A dead tree, or two, or three, makes for a big expense

Posted By on May 2, 2015


It is pretty easy to tell that we had a little tree trimming done … but what is not as as easy to tell is how many dollars a few dead and dying trees cost to have cut down … $4000 plus tax! OUCH!

stoveinjamestownI’m usually the ambitious sort when it comes to tree cutting and logging. I’ve cut trees since I was a teenager. My family heated with wood in the “Buck Stove” in Sidney, Ohio and  on school breaks I worked cutting, splitting and delivering logs. Even when first married I put a homemade stove in our first house and then a couple higher efficiently wood stoves in our second house so we could heat our home with wood … in fact our catalytic stove eventually was added to my mother and father-in-law’s farmhouse in Jamestown, New York which is now for sale! (pic right)

When we prepped to put in our our first pool in Hudson Ohio I cleared 28 large trees and even landed one of them on the house – whoops. Thankfully, that is when we still owned the old Ford 800 tractor and I was able to drag it gently off the roof – good memories.  Point being is that I’m familiar with cutting wood and usually take care of these things … but not these BIG ones and where they are leaning (see edit below).

Next step for me is to borrow or rent a splitter and take care of the logs before they rot. I would use my dad little electric as I have in the past, but there are too many large logs … in fact the reason the stump is still standing is that the crew kept hitting a metal fence post or a pipe that looks to have grown into the center of that large stump. Since it is in the woods, I think I’ll try to just appreciate the beauty of a stump.

EDIT: Oh … to answer the email as to “why did I spend that kind of money to cut down a tree in  the woods?” Well, the dead and dying maple (as well as dead ash trees) were leaning over the fence/property line and would have eventually have fallen on our neighbors pool enclosure and barn … and did I mention, they have A LOT OF GLASS!

MillersPoolWestSide150501 MillersPoolRear150501


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