Are small diesels the best hope for conserving fuel?

| September 29, 2005

Frank Giovinazzi in his 9/29 podcast on Car Buyers Notebook discusses VW Chairman Bernd Pischetsrieder strong statement in January of ’05 that “diesels were the best hope for conserving petroleum.” Recently, Frank reviewed a Ford 250 Powerstroke diesel and that got me fired up to write him about our VW TDIs. I know he is […]

Energy Crisis? Wait for the heating bill

| September 28, 2005

There has been a fair amount of discussion racing around the media in regard to where the world sits in relation to the amount of fossil fuel is left … as well as what impact our burning it has on global warming. I doubt anyone has the ability to predict ‘Peak Oil‘, let alone the […]

Ohio Biodiesel Grassroots gathering

| September 26, 2005

Thank you Tony Hispie of Worthington, Ohio (photo) for putting together a first Ohio Biodiesel get together at his home. Everyone enjoy the informative time together; it was impressive to see so many people anxious to talk “Biodiesel.” I had an opportunity to demo the titration section of the gathering of over 50 people. The […]

Delta plans even bigger layoffs

| September 22, 2005

Delta Airlines, the nation’s third largest, is planning to cut 7,000 to 9,000 jobs and reduce domestic capacity by 15% to 20% as part of a restructuring plan. Management is hoping that this will save the airline $3 billion a year and help reduce debt while under the protection of bankruptcy. Delta stated in June […]

‘Moo’-bile Fuel Cells … no ‘Bull’

| September 20, 2005

The Agricultural and Biological Engineering department at Ohio State University has been experimenting with ‘waste’ energy research using bovine ‘juiced’ fuel cells. According to Ann Christy, an Associate Professor at OSU, the bacteria in manure can be harnessed to produce electrical energy. In the bovine gastric juice, the organisms in one half liter can generate […]

VW ‘now’ considering ‘Customer First’ approach

| September 19, 2005

Bernd Pischetsrider in a quote from today’s WSJ stated that after so many years of enjoying 50% growth through the 90s, particularly in US demand for the VW Jetta and New Beetle, that VW management really wasn’t listening to what the customer wanted. VW’s new policy will be to ask the question: “how does it […]

Drive a BMW; Fight Breast Cancer

| September 18, 2005

Great reason to drive a great car: For the 9th year, BMW and the Susan G. Kormen Breast Cancer Foundation have teamed up to support breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment. All you have to do to help is test drive one of the special BMW’s on Oct 4th. Just choose your favorite BMW […]

Cinci-based FITB continues weak performance

| September 15, 2005

Cincinnati-based Fifth Third Bancorp (FITB) slipped more than 6% this Thursday morning after a disappointing financial update and seven … SEVEN … analyst downgrades. Not only did P&G warn that the consumer business was weak, Delta Airline file for bankrupcy protection, but the once well run bank is now exposing its weak management as banking […]

Both Delta and Northwest Airlines file Chapter 11

| September 14, 2005

The number three airline, Delta Airlines (DAL) proceeds with bankrupcy protection as suspected and stock prices closes the day at 78 cents. Northwest Airlines (NWAC) closes at $1.87 as it to joins Delta in filing Chapter 11 bankrupcy today as well; indications are that its stock will open a dollar lower on Thursday. Considering Delta […]

Gillette introduces 5 blade razor

| September 14, 2005

The last major release in ‘razor hype’ from Gillette was the the “Mach 3” in 1998. They have had several other added components like batteries, and lubrication strips but today’s announcement is a big move, as they move past the Shick branded “Quattro” 4 bladed razor. The new “Fusion” razor will not only contain 5 […]

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc

| September 12, 2005

The Boys of Point du Hoc, by Douglas Brinkley has masterfully honored Lt. Col. James Earl Rudder and his 225 U.S. Army Rangers for their June 6, 1944 D-Day climb and the man who honored them 40 years later. Their undertaking is beyond thinking as they scaled the 100 foot cliffs while the enemy sprayed […]

Europe: Series of new Volkswagen models

| September 11, 2005

Wolfsburg, 12 September 2005 posted in the AutoSpectator Volkswagen will present a series of new models including sixteen world and motor show premieres at the 61st International Motor Show in Frankfurt (IAA). The highlights include the debut of the new Eos cabriolet/coupé, the Golf R32, the Golf GT TDI and the Golf GT and Touran […]

TDI NewBeetle gets 78MPG !

| September 8, 2005

Although I was not at the 2005 TDIFest in Wisconsin this year, I took advantage of the TDIClub website to catch up on things. One of the unique looking TDIs was Ernie Roger’s New Beetle. Ernie, a retired aerospace engineer, created a … for the lack of a better word … ‘spoiler’ for the back […]

Delta Airline to make heavy cuts

| September 8, 2005

Close to home and impacting friends here in Cincinnati, Delta Airlines has announce some major cost cutting efforts in hopes to save a floundering airline. The Cincinnati Enquirer details the plan that will eliminate 1000 employees and approximately 26% of Delta’s daily flights from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport. Today’s 599 departures will be reduced […]

Cincinnati Metro using B30

| September 5, 2005

Cincinnati Metro will operate its 390 buses on a blend of 30% biofuel and 70% regular diesel with this initial delivery. Biodiesel can be mixed with regular diesel fuel or can be used 100% in place of regular diesel. The percentage of biodiesel that Metro uses will change based on availability of regular diesel fuel. […]

Gas/Diesel concerns should ease

| September 4, 2005

A friend of mine in the oil and gas industry has forwarded me information that might impact the supply of fuel to those of us living in the northeast. The improving conditions should help with both supply and prices. Colonial Pipeline’s mainline systems are currently operating at approximately 70% of capacity. Additional restoration of electric […]

Gone with the Water

| September 1, 2005

“It was a broiling August afternoon in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Big Easy, the City That Care Forgot. Those who ventured outside moved as if they were swimming in tupelo honey. Those inside paid silent homage to the man who invented air-conditioning as they watched TV “storm teams” warn of a hurricane in the Gulf […]

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