Jay Leno and GM’s biodiesel Super Sports Car

| October 31, 2006

What do you get when you take the nation’s biggest car company and a celebrity car buff creating a one of a kind sports car? A very cool alternatively powered (biodiesel mind you) supercar with a 650HP mid-engine Honeywell LT-101 modified turbine mated to a Corvette C6 transaxle and hydroformed aluminum frame. GM Advanced Design […]

Cellphone cameras and macro photography

| October 31, 2006

Most cellphone cameras are just a step above a pinhole camera in my opinion and have some improving to do before they are capable taking photos in other than perfect situations. That said, I’ve enjoyed experimenting with my Palm Treo 700p‘s 1.3 megapixel camera on my PDA/Cellphone and have enjoying ‘McGyver-ing‘ ways to take slightly […]

Microsoft critical update???

| October 30, 2006

Start looking for a forced feed from Microsoft … Internet Explorer 7 (BTW … the beta wasn’t bad). They are sending it as a critical update (???) for those of you running the “automatic updates.” I had heard it was going to be release on November 1st … but Happy Halloween … it came tonight! […]

The YouTube clean up begins

| October 30, 2006

Now that YouTube is becoming part of Google (link), it needs to begin acting like a respectable company. First order of business is the eliminating of copyright infringing content is par for the course. Eventually I suspect that even the uploads will be heavily monitored before posting … much like Google Video? Is it time […]

UK VW owner makes his complaint heard

| October 30, 2006

A fellow blogger and TDI friend, Jon Fry (his blog), from the UK sent me an interesting email with a news link about a young man that purchase a VW Polo TDI and had a few problems. I’m not endorsing anyone in the US attempt to document problems in this way, but it is interesting […]

VW Jetta TDI Door damage follow up

| October 29, 2006

The repair to my daughter’s VW Jetta TDI tallied at about $700, acceptable considering the initial body shop estimate was $1530. (see prior post) We were able to avoid a clear coat repair paint job by picking up a closely matching door at the highly recommended Brim Import Auto. (15363 County Road 140 East, Kenton, […]

FREE dodgeit.com receive-only email

| October 28, 2006

I suspect that most of you are like me and have created a hotmail, yahoo or gmail account or two just to have an email address to sign up for websites requiring an email for access. Unfortunately the full accounts require a login to webmail (Yahoo’s new service being pretty slow), pop mail set-up and […]

Cardinals are the 2006 World Series Champs

| October 27, 2006

David Eckstein, the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop, was presented the new Corvette Z06 as the most valuable player, but the win was most definitely a team effort. Jeff Weaver pitched an outstanding game 5 and propelled his team past the early favored Detroit Tigers. It took only five games to win this years World Series, […]

I come in peace …

| October 27, 2006

Although I’m not a “gamer,” I can see applications for this kind of 360 degree view doing more than just computer game playing junkies. MSNBC published an article in its Tech/Science section showcasing Toshiba Corporations “dome-shaped headgear” that shows images in 260 synced with the motion of the wearer’s head. According to the article, the […]

Volkswagen Guitar marketing campaign

| October 27, 2006

While watching the end of game 4 of the World Series (9th inning), I noticed that there is a new Volkswagen sales campaign call V-DubsRock. The marketing approach is reminiscent of the “buy a car, get a bike” gimmick, but this time it is an FirstAct electric guitar. Nevertheless since the commercial has high-speed motion […]

Dreaming about warm breezes and blue water

| October 26, 2006

While watching the Detroit Tigers struggling to even up in the World Series against the Cardinals, I uploaded a commercial talking about retirement. I’m not endorsing Ameriprise (don’t know enough about them) but appreciated the active retirement: building boats and sailing them. Yes, I enjoy dreaming. 🙂

TiVo vs. Adelphia/Time Warner DVR

| October 26, 2006

I picked up a used TiVo on a last minute whim yesterday; we returned our cable companies DVR back in August and I’ve actually been thinking about it. I’ve heard positive comments about the TiVo interface, ease of use, network-ability and the neat ‘dogbone’ remote, but never had the opportunity to tinker with one. Since […]

Filling with Ohio Biodiesel

| October 25, 2006

Quick phone to blog post as I fill up my daughter’s repaired VW Jetta TDI with B20 at the exit 151 Sunoco. (damage to door) The new pumps at 6027 Route 95 Mount Gilead Ohio (for those with GPS) show E85 (octane 105) at $1.96, B2 at $1.59, B5 at $1.61 and B20 at $1.63. […]

Introduction of the Palm Treo 680 smartphone

| October 25, 2006

For Palm smartphone enthusiasts, here’s a 20 minute video interview from the October 12th Digital Life Conference on the new Palm Treo 680. It is a question and answer session with Phil McClendon, the Treo 680 product manager, courtesy of TreoCentral. Some of the features are demonstrated and a quick comparison is made both the […]

Firefox 2 goes live today

| October 24, 2006

The outstanding cross platform browser by the Mozilla organization is available today. It has spent a significant amount of time being tested in beta and is now ready for prime time. Download it today … you won’t be disappointed. EDIT: Did I mention Firefox 2 has a built in spell checker for all those misssspelled […]

Mercedes BlueTec Diesel explained

| October 24, 2006

A German automotive Internet TV site called UnitedPictures.TV posted a video clip to YouTube explaining the technology behind the new clean BlueTec diesel developed by Mercedes Benz. The clip is relatively simple but explains the method used to reduce nitrogen oxide (NOx) by up to 80 percent. The clip also talks a little bit about […]

iPod accessories make great Christmas gifts

| October 23, 2006

Call me lazy for not posting anything more thoughtful, but I spent Sunday evening enjoying the second game of the World Series; the St. Louis Cardinals one the first and the Detroit Tigers won the second. Anyway, a friend set me a link a product he felt was pushing iPod accessory limit and I found […]

Akismet Spam Filter for Blogs

| October 22, 2006

Anyone familiar with computers, the Internet and email no doubt has first hand experience with the headaches in figuring out how to handle Spam. I’ve yet to come up with a perfect solution in managing my personal email that prevents accidental deletions of important emails, but have developed a reasonable set of personal filters in […]

The Le Mans Audi R10 TDI diesel vs a Harrier Jet

| October 21, 2006

A Google video clip is over due … and this one is a trifecta as it includes aviation, automotive and diesel topics in one 4 minute clip! Alan McNish, a celebrated Le Mans driver in his spectacular Audi R10 Le Mans TDI diesel takes on a Harrier Jump Jet in the United Kingdom — sounds […]

Gen X and Y likely to consider diesel cars

| October 20, 2006

Frank Giovinazzi posted an encouraging Generation Y and X survey today over at CarBuyersNotebook. It was encouraging in that there seems to be more acceptance of the new breed of cleaner, quieter, more powerful, efficient and economical diesels. Frank has posted regularly on the inroads diesel technology is making here in the United States and […]

To Play With Sweetness

| October 19, 2006

She was determined to be a figure skater and a concert pianist -– high ambitions for a young black girl from Birmingham, Alabama, in the 1960s. In a way, her destiny was set for her when her parents named her after an Italian musical term that means to play “with sweetness.” “Sweetness” might have been […]

New 15ppm ULSD labeling on diesel pumps

| October 18, 2006

Diesel fuel pumps are now sporting new labels indicating the new Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel fuel that is now mandated by the EPA in the United States. I used the cell phone camera on my Palm Treo 700p to ‘click’ this one while filling up today. Although fuel companies are confident that the new ULSD […]

A post that should never be public

| October 18, 2006

A ‘deja vu moment’ hit me as I watch my son head off to school for “Nerd Dress Up Day.” Although I found his appearance humorous, I couldn’t help but think back a few decades (1960s) when I was in grade school — I’m surprised my photo wasn’t used in Wikipedia under the Nerd definition! […]

Hawaiian Earthquake: damage, but no deaths

| October 17, 2006

A resident on the Big Island of Hawaii posted photos of a large cloud of dust moments after the volcanic Pacific island chain experienced a significant Sunday morning earthquake and illustrates the seismic power of an earthquake. Many areas suffered major road and infrastructure damage in a quake that measured 6.6 (at 7:07 a.m. local […]

EAA Chapter 284 at Hammond Airdrome

| October 16, 2006

Our Experimental Airplane Association (EAA) Chapter 284 had the October meeting at Jim Hammond’s “Airdrome” located just east of Dayton, Ohio; its home to some very interesting projects and restored airplanes. Jim welcomed our members to his personal hanger(s) which to me looked like an airplane hobby on steroids. (Jim did admit that his hobby […]

Cleaner Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel debutes today

| October 15, 2006

The Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) significant reduction in the sulfur content of highway diesel fuel take effect today, October 15th, 2006. The new measure reduces sulfur from its current level of 500 parts per million (ppm) to 15 ppm, an aggressive 97 percent reduction. The new fuel known as Ultra Low Sulfur diesel (ULSD) will […]

Washington DC Air Force Memorial dedicated

| October 14, 2006

President Bush and Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld were on hand today to dedicate the new United States Air Force Memorial in Washington DC. It honors past and present airmen who served in the youngest branch of military service, including the 54,000 Air Force men and women killed in action. A significant crowd gather today […]

Cessna’s LSA takes first flight

| October 14, 2006

Late to the light-sport aircraft (LSA) game Cessna, gives their 9 month project, a new concept light-sport aircraft (LSA) a test flight from McConnell Air Force Base in Kansas to Wichita’s Mid-Continent Airport in a flight that lasted about 30 minutes. In that time it flew a variety of flight maneuvers at speeds nearing 130 […]

Gun Control, Concealed Carry and Gun Myths

| October 13, 2006

The issue of ‘gun control’ and ‘conceal carry’ came up while talking with a friend since she was planning to take a handgun class and wanted to be able to carry a handgun in her purse. As a supporter of a civilians right to bear arms, I was still somewhat concerned and hadn’t fully thought […]

Plane crash NYC: Is general aviation in jeopardy?

| October 12, 2006

I ‘m saddened by the loss Cory Lidle (and his flight instructor, Tyler Stanger – see link) who besides being a major league baseball pitcher, was also a relatively new pilot who enjoyed flying. He purchase his new Cirrus SR20 in July, and had planned on spending more time flying during the off season from […]

Warning … hide your cat!

| October 11, 2006

Accidently ran across this “scary dogs” photo on Flickr and it caught me of guard. I might have nightmares tonight. 🙂 Click download a larger 1024×768 photo

Interstate 71 E85 and Biodiesel signage

| October 11, 2006

Traveling north and south on Interstate 71 in Ohio, I’ve been planning to mention a ‘fuel’ sign along the highway that indicates the renewable fuel Sunoco station at exit 151. (photo) As I’ve posted previously, the station has brand new E85 and Biodiesel pumps and is very convenient to motorist traveling between Columbus and Cleveland. […]

Neil Armstrong vindicated in grammar debate

| October 10, 2006

Columbus Ohio buses to sport biodiesel ads

| October 10, 2006

The Central Ohio Transit Authority (COTA), which operate 234 buses in and around Columbus Ohio are running a 50 percent soy biodiesel and 50 percent petroleum this fall. (B50) The Transit Authority has recently announced that the Ohio Soybean Council along with Nexsol Biodiesel (Peter Cremer North American, Cincinnati, Ohio) will be sponsoring a public […]

Google confirms buying YouTube

| October 9, 2006

Confirmation of the Google/YouTube rumor has been announced today after market close. The $1.65 billion dollar stock deal is Google’s large purchase ever and pushes them to #1 in delivering online video. In only two years YouTube blasted into the market without any particular business plan becoming a favorite site for 100 million videos per […]

North Korea performs a nuclear test

| October 9, 2006

Add another Nuclear military power to the world today as North Korea announces a test of their nuclear capability. South Korean officials have informed the US government as of this posting that they measured 3.58 magnitude seismic activity about the time of the announced test but that there wasn’t any leakage detected. Most likely this […]

Castaway, Blue Lagoon and an Island For Sale

| October 8, 2006

On a Tom Hanks weekend, the movie Castaway was on the TNT TV network Saturday night and although we watched it when it came out in the year 2000, my wife and I sat through the long and slow-moving movie again … this time with commercial interruption. “Where’s Wilson!” The gorgeous scenery and South Pacific […]

Is Google eyeballing YouTube?

| October 7, 2006

Rummors have been floated recently that internet powerhouse Google is looking to buy online video company YouTube. (see Businessweek) Like MySpace, the #3 destination on the Internet, YouTube has exploded onto the Internet scene as one of the top ten sites (see US Top Ten) on the web and most likely the largest bandwidth user. […]

Ohio Fuel prices – phone2blog

| October 6, 2006

Late Friday update with a ‘lowest price seen’ photo for gasoline prices around Ohio: The photo above is a Murphy’s Oil in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio and was selling gasoline for $1.92 or perhaps $1.89 if you play the Walmart 3 cents off game. I was driving the VW TDI (diesel) this week so didn’t save […]

Columbia University students protest Minutemen

| October 6, 2006

Most universities across our country pride themselves on offering students diverse views by inviting notable and controversial people to speak throughout the year. For the most part differing points of view are welcomed on most campuses and fairly well received by both student and faculty. I’ve often believed that one of the hallmarks of college […]

Ouch! Be careful navigating parking garages

| October 5, 2006

It was a sad day for my daughter and her 2001 VW Jetta TDI after an Audi bumped into her door in a parking garage. Needless to say she was not happy and neither was the Audi driver; the door of the Volkswagen was no match for the Audi’s bumper. While stopping to see her […]

Dow surges 123 points well into record territory

| October 4, 2006

The stock market continues its October rally as the Dow soared up another 123 points today closing at an all time high of 11,850.61. The rally is credited to lower interest rates as Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke sees a strong economy even with a slumping housing market. The big news was General Motor saying “no” […]

Microsoft’s new aggressive move against piracy

| October 4, 2006

Windows Users be warned: think twice before running bootleg copies of new Microsoft software … as not only will the software giant refuse updates, but according to an Associated Press article they will begin to “curtail functionality.” The software piracy intervention is just another step toward fending off the multi-billion dollar illegal software business … […]

New Ohio built 2007 Honda CR-V

| October 3, 2006

Let’s talk about the new 2007 Honda CR-V … even though its not a diesel although a diesel will be coming [see link1 and 2]. They will also have a unique self-contained catalyst system that will help meet new stringent US emission standards. That aside, Honda has made significant investments near my home town and […]

Dow closes at record high after spiking even higher

| October 3, 2006

For Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006, the Dow Jones Industrial Average close at its highest level ever at 11,727.74 after spiking at 11,758.95. The surge in stocks was credited to oil slumping to a 14-month low. The thinking is that lower energy costs will boost consumer spending and prevent a slowdown in the U.S. economy. One […]

Slinging coming to Mac, Symbian and PalmOS

| October 2, 2006

Some of you might have remembered reading my comments on Sling Media and the very cool Slingbox. The device hooks up to your home or office broadband network AND to a cable tv signal and transmits television (or even DVR recordings) over the Internet through proprietary software where ever you decide to connect. (the faster […]

Nice weather, home projects and NFL football

| October 1, 2006

Since the Cincinnati Bengals game is at 4:30pm today, I had a chance to cut the backyard grass (with the help of my son) and finish adding a stone drainage area behind the garage. (Treo 700p cell phone photo) Really this is just an excuse to see if my phone to blog is still up […]

Space Ship Two concept at NY’s Wired Nextfest

| October 1, 2006

The interior of Virgin Galactic’s Space Ship Two was unveiled at the New York Wired Nextfext by Sir Richard Branson this past week. The notable enterpreneur announced that “It won’t be much different than this.” He comments that “It’s strange to think that in 12 months we’ll be unveiling the actual plane, and then test […]

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