Music Monday: Theme from Amazon’s Man in the High Castle

Posted By on April 30, 2018

ManInHighCastleBrenda and I have a favorite TV series and are anxiously waiting for the next season, unfortunately Amazon seems to have delayed production — we waiting on season 3. So while we wait, we are re-watching both season one and season two … AGAIN; The Man in the High Castle is a terrific show and has so many details that it is well worth watching a second and third time. I’ve even started the Philip Dick book on my Kindle the TV series is base on the 1962 book by the same title.

So, since we hear the theme song Edelweiss every time an episode is streamed on Amazon Prime, I thought I would include in for Music Monday.

  Edelweiss – based on Rodgers & Hammerstein showtune – 1959

Speaking of Amazon Prime, they will be upping their annual membership. It will go from $99 to $119 starting on May 11, 2018. TIP: Existing members will have until June 16, 2018 to renew at $99 before the new $20 increase.


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