A March 31st meme instead of an April 1st Fool’s Joke this year

| March 31, 2024

I tried to come up with an April Fool’s Day joke … but failed … so I’m posting this “Over-The-Speed-Limit” meme a day early.  😊 

Happy Easter 2024 – “He is risen. He is risen indeed.”

| March 31, 2024

Spring weather (video below the break out our back window below) and the celebration of Easter seemed to have appeared out of nowhere just as March 2024 ends. Thought: Today will likely be the last time many of us see Easter appear on March 31st (the next time Easter will be on March 31, it […]

Our Mallard Duck is back. How long do they live?

| March 30, 2024

Seeing Mallard Ducks show up in the spring “like clockwork” had me wondering just how long this particular pair has been showing up at our pool (still covered) and landscape pond … and how long they live (see below)?  For years ducks show up in the spring, have been chased by our dog Tootsie (for […]

Tech Friday: Computer backups, Cloud and Sync storage options

| March 29, 2024

Computer backups and synchronized cloud data storage are topics I’ve addressed previously too many times. Last year I was pushed into tightening my subscription-belt after losing my free 1TB Miami University Google Workspace account and opted to give the economical iDrive a try.  So after using it for a while now, I’ve concluded what I […]

Ronald Reagan was sharp with Johnny Carson [video for #TBT]

| March 28, 2024

As we approach another presidential election in November 2024 (it is still a long way off) … I find myself wishing we had Ronald Reagan on the ballot. I’ve yet to decide whether he put my political ideology into words, or if his political desires and presidency formed the positions I hold today? Whatever, this is […]

A strong day for the stock market, Trump’s campaign and $DTJ

| March 27, 2024

Amazing day for the stock market again. It looks like more high inflation and that this kind of strong market confidence may push off Fed rate cuts until inflation drops closer to 2%, unemployment begins to rise or the entire economy hits the skids. On the other hand, this  irrational exuberance looking excitement (Crypto, $RDDT, […]

Trying to keep up with my “Where’s Waldo” traveling friend Jeff

| March 27, 2024

My friend Jeff has been busy traveling for business for the first half of 2024 and I “think” is scheduled to be in some 20 countries doing cybersecurity audits. I’m having a challenging time keeping up with his whereabouts, but do know after some time in Southeast Asia and New Zealand (video below) that he […]

Archive: Gigi, Creative Rainbow artwork and Ilia Malinin skating

| March 26, 2024

As has become a routine, I’m archiving a couple family weekend photos. First, last week was Gigi’s rescue day (Taylor and Megan’s dog). It was in 2023 that they found her and after attempting to find the owner by posting signs etc … although they suspected she was abandoned after having puppies … adopted her […]

Music Monday: Steve Miller Band – “Jet Airliner” LIVE in 2007

| March 25, 2024

A Twitter/X.com social media contact from FoxBusiness, Brian Brenburg,  is a “DollarVinyl” shopper. He is always posting album covers that he finds for “a buck.” In January 2024 he posted one from The Steve Miller Band … that I once owned (college days and pre-basement-flood). It triggered a response from me and a 2007 live […]

Palm Sunday, a Marblehead Lighthouse filler photo and taxes

| March 24, 2024

Today, Sunday March 24, 2024 is Palm Sunday … the Sunday before Easter. For Christians around the world, it commemorates the triumphant entry of Jesus into Jerusalem. On this day, a cheering crowd greeted Jesus along the road, spreading their garments and palm branches before Him. For us today, it is time to get our […]

There are probably too many posts just for the sake of posting?

| March 23, 2024

This should probably should have been a Tech Friday blog update post (or not at all?), but was something I noticed after cleaning up about 13 older posts with “issues.” Also I am hoping to test a “featured image” add-on to see if it work with social media alerts.  Since 2005, I’ve been posting daily and […]

Tech Friday: WSJ review of sports streaming options

| March 22, 2024

Although at this point I’m still sticking with cable for my Internet and television entertainment, the difficulty in watching certain sporting events is increasing. I’m not happy about Amazon locking up Thursday Night Football and did not like having to plan ahead for the NFL playoff game in January, but for the most part … […]

Cleaned and shuffled workshop lumber storage last weekend #TBT

| March 21, 2024

I started reorganizing the south wall of my basement workshop on Sunday afternoon, first, so that I could store a bit more lumber on my storage rack (the extra Oosta lumber!) … and second, so that I could clean up my old children’s workbench for my granddaughters to use when they come this summer.  After […]

Should TikTok be banned, divested or remain Chinese owned?

| March 20, 2024

I’m of the opinion that there are three basic issues we Americans need to address when discussing what should be done with TikTok — be it a ban, divested ownership or continue under Chinese ownership and control.  The Chinese Communist Party (government) uses the social media platform to collect data on U.S. citizens/user and feeds […]

Another property line White Pine tree has come down

| March 19, 2024

Brenda commented with a photo that another White Pine Tree near our property line with one of our neighbors came down in the last windstorm. I missed it, but then generally am not all that observant to what is behind the trees (can’t really see it from our house). Since the trees are on the […]

Archive: Combo family birthday party for Annalyn and Ellerie

| March 19, 2024

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Music Monday Obituary: Eric Carmen (1949-2024)

| March 18, 2024

Five years ago for Music Monday I posted on Eric Carmen and a memory … well Brenda’s memory really, as he used her pharmacy in a NE Ohio decades ago. This past month his wife Amy Carmen shared that he passed away at the age of 74. ☹️  From MDB March 2019 (also shared an […]

Besides costly higher education and health care … buying and owning a home is now unaffordable for many in America

| March 17, 2024

Going to college after high school has always seemed expensive, but by working, borrowing and getting help from parents … it was do-able, and by today’s standards, seemed affordable. I can’t help but smile noticing that when I finally paid off my student loan that I could start saving to put my kids through college. […]

A movie recommendation: “The Catcher Was A Spy” (2018)

| March 16, 2024

During our final days in Florida this winter, Brenda and I watch a movie that we both enjoyed called “The Catcher Was A Spy.” I recommended it to Taylor who also enjoys World War II history and am looking forward to his comments.  The movie is based on a book by Nicholas Dawidoff about Morris […]

Tech Friday: Knowing where your iPhone, or perhaps YOU are?

| March 15, 2024

As someone who has grown up with the “beware of Big Brother” mindset, the thought that even with an Apple iPhone turned off, those with access can still know your location is a bit spooky. Oh, to be sure, 99% of being able to find an iPhone that is powered down or without enough battery […]

Interesting … and true when I first looked at it. How about you?

| March 14, 2024

Protected: Test Posting – new security measures

| March 13, 2024

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

A daughter changing her VW’s air filter makes me smile!

| March 13, 2024

My daughter Katelyn’s driving habits are reminiscent of both her mom and dad — long commutes and a lot of driving. With those longer than normal commutes comes higher than normal miles on cars … and attention to maintenance. Being a smart owner of her 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan, she sees to it that her VW […]

Food for thought: “Marxism isn’t an ideology at all – it’s a tactic”

| March 12, 2024

Political ideology has always interesting me. I was aware of different philosophies early on since an intellectual best friend from high school was way to the left  and interested in Socialism and Marxism.   Charlie Matthews (Kamikaze) seemed like a leftover from the 1960s and even back in the 1970s and 80s supported the Marxist […]

Music Monday: “Cowboy in the Jungle” by Jimmy Buffett (1978)

| March 11, 2024

A couple of weeks ago, someone mention Jimmy Buffett and an old memory song … from back when I was really just starting to listen to music, buy albums (or often dubbed to cassette) …  AND to Jimmy Buffett — it was 1978. One of the first albums that sold me on Jimmy Buffett was […]

Contemplating and already missing our winter beach days

| March 10, 2024

I wish I could say that our winter Florida vacation was long enough, but to be honest, it flew by way too fast. Nevertheless, being “snowbirds” … as our son Taylor called us … suited us just fine. We thought our daily walks on the beach (10,000+ steps each day) and eating less were surely […]

A language use tidbit: Who/Whom

| March 9, 2024

Language usage is not one of my particular strengths … therefore I’m with the thought that “when in doubt reach for whom over who, just to be safe. Then get the ‘overcorrected’ mistakes …”  — LINK A trick to figure it out, which we’ve mentioned before, is to substitute he or she in your sentence—and […]

Tech Friday: The wokesters at Google have stepped in it again

| March 8, 2024

Google exec Prabhakar Raghavan explained, Gemini “may not always be reliable,” so “we recommend relying on Google Search, where separate systems surface fresh, high-quality information on these kinds of topics from sources across the web.” Google is scrambling to tamp down a political uproar after its recently launched Gemini artificial intelligence app depicted the pope, […]

Archive: Since recent family posts were private for most readers, here’s a very cool night “star” photo of KDAE’s new house

| March 7, 2024

Thanks for the great night photo after the completion of your homebuilding project, Drew and Katelyn

Orca attacking Great While Shark – Good Morning America #video

| March 6, 2024

After recently visiting Sea World in Orlando with our family … and posting on Orcas and Sharks for years here on MyDesultoryBlog.com … this ABC Good Morning America YouTube video of an Orca attacking a Great White Shark was amazing:

Archive: KDAE February 2024 vacation to Florida Wrap-Up Part 2

| March 6, 2024

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Pondering the Presidential Election on November 5th, 2024

| March 5, 2024

The presidential election for 2024 is nowhere close to being certain (7 months away), but it is looking more and more like a repeat of 2020: President Joe Biden (81) and Donald Trump (77) … an election for the “aged.” 😉  Outkick.com host and WWE wrestler, Tyrus made an interesting analogy last week comparing the […]

Music Monday: “It’s going to be a bright, bright sunshiny day!”

| March 4, 2024

A vacation duplicate (realized after the fact) of the 1972 song “I Can See Clearly Now” recorded by the late Johnny Nash (1940-2020). As I mentioned before, “it was enjoyed by my parents as well as my generation … and likely is still appreciated by today’s current generation?” Personally I never gave much thought to the […]

Archive: KDAE February 2024 vacation to Florida Wrap-Up Part 1

| March 3, 2024

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Tesla Offers Price Incentives in China, Raises Model Y Costs in US

| March 2, 2024

Hm … Tesla is the cost for Chinese to buy its popular Model Y in China, while raising them in the U.S. — an interesting business move??? Tesla raised the price of its Model Y rear-wheel drive and long-range vehicles in the U.S. by $1,000 to $43,990 and $48,990, respectively … while Chinese consumers buying […]

Archive: Updating the “goings-on” of Taylor and Megan

| March 1, 2024

While I really wanted to take the time and archive the great time we had in February with Katelyn, Drew and our granddaughters in Florida, I’ll start with a less time intensive post. Last week Taylor and Megan made me jealous by going to a Mac McAnally concert in Cincinnati. It definitely looks like they […]

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