Current Canon Digital ELPHs

| November 23, 2005

Christmas is coming and being the ‘go to guy’ when discussing photography in my family I was asked to give an opinion on the tiny Canon Powershot Digital ELPHs. A buddy of mine just purchased the SD450 model for a ski trip to the Canadian Rockies and didn’t want to be bothered with his larger […]

Bittorent working to stay legal

| November 23, 2005

BitTorrent and the MPAA have come to an agreement that may prevent future legal action against the file sharing network. Unfortunately it will make searching even more of a challenge but will cut the illegal use of the popular and growing peer to peer file sharing service. MPAA’s problem with bittorrent is that many users […]

VW Race Touareg 2

| November 21, 2005

The cross country rally team at Volkswagen unveiled its improved Touareg 2 at the German Essen Motor Show this past weekend. The new Race Touareg 2 will be VW’s entry in the 2006 Dakar Rally. The new model is built on its race proven predecessor and has undergone improved suspension and and increase of engine […]

Cheaper Biodiesel Catalyst

| November 16, 2005

As noted in the journal Nature, Japanese scientists may have found a cheaper and more efficient way to produce “biodiesel.” This breakthrough could reduce the cost and improve the efficiency just as the demand for the cleaner, greener fuel is increasing. Any vegetable oil can become fuel, whether as ethanol or biodiesel, but for the […]

A rare interview with Neil Armstrong, “First Man”

| November 11, 2005

For many baby boomers, “The Eagle has landed” and “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind” (click for audio) were monumental audio moments that recall American success and rekindle proud memories of the Apollo space program. Practically every American alive and countless millions around the world held their breath and watched as […]

Guest etiquette on “The O’Reilly Factor”

| November 9, 2005

McCarthyism Fallout

| November 7, 2005

UPDATED 11/14/2005 Occasionally there is over the line commentary that aggitate me enough to respond. One such review in the Orlando Sentinel has me irritated enough to comment. (read full review by Roger Moore, Sentinel staff writer) To the editor: I realized that Roger Moore, writing for the Orlando Sentinel, is expressing his ‘opinion’ in […]

A123 … huh?

| November 3, 2005

A123 is a “geek-name” that comes from a mathematical formula describing the interaction between nano-scale materials. It was then used to name a company based out of Watertown, MA founded by an MIT professor. A123 Systems has developed new lithium-ion battery that is more powerful and has a lighter weight than existing batteries; perhaps only […]

Cuphea and biodiesel ‘cold weather’ properties

| November 1, 2005

As winter and cold weather nears, those of us running ‘Biodiesel’ need to re-evaluate our alternative fueling strategies. Many return to petroleum diesel (D2) in order to avoid potential gelling and fuel starvation problems associated with untreated biodiesel. Even those running treated biodiesel are concerned as most treatments only lower the cloud and gell points […]

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