An hour with the BMW 650i Coupe

| December 31, 2005

I know some might think that I must be struggling through a mid-life crisis for even looking at cars like these, but “a man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.” (go ahead and have a pitty party for me) Dave Lewis, at the Cincinnati BMW Store, ask me to give him a hand putting […]


| December 30, 2005

Take a look at this interesting new webpage building tool. It is ideal for people on the go wanting to put together a ‘dynamic’ homepage or ‘communications’ page … or pages … with only a browser. Protopage unleashes AJAX better than about any other web based tool. I sense we’ll be seeing many more ‘web-software’ […]

Who is Max Peck?

| December 29, 2005

My wonderful daughter gave me a detailed biography for Christmas that I’ve just started. It is quite long so may take me some time to read and review, although I will eventually post my thoughts in the book catagory of my blog. The preface was a very interesting section from a son, and there is […]

Visa Card with $50 toward VW Parts & Service

| December 28, 2005

First my apologies for my lack of Christmas blogging for those who might occasionally read my desultory posts … although I can’t imagine why one would miss them. Here is a VW oriented post to bring in the new year with $50 in VW parts: “Get a Volkswagen Platinum Visa® Card with low introductory rate […]

Use caution when you are stuck in snow

| December 21, 2005

On one of the forums I visit, this painful lesson was captured on video. We all need to remember where to attach the tow hook and why not to ‘jerk’ the car out of a snow pile. This kind of mistake could be costly as well as dangerous. (always stand clear) Thanks to Randy, a […]

Archive: Corbett Christmas Letters 2005 and 2004

| December 20, 2005

Originally was a place to archive documents, photos, etc but eventually became a much more public (yet personal) blog ( and finally As the daily public shares grew, it became difficult to decide what to share and what to exclude. As our family grew older, it became easier to include them in “family” oriented posts […]

Archive: Older Corbett Christmas Letters 1983-2003

| December 19, 2005

Audi TDI Diesel at Le Mans

| December 13, 2005

I’ll make this post brief and point to the Audi R10 link, but this 650 HP 12 cylinder diesel is really impressive. Don’t miss a few of the video clips (live unedited capture) as besides a good look at the car, there are some nice panoramas of Paris, France. If you only have time for […]

December 7th: What didn’t we learn?

| December 7, 2005

It happened a lifetime ago, but “it is a day that will live in infamy.” December 7, 1941 was the day a surprise attack was made against our country by the empire of Japan. We remember this day but unfortunately did not learn the lesson. Most of us were not alive to remember the heart […]

The Ultimate Diesel Pickup Truck

| December 6, 2005

There was an interesting segment on Motorweek for those considering ‘big’ diesel pickups. The International CXT may just be the”Ultimate” in working (or show off) pickups. This bad boy boasts a turbo charged 6 cylinder International diesel with 320 HP and a whopping 860 pound feet of torque. I’m not sure if anybody wants to […]

VW TDI Heater concerns?

| December 2, 2005

Josh Hiebert of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada posted a couple of gruesome photos of his VW Jetta TDI about the time my friend Charles B. mentioned he had picked up a ‘heater’ for his VW TDI. He mention he had found a great deal on them and was looking to install. Weigh your decision carefully. On […]

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