This Iraq business: Close Call

| July 24, 2005

I continually am grateful for those voluteering to fight terrorism abroad, assisting people trapped under brutal murdering dictators or extremist fanatics and exemplifying the decency Americans stand for. There isn’t much doubt that serving our country in the armed forces is a high risk business. One such capture enemy video clip opens ones eyes to […]

Slingbox: My latest tech toy

| July 22, 2005

I’m probably not the only one, but I’m addicted to tech ‘gadgets,’ no … let me correct that … any ‘gadget.’ I have this insane weakness for interesting new toys. They are most definitely ‘wants,’ but not necessarily ‘needs;’ a lecture my kids hear far too often. Is it a ‘need’ or a ‘want?’ The […]

Biofuels: Cornell study v. US Dept. of Energy study

| July 20, 2005

David Pimentel, professor of ecology and agriculture at Cornell University claims there is no energy benefit to using plant biomass for liquid fuel. “The United States desperately needs a liquid fuel replacement for oil in the near future but producing ethanol or biodiesel from plant biomass is going down the wrong road, because you use […]

EAA284 and RotoFan VTOL Jet

| July 11, 2005

EAA Chapter 284 had another great meeting on Sunday afternoon. The weather was warm and atomsphere at Red Stewart field enjoyable. As always, I enjoy the feeling of stepping back in time surrounded by flying antique aircraft and the the rustic grass field (40I) that many taildraggers call home. Long live Red Stewart Field. 🙂 […]

Volkswagen has a uphill climb

| July 8, 2005

* Year to Date figures for VW in the Americas Painfully for VW, its a continual release of news from reporters covering the VW scandel and lousy business performance. Just today another article was in published in (July 8, 2005) Wallstreet Journal. In summary (and opinion) of the many articles I’ve read over the last […]

Terrorist Strike London

| July 7, 2005

The comment from a shaky Abigail Milner (15 meters from a London blast) asked the question poised by many: “Why?” It is difficult to understand the desire terrorist choosing to kill civilians in exposing their hate for our way of life. It only proves to continually show their cold blooded murdering ways throughout the world. […]

Wired Nextfest 2005

| July 5, 2005

About a week ago my daughter and I took a weekend trip to Chicago primarily to take in the Nextfest. We had a great time and some steamy hot summer weather. Prior to the doors opening on the Navy Pier we had a breakfast downtown and walk down the 3100 foot structure that makes its […]

Independence Day 2005

| July 1, 2005

I’ll get a jump on the weekend with a couple of Independence Day suggestions: If you’ve never owned a US flag make this year the year to show your pride and appreciation for our country. It is a good way to reflect and remember those that founded, fought and continue to protect this great nation […]

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