Dow up almost 500 points after morning central banking news

| November 30, 2011

A very impressive day on Wall Street after the central banking news this morning. Many expected an end of day weakening, but buyers continued to pick up shares of companies who’s stock has recently been beaten back. The positive move continued the trend of volatility that has marked nearly the entire year. After an “off […]

Markets jump after Fed banks agree to unlock liquidity

| November 30, 2011

The financial markets woke up to a jolt this morning as several central banks including the U.S. Federal Reserve unified to shore up the global financial system. The debt crisis in Europe has continued to put downward stress on world markets and economies; the cheaper U.S. denominated loans available to European banks is expected to […]

Archive: A few family photos from Thanksgiving 2011

| November 30, 2011

  Its good to archive a few photos from a family gathering … in this case Thanksgiving at my brother’s house last week. Besides enjoying the time with family, we checked out the new man-toy in Ron’s barn – a new John Deere mower. A few new markers for the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday: the “no […]

The origins of punctuation marks | Jaana Nyström

| November 29, 2011

As someone who has spent a few days working with type (printing), I thought it apropos to share an interesting bit about the “origins of punctuation marks” from a G+ post on my blog … besides I’m too lazy to write something original today. Question Mark ? Origin: When early scholars wrote in Latin, they […]

Congestion on I-75 some of worst in U.S.

| November 28, 2011

No wonder I instinctively avoid I-75 downtown Cincinnati during rush hour. Two stretches of I-75 in the Cincinnati area have been identified as being among the 328 most seriously congested in the country in a recent report by the Texas Transportation Institute at Texas A&M University. The single most congested stretch of highway in the […]

Damage to the valance and fender of my daughter’s VW TDI

| November 27, 2011

Most Volkswagen Jetta owners have experienced the “low front valance” problem with their cars (probably other models too) … be it a bump in the road, steep drive or the infamous parking curb. In my daughter’s case, it was a parking curb with the steel hold-down rebar protruding way too high and catching enough to […]

Investors tried to digest more than one kind turkey

| November 26, 2011

I not the only one with indigestion … and it isn’t from the Thanksgiving day eating or the leftovers (or even the Black Friday frenzy) … but the crushing financial markets that have haunted investors since Halloween.  The Dow Jones Industrial Average has turned in its “worst Thanksgiving week performance since markets began observing the […]

Track your progress in realtime with Glympse

| November 25, 2011

My daughter tested the Glympse app on her Android phone on her way home to Cincinnati for Thanksgiving this past week. She sent the link to my phone and shockingly I was able to open the moving map based web page perfectly on my aging Palm Pre smartphone. As her progress closed in on home, […]

Happy Turkey Day or perhaps Fowl and Deer Day

| November 24, 2011

Who would have thought that we would adopt the folksy term Turkey Day for Thanksgiving considering the first pilgrims and Wampanoaq Indians most likely didn’t serve turkey. I figured there might have been Wild Turkey? Perhaps not according to most historians. The account we have of the feast — Mourt’s Relation by Edward Winslow and […]

AWD Volkswagen TDI R-line diesel |

| November 23, 2011

Could you be tempted by an AWD “performance” version of your favorite Volkswagen model … IF it was available with a diesel? According to recent comments at the LA Auto Show, VW could be offering their “R” line all-wheel drive with a TDI … and in more than the hatchback. “The future is diesel and […]

Rick Santelli of CNBC on taxes and Congress

| November 22, 2011

Even if you’re not a CNBC watcher or someone who focuses on the financial markets each day, you may have heard of Rick Santelli and his rant in 2009 during the peak of the U.S. financial bailouts. I included the clip in a post which many believed may have spurred the Tea Party movement (some […]

Leaked info on the Asus Padphone gadget combo

| November 22, 2011

After Asus introduced its Padphone prototype in the spring of 2011, additional phone/tablet Padfone information was leaked yesterday regarding the specifications (below). According to several tech sources the new Android phone will use the Snapdragon SoCs chipset and Adreno 225 GPU. The new chip supports global frequencies including the HSPA+ and LTE offering very impressive […]

Deficit and debt debacle continues to drag on our economy

| November 21, 2011

The financial markets responded negatively Monday morning to the general conclusion that neither Europe or the U.S. can come to agreements over out of control spending. The congressional super committee charged with coming up with a solution telegraphed failure this weekend as neither Democrats or Republicans seem interested in compromising their positions. I ask you, […]

New Mercedes SLK250 CDI roadster is frugal on fuel

| November 21, 2011

Small Volkswagen and Audi TDIs in North America could always use a little more competition … how about an attractive diesel roadster with both performance and fuel efficiency from Mercedes? The 47mpg SLK250 CDI.   Mercedes’ newest SLK roadster combines thrilling performance, classic sportscar proportions, and (most relevant from our purposes) incredible fuel economy figures:  […]

WordPress and my slow MySQL database issue is solved!

| November 20, 2011

Finally, after about a month of trial and error fiddling with WordPress and MySQL since moving to a new server, I’ve figured out why MyDesultoryBlog has been so slow. Initially I blamed the new server since everything was fine at the old host, and even started to wonder if 6 years or so of daily […]

Innovative toothbrush idea

| November 20, 2011

I guess this has been around since a patent application in 2007, but I haven’t noticed toothbrushes like this at my dentist office or in the drugstore. This redirecting water toothbrush looks like a pretty good idea for Cincinnati’s Proctor & Gamble or other toothpaste maker?

Archive: Reminiscing continued

| November 19, 2011

As mentioned before, I’m not an active Facebook user but I do check in on my account whenever I receive the cursory email (too many from FB BTW). After noticing an incorrectly tagged photo …twice ….yesterday I made a couple wisecracks to my nephews about it. At about the same time I was sorting through […]

A visit with a friend had me reminiscing about other friends

| November 18, 2011

Our old house and 5 acres of property on Stow Road in Hudson Ohio On my trip to NE Ohio this week I had both the chance to enjoy dinner with my daughter in Columbus (always a pleasure) and meeting with Mark Goloback, an old friend from when we lived in Hudson, Ohio. I recently […]

Ford 2013 Escape gets sleek shedding the SUV look

| November 17, 2011

It looks like the boxy designs are nearly gone from most of the domestic and Asian automotive companies in favor of the lighter and more car-like CUV. Scott Burgess shared a little info on Ford’s new 2013 Escape from the LA Auto show. The Escape has lost the truck-ish SUV look and emulated the CUV […]

Looks like Google’s Flights search could be helpful

| November 16, 2011

I’m anxious to try for my next trip planning although I’m not sure it adds much besides the interface over competitive flight planning websites. The search giant has created a convenient way to compare the pricing and scheduled flight times, but in testing a few closer airports and flights it didn’t turn up any […]

Crony Capitalism & How do you know a politician is lying

| November 16, 2011

How do you know a politician is lying? Well we’ve all heard the old “lips are moving” answer … it is even more true today than in the past. As someone who really wanted to believe that people – voters – could make a change … I’m becoming more and more disheartened. (Disclosure: I didn’t […]

Archive: This Google meme has been around …

| November 16, 2011

…but it is still worth sharing and archiving on my blog. Do a barrel roll – Google Sphere – Epic Google – Google Gravity – *Tilt/Askew* – Google Loco – Google Gothic – Google Pacman – Google Guitar – Google Pirate – Google Rainbow – […]

How big a wave is too big to surf?

| November 15, 2011

Obviously not a world record 90 feet … gulp!

Wall Street and market indices improve a bit

| November 15, 2011

The news from Europe and lackluster leadership in Washington DC continued to dampen investors hopes that we might see a rebound in both jobs and economy, but for today the markets closed up after an early down move today. The Dow was up 17 points, S&P 500 about 6 and the Nasdaq an impressive 29 […]

Trying out Google’s latest music beta. So far, so good.

| November 15, 2011

Thanks to Google+ friend Paul Young, I had a chance to play with Google’s new Music beta on Monday. I can’t say that I’m a must have music listener (I’m not), but I do enjoy listening to tunes once in a while. I’m partial to Pandora but have enjoyed Spotify and do listen to several […]

Good memories but perhaps bad parenting?

| November 14, 2011

This content is restricted.

Remembering Veterans and the recent passing of Andy Rooney

| November 13, 2011

A long time CBS journalist and 60 Minutes commentator Andy Rooney died this week after an iconic career in both reporting and “curmudgeon” commentary, or at least that’s the word I’ve heard bantered around this week. He commented after his last appearance that he was “lucky” in his career … and having noted that he […]

Should fuel efficient diesel get equal tax incentive credits?

| November 12, 2011

After reading a recent article in the WSJ discussing the tens of thousands of high paying energy sector and supporting jobs that would be immediately available if the Keystone XL pipeline project would be approved, its clear that politics are more important to President Obama that U.S. jobs. He must have decided that the votes […]

Recognizing two special veterans today – a wonderful son

| November 11, 2011

My son made his father proud today by recognizing Veterans Day 11/11/11 in this way  … he posted a nice note to his Facebook page.

The absent minded professor has very little on me …

| November 11, 2011

After a couple of busy days traveling, last night found me swapping cars and scrabbling to get back to Cincinnati. Unfortunately in the confusion, I left behind my computer bag … it goes something like this: 8AM – text my daughter that we need to return the rental car by 5:17PM and head to Marysville […]

A rejected Issue 2 in Ohio is going to cost jobs and growth

| November 9, 2011

The voters in Ohio have clearly made their desires known when it comes to restricting collective bargaining for public employees — over 60% rejected  Governor John Kasich and the Republicans (perhaps they asked for too much?). What I don’t think voters realize is the big picture cost of rejecting Issue 2.  Unions are now in […]

VW TDI woes. Ford Focus. And a busy start to the week

| November 8, 2011

My daughter called to tell me her dependable Volkswagen Jetta TDI wouldn’t start. So far it has made it through high school, college, med school and to her medical residency without letting her down. Unfortunately it just cranked and wouldn’t start this time. I attempted to diagnose over the phone – having her check for […]

Are government unions misleading Ohio voters on Issue 2?

| November 7, 2011

With tons of money pouring into Ohio to defeat Issue 2 and “Yes” advocates struggling to defend their position or even get their message out … Ohio residents could continue funding public workers at higher salaries and benefits than they receive in the private sector. The most obvious TV ad that misleads votes is that […]

One MGB carburetor problem solved but another shows up

| November 5, 2011

First the good news … the problem I have been having with the idle was as expected due to the Weber carburetor and after taking it apart and cleaning the jets with a small welding tip cleaner has been fix. The engine idles like a kitten (although a hungry cold one left outside – a […]

Taking apart and cleaning the MBG Weber Carburetor jets

| November 5, 2011

Having trying all the suggestions offered up by my car guru friends, but still unable to get the MGB to purr at idle without the choke, I’m giving the carburetor jets a thorough cleaning on Saturday. I’m hoping that either something small is blocking the jets or some kind of varnished gasoline or gunk is […]

A guide to creating flying videos

| November 5, 2011

Reposted from EAA284 … thanks Steve. One of our EAA284 members, Steve Dilullo, keeps a personal flying blog and posted a great article for those wanting to create videos of their flights. His  how-to article is a great starting point for those who might want to capture their flights on video and are looking for […]

Archive: Caring and pruning Raspberries

| November 4, 2011

via Excellent tips for growing and maintaining a raspberry patch (row). Posted via email from RichC’s posterous

Who really influences congress and what does it cost?

| November 4, 2011

I had a brief, but friendly, discussion with a client who’s political views are 180 degrees apart from mine. We chatted about the role of government and eventually settled on a discussion around the problem of funding campaigns and lobbyist gaining influence in our government – something we both agreed was a problem. He was […]

Stylish design highlights the 2012 Ford Focus EV

| November 3, 2011

I’m at traditionalist when it comes to cars and am attracted to the rumble of an internal combustion engine and tactile sensation of shifting gears, preferably manual. But the world is changing and new cars have sophisticated automatics or are going gearless (CVTs) … and expect more and more cars with tiny engines to include […]

The E-Volo Multicopter makes a historic flight

| November 3, 2011

I’m glad there are some innovative types out there, but flying and electric sixteen propeller multicopter is not ever going to be as comforting as being in a Boeing 767 (see yesterday’s belly landing in Warsaw, Poland). A company called E-Volo in Germany has built a spider-like multicopter that is capable of lifting a “rider”using […]

Xtreme Shooter Patrick Flannigan still impresses me

| November 2, 2011

Five year ago I did a video post about Xtreme Shooter Patrick Flannigan (wow, has it been that long?)… and today he still impresses me and about everyone I know who has ever handled a shotgun just as much. Check out the old 2006 link (and a follow up posts) as well as a new […]

Hmm … re-powering the MG … but will it fit?

| November 2, 2011

Since I’m having a few problems getting my carburetor/idle issue corrected on my tiny MGB, perhaps picking up a new engine might be a solution? Mopar® to Highlight Cubic Inches and Horsepower at SEMA – 800 horsepower V-10 Crate engine takes center stage at SEMA – Gen III High Output HEMI® V-8 with 590 horsepower […]

Fooling around with the Kodak Playsport Zx5 in camera mode

| November 1, 2011

Kodak Playsport Zx5 macro focus testing (click for larger) While shooting some video with the Brenda’s Kodak Playsport Zx5 this past weekend I thought about the excellent autofocus camera on the new iPhone 4s and decided to test the macro focus on our my wife’s all-weather camcorder; if the lighting and distance is right, it […]

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