BMW’s Hybrid Steamer

| February 28, 2006

Since our nation has started talking about alternatives, I’ve been reading a little bit about the different alternative fuels and vehicles. One company taking a different tack is BMW, sort of re-inventing the steamer. Using an innovative concept, their engineers have successfully been harnessing the heat energy in a car. They are combining an innovative […]

Jeep Liberty CRD update

| February 27, 2006

Motorweek updated their views on the Jeep Liberty CRD. They were impressed with the performance but the mileage was far lower than even most avid diesel drivers could tolerate. Here is a short video clip. The Jeep Liberty CRD on Motorweek A regular poster that I know from a couple of forums is also a […]

Cincinnati Auto Expo 2006

| February 26, 2006

The Cincinnati Auto Expo was busy on Saturday afternoon when my 16 year old son and I visited. We spent about 2-1/2 hours checking out the new and seasoned vehicles each auto maker had on displayed. As auto shows go, it seemed very well attended, and in my opinion, of an appropriate size for a […]

Video: Vee Dub … “Unpimped”

| February 24, 2006

I can’t help myself … here are three quick “Vee Dub” commercials that we may not see in America? EDIT: Thanks to Dennis and Ron, I will retract my “may not see in America” comment as according to these two automotive gurus, the ads are aready here! I need to watch more TV … “honey, […]

BlackBerries: Should RIM just settle?

| February 24, 2006

UPDATE as of 2/24/2006 -15:30 EST: Judge James R. Spencer of Federal District Court in Richmond, declined to rule on an injunction that would shut down Research in Motion’s Blackberry service. The judge indicated that he was disappointed that the companies had not been able to reach a settlement. ================================================ As the Blackberry (RIM) situation […]

New US Diesel vehicle choices

| February 23, 2006

No, the new diesel SUVs are not here yet … even if you can cost justify them. I’ve been monitoring the diesel options soon to be available from the likes of Mercedes (Alabama build SUV GL-class above), BMW and Audi as they have all commented that more diesels will be available in the United States […]

Charge your phone with a 4″ Windmill

| February 22, 2006

And you thought “Quisp was for kids?” (or is that Trix?) 🙂 NV Satyanarayana, a science graduate based in India, has developed a Micro Windmill Mobile charger designed to use the wind to charge cells phones. It is fan blade connected to a generator with an output wire which connects to your mobile phone. The […]

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  2. digressing from or unconnected with the main subject; random: a desultory remark.