The Library, Music Room, Bookshelves project in nearly finished

Posted By on April 30, 2020

BookshelvesCollectionRather than close out the month of April 2020 with some depressing topic related to COVID19, I’ll post a photo for book lovers (right) and collectors along with a saved newspaper article clipped with a photo to highlight a future project (steps/ladder for the bookshelves) and the latest in the seemingly SLOW progress of putting the Library/Music Room back together again.

It was surprising how difficult it was to delicately move our baby grand piano in to position by myself. Of course I used a few tricks like levers, dollies and an WSJReadingStepsautomotive floor jack, just as when moving it the first time … but it still wasn’t as simple to do as planned. The biggest challenge was getting the oriental rug under the piano all by myself … think about it, how do you lift?

The next step for me is a new mini-stereo amplifier … and the waiting for it to arrive. It will replace my old ginormous 71UwTbVAedL._AC_SL1500_stereo receiver, cassette deck and CD player stack. Once-upon-a-time I pre-wired my electronics into our house during construction along with CAT 5 cabling for a computer network (1995 was pre-wireless and almost before World Wide Web!) The audio quality of the old components have always been excellent and I’m hoping to keep decent sound, even though my hearing is declining. The ceiling mounted IR remotes won’t be used anymore (kind of old school), but I’m planning to continue to use the wall mounted Cambridge Audio speakers and floor subs in our great room. The feed will mostly be from an Amazon Echo Input Alexa device (at least for now), as well as using Bluetooth 5.0 to stream from computers, phones and tablets.

As my part of the remodeling comes to an end, it will be Brenda’s job to decorate, move furniture around and decide what artwork she wants where.

Maybe our little bookworm Annalyn will help us put some of our books on the shelves?


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