Of Ghosts and Goblins …

| October 31, 2005

A friend of mine is always coming up with interesting ‘car related’ news and emails … he has forwarded me this one for Halloween; its a bit of a stretch to see the ‘ghost,’ but worth ‘scaring’ … I mean ‘sharing’ here. This is a car advertisement from Great Britain. When they finished filming the […]

Memorable Wedding Part 2

| October 29, 2005

Last night I watched the NBC program “Three Wishes” that I commented (see post) on a couple of weeks ago; they helped welcomed home the 3/25 Marine unit from Iraq to Ohio. It was a heartwarming 60 minute program that was very emotional. The program actually granted four wishes with several receiving homes, a couple […]

The Mini Cooper S: A personal test drive

| October 27, 2005

Yeah Baby … I had fun driving this little puppy! I had a chance to test drive a friend’s 2004 BMW MiniCooper ‘S’ in Northeastern Ohio. I’ve looked with envy at these little go carts since their re-introduction, and have been waiting for an opportunity to buzz around a bit. It was fun. John was […]

White Sox win 2005 World Series

| October 26, 2005

Jermaine Dye’s single was all that was needed for the White Sox to complete the sweep of the Houston Astros. Last night’s game was a defensive nailbiter with outstanding pitching and World Series defensive play by both teams. Dye’s 8th inning single put Chicago White Sox up 1 -0 and gave Sox fans their first […]

WWII body sent to Hawaii for ID

| October 25, 2005

Interesting story: A body believed to be that of a World War II airman, found frozen in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California was found by recreational climbers. The spotted a body with an Army uniform still attached to a world war two parachute. On Monday the body was sent to Hickam Air Force Base […]

Hurricane Wilma hits Florida

| October 24, 2005

Hurricanes have not let up for 2005 as we prepare for another hit here in the US. This time it is Wilma who has already left dead in other areas. Wilma hovered over the Yucatan penninsula for the longest time until she accellerated as a Catagory 3 hurricane last night. Monday morning as I post […]

Frank Giovinazzi interviews VW PR guy

| October 20, 2005

Some of your reading my blog are diesel drivers and find the VW TDI or diesel content interesting so I’m making a late afternoon entry to point you to one of my favorite journalists and podcasters, Frank Giovinazzi. He had an opportunity to interview Tony Fouladpour, public relations manager of Volkswagen and talk about VW […]

Dream on – VW TDI Ecoracer concept

| October 20, 2005

Another concept is unveiled by VW, this time at the Tokyo Motor Show. Volkswagen has an interesting mid-engine diesel sports car “concept” touting fuel economy translating to 69 mpg and capable of 143mph. Considering the ‘wise’ Volkswagen management of late, and a diesel, I’m sure VW is planning at this very moment to bring the […]

Sky Built Power Center

| October 19, 2005

An Arlington Virginia company, SkyBuilt Power Inc, has found a new investor in its “drop and plop” electricity generating units: the 1999 CIA founded company called In-Q-Tel. The new investor will allow continued investment in a fuel-less power unit that can be used to provide continual power for small units in remote locations. In September, […]

What was Nissan Thinking?

| October 18, 2005

Japanese auto maker Nissan Motor Company revived the tune for a TV ad promoting its Titan trucks — it is a song from a 1957 film “The Bridge on the River Kwai” known as “Colonel Bogey’s March.” In this film allied prisoners of war, forced to build a bridge for their Japanese captors who continually […]

Top Ridiculous Future Products

| October 17, 2005

I found this “top ten most ridiculous products of the future” list too funny to pass up, so I’ve included it here. Starting with number TEN. Drum roll please … 10. This search engine is a huge power house, and we all know that. It’s still going to gain more power with the Google Tivo. […]

Beyond a Billion

| October 15, 2005

October 14, 2005 was the day the US Department of Energy’s Clean Cities Program and the 80+ community-based coalitions celebrated the displacing of one billion gallons of petroleum across the nation. Kim Lahman (photo right), Tri-State Clean Fuel Network’s Coordinator, organized the local Cincinnati area event with many key participates at Cincinnati’s Ault Park. (what […]

Memorable Wedding

| October 12, 2005

A returning marine, Nathan Adey, from the 3/25 Marines Weapons Company had a big surprise last night while attending an Amy Grant concert at the Akron-Canton MAPS Air Museum. Adey thought he was attending a concert to acknowledge his unit’s return from Iraq. (the Marines Weapons Company was hard hit with losses while deployed in […]

2005 DARPA Grand Challenge

| October 10, 2005

The Stanford Racing Team with a vehicle nicknamed “Stanley” has ‘dieseled’ away with the two million dollar prize as it beat the competition in a computer driven car over a desert course in California. Stanley is based on a stock, 5 cylinder inline diesel-powered Volkswagen Touareg and ran the course 11 plus minutes faster than […]

VW TDI: Bengalmobile

| October 7, 2005

The excitement in SW Ohio is already starting for the Cincinnati Bengal faithful. After a stellar 4-0 start the fans are anticipating great things from this confident group of players. A huge credit has to go to the outstanding performance of the defense; they have never had an offensive killing defense capable of generating turnovers […]

Driven to find a Cure

| October 4, 2005

For the 9th year, BMW and the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation have teamed up to support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation was founded on a promise made between two sisters – Susan Goodman Komen and Nancy Goodman Brinker. Suzy was diagnosed with breast cancer […]

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