are demonstrated and a quick comparison is made both the […]

New Cingular Palm Treo 750 spotted

The folks over at Treonauts forum sleuthed some new photos of the much talked about antenna-less Treo 750. The phone itself is said to reflect the desire for a sleeker full feature PDA/Phone and will be first introduced running the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system, hopefully followed by Palm OS. The network will be initially […]

Palm Treo Lennon/Nitro to be 750w & 750p

I’ve been following the rumor sites in regard to the new Palm Treo … the antenna-less model. Besides the missing ‘stub,’ the new version looks to be a bit more streamlined and places the SD slot on the right side leaving only the ringer/vibrate switch on the top. In the US, it has been commented […]

A couple Palm Treo comments

Here’s a post which is probably of interest only to gadget lovers. The mobile phone sites have been posting photos of a rumored new slimmer Treo for months. This one, currently referred to as the “Nitro,” looks to have a few more serious watchers checking it out. It has been suggested that Cingular will be […]

Palm Treo 700p: First Impression

This is going to be a very quick Saturday morning update as the ‘honey-do list’ takes priority today. I’ve had a chance to run the battery down in the Palm Treo 700p yesterday after coming home with my new ‘toy.’ (yes I suffer from “gadget addiction”) The photo above is from the new and improved […]

Palm Treo 700p first look

Mobility Today video taped a first look at the Treo 700p as they somehow got there hands on a new PDA smartphone. If you are at all interesting in a Treo device and what it can do, check out the the video clip that David Ciccone put together. It is mirrored at several locations so […]

Palm Treo 700p is now official

The rumors are over and Palm officially released the long awaited new model replacing its hugely successful Treo 600 and 650 smartphones. On Monday their news release and website gave specifics similar to the many rumors of its release. Currently the only 700 model is the Verizon exclusive Treo 700w which is windows based. (the […]

Palm exec points to a Treo 700p update

Attached below is a segment of a letter that a Steve Sinclair, a Palm senior product manager, wrote to TreoCentral in regard to a needed (and seemingly long awaited) update for the Treo 700p. I’ll link to a PDF copy of the full letter, but cut to the chase by posting the important stuff like: […]

HP Palm Pre 2 Be Resurrected as HP Android Bender?

Rumors arrive as soon as I succumb to Apple iOS and the new iPhone 5. Hmm … After HP ditched webOS, the Palm Pre and the HP TouchPad, it stopped producing smartphones at a great loss. Recent rumors suggest that HP will get back in the smartphone fold with an Android device. It has been […]

A crack is appearing on my webOS Palm Pre smartphone

A few weeks ago, I noticed what I thought was a ‘scratch’ on the side of my Palm Pre next to the USB door. The ‘scratch’ has since revealed itself as a ‘crack’ which is slowly working its way to the screen. So far, besides the cosmetic issue, the touch display works fine. Unfortunately I […]

Palm webOS 1.3.5 end of 2009 update

Another phone to blog test this one with a photo from the Palm Pre ‘Update’ screen (via Posterous but edited): Palm updated their webOS to version 1.3.5 during the last few days of 2009, and from my preliminary testing has improved the speed on my Pre. I’m hoping for battery improvement that has been promised, […]

Adobe Labs Flash 10.1 on Palm Pre demostration

Unfortunately Adobe Flash is not available ‘just yet,’ bu t one can see from the demo that it is getting closer and looks to be yet another reason to patiently wait for the webOS upgrades.  As I’ve mentioned previously, the webOS 1.2 upgrade has been a great improvement on my Palm Pre and as a […]

Updated the Palm Pre webOS to 1.2 and all is well

I waited until I arrived home today before risking the update to webOS 1.2 on my Palm Pre. It’s not that I’m overly paranoid, but I’m no longer comfortable taking that chance, having to swap phones last week — thank you Sprint. The download took about 5 minutes though the broadband connection and installation another […]

Smartphone Experts Palm Pre skins leave much to be desired

I’ve used the cellphone screen protection from Smartphone Experts on the displays of my Palm Treo and Centro PDA phones for years and have always been please with how they have performed. The same company makes full face coverings the Palm Pre, but the Smartphone Experts product I ordered (and had replaced at no charge) […]

Evaluating cellphone reception strength of the Palm Pre

In continuing with comparison strengths and weaknesses of the Palm Pre smartphone, one of the concerns I have is over cellphone signal reception strength. The currently Sprint only Pre doesn’t have the same solid reception strength as my Palm Treo 700p (or Centro for that matter), according to the signal meter and personal observations. The […]

Palm Pre users are not alone with battery life issues

I’ve been grumbling about battery life since moving from the Palm Treo to the Sprint Palm Pre for the past couple weeks, but it seems Apple iPhone users, besides having a high heat problem, are grumbling too. There are a few software items on my ‘disappointed’ list, but top on my software and hardware list […]

Happy Birthday dinner and a couple more Palm Pre photos

Yesterday was a busy day of business calls and traveling so I missed the chance to blog about my son’s birthday. Nevertheless, I’ll include a Palm Pre photo from my son’s birthday dinner — Happy Birthday Taylor. The evening was nice as we enjoyed watching the Benihana chef cook the food in front of us […]

Battery life is going to be an issue with the Palm Pre

— “Houston, we have a problem.” — Some heavy smartphone device users may have a problem with the Palm Pre’s battery life. My initial road test is turning up some pretty questionable results (click photo at right – used 80% of battery in 4 hours). I left the house this morning for a day on […]

More fun with the Palm Pre and GPS in car use

My new smartphone, the Palm Pre, is growing on me and although I’m slow to change the smooth skipping stone of a phone is growing on me. Productivity with it is not happening just yet since the keyboard layout has change over the Treo and Centro line (moved some keys around). I’m am surprised how […]

Enjoying a fire on the back porch & the new Palm Pre

Enjoying a fire on the back porch and a some relaxation in the hot tub after a couple of graduation parties. Of course the highlight of my day was picking up the highly anticipated Palm Pre smartphone as a replacement to my Treo 700p. My first impression is WOW! … followed by a less enthusiastic […]

A few more thoughts on the Palm Pre as June 6th nears

As a long time Palm OS user from Palm Pilots to Handspring Visors to Samsung i500 phones (my mother is currently using it) to the latest Treos and Centros … I’m waiting … and waiting … for the new Web OS … and waiting for a new physical keyboard PDA smartphone. The Palm Pre is […]

Sprint anticipating the Palm Pre release

With the release of the Sprint only Palm Pre “in the first half of 2009,” Sprint and Palm marketing dollars are starting to show up in a hefty advertising campaign. Besides the television commercial mentioned the other day, I noticed a full page ad prominently displaying the Palm Pre in Friday’s Wall Street Journal. Treo […]

A virtual look at the new Palm Pre

It was a nice day to be a Palm user when on Thursday afternoon the company announced their long awaited smartphone with a new operating system (followed on Twitter). The sleek new phone with a sliding QWERTY physical keyboard “looked” to be precisely what many Palm advocates have been waiting for — I’m looking forward […]

Palm to unveil new OS and handset at CES today

If you are a Palm device user who appreciates Palm products, Thursday January 8th 2009 might be the day that determines the company’s future.  At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) advocates expect the announcement of Palm’s long awaited new Nova operating system and new smartphone. The rumored new device is expected to compete with the […]

Leftover snow, McDonald’s coffee bar and a Treo photo

While traveling through Akron, Ohio today, I sat for a few minutes at a newly remodeled McDonald’s — actually I just stopped to use the restroom. It was my second look at the McCafé which debuted back in 2001 outside Chicago. It was also a chance to upload a Palm Treo photo directly to […]

Garmin GPS software for the Palm devices

Garmin software (my current preferred GPS product outside of the Treo) will soon be available for the Palm GPS. Will the TomTom continue to be offered? The software from Garmin will be the Mobile XT product and offer turn by turn directions, with voice as well as the Garmin online service which includes traffic, fuel […]

A new Palm Centro phone for my ‘Sweetest’

You would think after 25 years of marriage that I would learn that women are rarely impressed with ‘tech gadgets’ for Sweetest Day gifts? Perhaps I’m a slow learner in replacing my wife’s old Palm Treo 600 with a new Palm Centro, but I did … to a mixed response. She was glad for a […]

The new Palm Centro is growing on me?

Although I personally would be hard pressed to give up the large battery capacity (2400mAh) of my aging Palm Treo 700p, the new Centro being introduced by Sprint this month is looking pretty attractive. The new smart phone is considerably smaller than my 700p and the current antenna-less full featured 755p version (on the right […]

Palm announces Sprint Centro smartphone

Palm announced their new Sprint based Centro smartphone at the DigitalLife conference in New York City on Thursday. The smaller and more stylish smartphone was announced earlier across the pond, and expected in the states today. The release was semi- expected, although did seem to happen a bit sooner than many Palm Treo users expected. […]

Palm’s Folio is being pulled & Centro looks real

Well the Palm Folio didn’t last but a few months … a blunder from the start in my opinion. Palm created a notebook looking sidekick for it Treo users that just didn’t offer enough reasons for users to buy it. Its not quite a notebook, but still a big enough package to not want to […]

SlingMedia’s Palm Slingplayer Beta2 is available

Although the Palm OS Slingplayer on my Treo 700p has been near flawless, SlingMedia has dutifully fixed a couple things and offered users a new 30 day free trial called SlingPlayer Mobile for Palm OS BETA2. (available as of last night) I installed it directly to my PDA over the Sprint network on the Treo’s […]

Treo 755p: Nice, but same ol’ same ol’

Sprint and Palm have confirmed the availability date for the anticipated successor to the Palm Treo 700p … the Treo 755p, which will be available through Sprint May 14th. The slightly smaller 755p will give Palm OS users an improved size by removing the irritating antenna stub and thinning down the chunky 700p just a […]

Sling Media ‘beta’ for Palm OS available

For gadget lovers, “Slinging” on the move with a Palm device is now a reality and is pretty impressive! I’m testing the beta release of Slingmedia‘s Palm OS version of the Slingplayer software and it is absolutely fantastic. I’m using the Sprint EV-DO service as my carrier and running the Slingplayer Mobile on my Treo […]

Sprint to offer new Treo 755p in May

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading to a new Palm based smartphone and are a fan of Sprint and their EV-DO service (higher speed data), you might want to hold off until May 14 this year. According to, the new phone will be a smaller antennaless version and will probably replace the 700p. (my […]

Beta Testing of Sling for Palm OS devices

I’ve been signed up, but not been offered a beta of the Slingplayer Palm OS software to install on my Palm Treo 700p … would like to give it a try though. For those of you unfamiliar with the Slingbox/SlingPlayer, its a hardware device that plugs into your computer network and broadcast your television signal […]

Winter in Black and White captured with Treo

Here in the mid-west we’ve been cold for about a week and there is little sign that winter is abating. (photo above is a black and white from my Palm Treo 700p smartphone) The snow has started in earnest and has curtailed my trip from Cincinnati to Cleveland this week. Notwithstanding, technology is keeping me […]

Slinging coming to Mac, Symbian and PalmOS

Some of you might have remembered reading my comments on Sling Media and the very cool Slingbox. The device hooks up to your home or office broadband network AND to a cable tv signal and transmits television (or even DVR recordings) over the Internet through proprietary software where ever you decide to connect. (the faster […]

Palm 700p post

This is going to be a challenging post … and short. I have opted to try a new smartphone — the Palm Treo 700p. (have used a Samsung i500 Palm based phone for the last several years) As I sit pecking on the tiny chicklet keys I realize this is not going to work. Tomorrow […]

Treo 700p: more rumors?

Another slipped date about the Treo 700p smartphone being rolled out by Sprint this month; this one looks to have been a mistake (or scam) release which included the date of the new 700p Sprint model. In the online version of TechWorld, a article appeared and then was quickly pulled down, but not before this […]

Sprint Treo 700p launch date?

The rumored mid-May launch of the Treo 700p Smartphone by Sprint look as if it might be towards the end of the month now. Who knows if this PDF Sprint “Launch Planner” calendar has accurate dates, but if it is to be believed … May 28th looks about right. EDIT: Engadget reported this story too, […]

Audi/Palm Partnership Announcement

Audi/Palm Pressrelease: We are pleased to announce the Audi / Palm partnership in providing integrated capabilities with the palm Treo 650 and our 2006 models equipped with Bluetooth phone technology. This announcement is the culmination of over a year’s worth of work of teams on both sides of the partnership. The Audi team was comprised […]

Weekend chores update: Robins, office cleaning and AC prep

The robin eggs in the back porch (earlier in May above) wreath Brenda made from her grandmother’s grapevines years ago, have hatched Below was day one (left) and day two (right) … as Brenda commented … “you should wait until they’re a bit cuter.” The weather was “so-so” this past Memorial Day weekend, but since […]

Fox Business shuffles their TV talent and expands their live shows

As a business news junkie, I’ve been watching Fox Business since I "demanded it" (as Neil Cavuto would tell viewers in the early days of the expansion Fox network). They have steadily grown and have become serious competition for CNBC (watched/listen since it’s debuted) and BloombergTV. Fox Business has mixed in far more general news […]

Apple introduces their new iPhone Xs line-up and new Watch

The biggest awaited tech news for most Apple lovers took place yesterday as they introduced their latest Watch Series 4 with "heart monitoring" capabilities and improved everything. From edge to edge larger screens, to a 64-bit processor that is twice as fast at their earlier version. The speaker is louder (common complaint), a walkie-talkie feature, […]

Tech Friday flashback: A technology blog post from 12 years ago

Noticed a blog post from 12 years ago discussing “portable” computing and how things have changed. In 2006 the average laptop weighed about 7 pounds with batteries, compared to 20 years prior where my Compaq was 28 pounds … and required 110VAC power. LINK to post Now an iPhone or iPad can run circles around […]

As my weekly travel decreases, data connectivity is finally good

My mobile life is FINALLY working the way it should, just as my road life is slowing down. I’ve been monkeying around with the "mobile office" for A LOT of years starting with a 1999 AWD Chrysler Town & Country back in the late 1990s before mounting my Palm Treo in my great little Volkswagen […]

TechFriday: iPhone watching as September 12th approaches

The big day looks to be September 12, 2017 when "watchers" expect Apple to release their 10th Anniversary iPhone. I may have been slow to accept the virtual keyboard "back in the day," but have comfortably adapted to it starting with the iPhone5 in 2012. As smartphones go (after the Palm Pilots and Handspring clones), […]

Streaming our home TV signal with Sling for 10 years #TBT

Wow … 10 years ago I bought my first “original” Slingbox. I thought this gadget was the coolest thing and even upgraded it in 2012 (has it been that long?) I used it regularly on the road with the laptop or Palm Treo (photo below) and “sling-ed” our home TV video (or just audio) signal […]

SlingPlayer updates coming to iPhone and iPad

Glad to see updates for SlingPlayer, but considering I have the “350” and my biggest complaint has yet to be addressed — no “audio-only” — I’m still disappointed. Not everyone lives in 4G or LTE land! Even the original Slingbox had support for audio on all devices including my Palm Treo!

Tech Friday: Protect your expensive phone for resale sake

Here’s a helpful “Tech Friday” post that is really just some smart advice – it has nothing to do with the photo of Tootsie above except that it was taken with the iPhone 5. Anyway, a client of mine regularly upgrades his high end phone (and now his iPad) every 2 years as permitted by […]

Late spring T-storms and heavy rain to end the day

A rainbow was a welcome sight on the way to the hotel Wednesday night as the T-storms rubbled through northeast Ohio. The rain was heavy and traffic slow as I inched my way through Akron on I-76.

Looked at a new diesel Volkswagen Touareg V6 TDI

Memorial Day weekend was the first chance I had to get a close up view of the ‘new to North America’ V-6 TDI 3.0L version of the  diesel Volkswagen Touareg 2. Most TDI advocates have been wondering just when the ‘realistic’ version of a VW SUV was going to arrive in the states … seeing […]

Sunrise over Akron Ohio

Next best thing to waking up next to my beautiful wife … 😆 …  is waking up to a beautiful sunrise.  Today’s sunrise over Akron, Ohio was no exception and  I did my best to capture it out my hotel room window on my ‘long in the tooth’ Palm Treo 700p smartphone (the Palm Pre […]

Received a birthday kiss this morning from a spider

While out of town this week at one of my regular hotels, I noticed a speedy brown spider about the size of a nickel in my room at night, perhaps the Brown Recluse –Loxosceles reclusa (photo right). I tried to catch him, but he was evasive and when behind one of the screwed down pictures […]

Keeping podcast content up to date on my mobile

I was talking to a friend about Miami University old WMUB’s  “HelpDesk” radio program which has moved  to the podcast only format now that the radio station is no longer broadcasting its own content (ended in February 2009). He asked me how to listen to the program now that it is no longer on the […]

Just another ‘snowy’ Thursday

Posting a Palm Treo 700p photo from the road … heading south from Cleveland on I-71 Thursday afternoon. Enough is enough with winter and snow; I’m ready for spring. Here’s a morning photos after the “lake effect” snows blanketed NE Ohio.

Another slick day of driving in southwestern Ohio

Here’s hoping that everyone who lives in my neck of the woods, from Dayton to Cincinnati Ohio,  made it home safely?  The roadways on Tuesday afternoon were about as slick as they can get without being sheets of ice. That was evident by the very slow going and significant number of vehicle either in the […]

Follow up on’s changes and

I’m following up my post about yesterday, both because I received an email from their customer service (posted it as a comment to yesterday’s post) and because I received a Twitter message suggesting that I check out I appreciated the email explaining that Scanr made changes on January 7th to their services and […]

Hello my name is Rich, I’m a 24-a-holic

“Hello my name is Rich, I’m a 24-a-holic” and I am addicted to the Fox Television Series 24, yet I haven’t watch the current season yet.  The intense neverending show has kept both my wife and I at the edge of our seats … or bed … depending where we watched it from. Blockbuster much […]

Using’s GasBuddyToGo

While traveling yesterday, I darted across the state of Ohio on Route 30 knowing that occasionally the gasoline prices are less expensive at a truck stop in Beaverdam, Ohio (Route 30 and Interstate 75), but before jumping onto the rural highway and leaving “known” stations, I pulled up GasBuddy‘s GasBuddyToGo on my Palm Treo. A […]

Enjoying our new Panasonic Plasma HDTV

After going a couple weeks without a television (well Slingbox on my notebook computer doesn’t count), it was nice to have a TV back in our bedroom. Besides being busy with the Taildragger Fly-In and TDIFest last weekend, I’ve had trouble deciding on just what flat panel technology and brand to purchase. I had convinced […]

My daughter’s VW TDI reaches first milestone

Although this is by no means a challenging milestone for Volkswagen diesel cars, it is a personal milestone for my daughter. Her first car, a 2001 VW Jetta TDI, has been treating her well for 100,000 miles now and she sent me an early morning photo from her Palm Treo Centro as it hit 100K. […]

Vacation over; back to the grind

I’ve been pretty lax at making entries in my “diurnal journal” this past week while on vacation. Nevertheless, my family and I enjoyed the ‘rest and relaxation’ and during our last day on the beach were treated to an enjoyable swim in the ocean with a couple curious Manta Rays. The pair of them would […]

Happy Mother’s Day Brenda

This might seem odd, but a new Royal Star Magnolia (Stellata Magnolia) is a gift that made my wife happy on Mother’s Day — photo and post from Palm Treo. (EDIT: tweaked post Sunday afternoon) Happy Mother’s Day Brenda … and to all mothers reading this. (in fact I think I’ll give ‘my’ mother a […]

Porch project gets some redwood trim

In a test to see if the Palm Treo photo to blog still works, I’ll post the last addition to the new porch … a redwood surround fit for the hot tub. So far it looks nice but we will need to come up with a finish for redwood. Any expert suggestions? EDIT: Didn’t post […]

Rain, Rain … go away

It’s wet outside … but I suppose it is better than more snow? When our dog no longer has a place to do her business because the ground is so saturated, we’ve had too much rain! (Palm Treo 700p photo) 🙂 EDIT: Tinkering with a Twitter script in the right sidebar tonight. I’m sure the […]

Who is the voice behind 1-800-GOOG-411?

Google, the Internet search engine giant, has a free 411 business directory service that is available from any phone by calling 1-800-GOOG-411. As a test I recorded a quick ‘lookup’ while driving to Akron, Ohio and will include the audio clip I recorded on my Palm Treo. (or listen to the clip in the right […]

Winding down 2007; markets in review

My family has been enjoying some time out of town and away from the computer, cellphone, Internet and WORK! In full disclosure though, I did make an attempt a post from my Palm Treo 700p as I wanted to comment on my daughter’s new iGo Keyboard, but wasn’t able to get the post and photo […]

First real snowstorm this December in Ohio

I delayed my travel plans as a quick snowstorm and cold weather covered most if not all of Ohio with a blanket of beautiful white snow. Local schools were closed an a short trip in the morning on the road had me rescheduling appointments. By afternoon all was well and I used my Palm Treo […]

#17 rank Kentucky beat #1 LSU

In nail-biter fashion, #17 ranked Kentucky beat #1 ranked LSU on Saturday in some of the most intense college football I’ve seen in a long time. The game went into triple overtime and ended with each player giving their all and then some. It was quite the intense game. Since I regularly comment about using […]

Samsung SPH-i500, my previous smartphone

I was discussing cellphones the other day while discussing the new full featured iPhone, Blackberries and Treo lineup and recalled my older Samsung SPH-i500 flip phone. Hmm … it was the one device that I wish would have seen continued development and adoption in the U.S. (the similar SCH-i539 is said to be sold in […]

Covered Back Porch & Fireplace project

The final construction project that will complete the original plans for our home is underway as the masonry crew finished the foundation. We are adding a back porch and outdoor fireplace (left elevation) that replaces an existing deck which houses our hot tub. The new stamped concrete is in place of the 12 year old […]

Tech Friday: Slingbox Clip + Sling

A recent post by moderator Brandon C. on the Sling Community blog has highlighted some information on the much anticipated Slingmedia’s “clip + Sling.” In case you don’t know what a Slingbox is, it is hardware component that is usually located at your home or office and broadcasts your local television signal to authorized computers […]

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