Fuel Pump Prices ease over holiday weekend

| May 31, 2006

Although slightly lower fuels prices were not what most consumers expected this past the Memorial Day Holiday weekend, many were glad to see the relief. Nationwide the prices of gasoline have drifted down a little bit from their high … none too soon for many energy squeezed citizens. According to the Energy Information Agency, the […]

No US VW diesel ‘cars’ in for 2007

| May 30, 2006

Although we have been hearing about it for sometime, I’ve still been hoping that the news of Volkswagen not having US diesel in 2007 was not true. Unfortunately I’m not able to bury my head in the sand any longer after reading Mark Phelan’s Detroit Freepress article. I kept thinking that the “German engineering” (see […]

Remember Memorial Day

| May 29, 2006

Memorial Day was originally known as Decoration Day and began to be observed on May 30th, 1868 to commemorate the sacrifies of Civil War soldiers. It was declared a General Order No. 11 by General John A. Logan May 5, 1868. The General Order stated: “The 30th of May, 1868, is designated for the purpose […]

Honda patent unveils diesel NOx treatment

| May 28, 2006

According to Bloomberg News, Honda intends to use a plasma reactor exhaust treatment system in preparing diesel cars to meet EPA restrictions in the United States. The US patent indicates that exhaust will flow through this plasma reactor and and “separate out harmful nitrogen oxides and forms of nitrogen dioxide that’s then reduced or absorbed […]

Palm Treo 700p: First Impression

| May 27, 2006

This is going to be a very quick Saturday morning update as the ‘honey-do list’ takes priority today. I’ve had a chance to run the battery down in the Palm Treo 700p yesterday after coming home with my new ‘toy.’ (yes I suffer from “gadget addiction”) The photo above is from the new and improved […]

Palm 700p post

| May 26, 2006

This is going to be a challenging post … and short. I have opted to try a new smartphone — the Palm Treo 700p. (have used a Samsung i500 Palm based phone for the last several years) As I sit pecking on the tiny chicklet keys I realize this is not going to work. Tomorrow […]

DL.TV: Be careful with Compressed Air

| May 26, 2006

Robert Heron and Patrick Norton host a web based video podcast called DL.TV that reviews technology events twice a week. I occasionally … well regularly … watch or listen to their broadcast. They host a great 40 minute program at DL.TV and offer their reviews and thoughts on technology news of the week. In program […]

Jumping on the ‘biofuel’ bandwagon

| May 25, 2006

Mandating biofuels: It looks like the ‘politically correct’ thing to do … even though I also see it as a good thing to do. The Louisiana legislature looks to be proposing that their state use ethanol and biodiesel as production comes online. The House Bill 685 introduced by Rep. Francis Thompson would require that 2 […]

General Motors new ‘gimmick?’

| May 25, 2006

General Motors will be testing a new marketing gimmick in the states of California and Florida in hopes to boost sales of a few of their models. They will be “capping fuel prices” as $1.99 for buyers of Chevrolet Tahoe and Suburban sport utility vehicles and Impala and Monte Carlo sedans; the GMC Yukon and […]

Street Justice … the Senior Citizen way

| May 24, 2006

Even thought this isn’t a commericial, it is a video clip and has tickled my funnybone. For those who have sent emails to let me know that you enjoy the occasional light-hearted ‘short’ video clip, here’s a good one for you. The clip is a little suspicious and almost seems set up, yet its pretty […]

Indy 500 to showcase Ethanol

| May 23, 2006

We’re five day away from the 9oth running of the Indianapolis 500 and the clean fuel advocates will have an opportunity to see Ethanol introduced at the brickyard. This year’s race is on May 28th and will showcase IRL cars running a blend of 90% Methanol and 10% Ethanol. This ‘home grown’ fuel choice has […]

VW GTI reviewed by CarBuyersNotebook

| May 22, 2006

My buddy the automotive journalist that I best know as “Cranky Frank,” aka … Frank Giovinazzi, had a chance to review the Volkswagen GTI this past weekend; what a lucky scoundrel! I’d love to pick apart his review, but all I can do is just drool. Instead of reviewing the review … just click over […]

The Da Vinci Code from my perspective

| May 21, 2006

I suspect there is too much be written about Dan Brown’s book, The Da Vinci Code (published in 2003), and the ‘just released’ movie. Maybe though, there are many are like me who are just curious enough to want to discuss the book and movie from the social cultural perspective after having read the book […]

Twister Movie Commercial: DirecTV again

| May 20, 2006

I don’t own a DirecTV system, nor am I a shareholder … but I do appreciate their new advertising campaign. I posted a comment about a DirecTV commericial (Ferris Bueller) a couple of days ago, but just spotted another pretty funny one tonight while watching a news program. Maybe its not quite as good as […]

Nasdaq: CLEN – Clean Energy Index

| May 19, 2006

The Nasdaq tracking index CLEN debuted on May 18th and is a tracking index similar to the QQQ only for Clean Energy companies. It contains companies who are producing renewable fuels, advanced storage devices, energy efficiency and advanced materials. The second step will be to build trading vehicles around this clean energy index. John Jacobs, […]

Micron produces tiny, fast 8 megapixel sensor

| May 19, 2006

Micron Technology Inc. has built a thumbnail-sized digital sensor for pocket cameras and cell phones that will enable ‘bursts’ of up to 10 images per second at 8 megapixels according to a company press release. This is substantially higher than current sensors and according to the company will be produced next year in its facilities […]

Texas contemplates 80 MPH speed limits

| May 18, 2006

Does this seem odd to you? The US is economically concerned over the price of fuel, yet the State of Texas prepares to increase highways speed from 75 to 80 MPH. Maybe its just me, but I recall the last time we were sweating about oil price and imports … we reduced, not increased, speed […]

Palm Treo 700p first look

| May 18, 2006

Mobility Today video taped a first look at the Treo 700p as they somehow got there hands on a new PDA smartphone. If you are at all interesting in a Treo device and what it can do, check out the the video clip that David Ciccone put together. It is mirrored at several locations so […]

Ferris Bueller DirecTV ad

| May 17, 2006

Twenty years after its debute, DirecTV has capitalized on the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off with a with a commercial sure to make a few of us grin. Who can forget Ben Stein as the dull … I mean dull … teacher taking attendance — “Bueller, Bueller …” Kudos to DirecTV’s ad agency for nabbing […]

Pentagon 9/11 Video Released

| May 16, 2006

Under the Freedom of Information Act, the complete video taken by two video security cameras was release on May 16. The images show a hijacked airliner slamming into the Pentagon that were used in an ongoing investigation involving Zacarias Moussaoui. The government refused to release the video until after the trial. The still images from […]

Bausch & Lomb opportunity

| May 16, 2006

My daily interest in stock trading and investing occasionally turns up ‘timing’ opportunity (beware this is risky). I often trade for daily moves but have a philosophy of building long term positions in companies that are leaders in their industry. This strategy short term often looks ugly, but long term generally outpaces the market and […]

Palm Treo 700p is now official

| May 15, 2006

The rumors are over and Palm officially released the long awaited new model replacing its hugely successful Treo 600 and 650 smartphones. On Monday their news release and website gave specifics similar to the many rumors of its release. Currently the only 700 model is the Verizon exclusive Treo 700w which is windows based. (the […]

The Chrysler 300 diesel CRD

| May 14, 2006

Chrysler is ‘diesel-izing’ the hot selling 300 for the European markets while North America waits … 2008 maybe … who knows? Nevertheless, those of us wanting a few more US diesel options are speculating what cars besides the Mercedes Benz 300E CDI will be ready for the US market. Joseph White reporting for the Wall […]

Treo 700p: more rumors?

| May 13, 2006

Another slipped date about the Treo 700p smartphone being rolled out by Sprint this month; this one looks to have been a mistake (or scam) release which included the date of the new 700p Sprint model. In the online version of TechWorld, a article appeared and then was quickly pulled down, but not before this […]

Teacher/Student relationships

| May 12, 2006

It’s amazing to me that with all the recent news coverage that any teacher thinking about having relationships or inproperly interacting with students could still allow it to happen, let alone encourage it. Teachers certainly know better and shockingly are not showing judgement worthy of their position of trust. It hit pretty close to home […]

Water Power for your car

| May 11, 2006

About six year ago I remember reading about a Hydrogen generator (H20 2000) developed for use in specialty welding and cutting. The article was in one of my engineering magazines and used electrolysis to break down water and use the hydrogen gas and oxygen to generate a 6000 degree flame. Until recently, the inventors device […]

Sprint Treo 700p launch date?

| May 10, 2006

The rumored mid-May launch of the Treo 700p Smartphone by Sprint look as if it might be towards the end of the month now. Who knows if this PDF Sprint “Launch Planner” calendar has accurate dates, but if it is to be believed … May 28th looks about right. EDIT: Engadget reported this story too, […]

The Ethanol Source

| May 10, 2006

I came across a nicely organized start up website today that deserves a quick look. Benjamin Turner, a student studying mechanical engineering, runs the site The Ethanol Source. His purpose is to help ordinary citizens produce a fuel (ethanol in this case) that will run in the E85 capable flex fuel vehicles. His goal is […]

Be a Judge – the perfect part-time job

| May 9, 2006

Here’s a local story (southwest Ohio) produced by an investigative journalist and local television news station that got my dander up. It is probably something that is repeated across America and deserves some attention. Counties often have part-time judges to ease the load on the courts and in some areas this might save taxpayers a […]

The “Stare Down” ends in tragedy

| May 7, 2006

This weekend has been a beautiful one in southwestern Ohio — so nice that I didn’t do much more than check email once … no work, no blogging or surfing the net. I’ve forgotten what it was like living in the time BC. (Before Computers) So without any additional excuse, the post today will be […]

Car and Driver reviews 2006 VW Jetta TDI

| May 6, 2006

Car and Driver Magazine has a “Short Take Review” of the 2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI written by Tony Quiroga this month which does a fair job of detailing VW’s only current US diesel. To be fair, the photos posted were taken by Nick Say and are also displayed in a slide show fashion in Car […]

What is “”Cinco de Mayo?

| May 5, 2006

Just finishing meeting a friend for lunch at one of our local favorite Mexican restaurants, Casa Grande (previously El Rancho Grande), for lunch to celebrate of Cinco de Mayo. As with most Americans, we are pitifully unaware of events outside our country so I proceeded to explain how the day came to be … courtesy […]

Does the USA have 1.6 trillion barrels of oil?

| May 5, 2006

How much oil does the United States actually have? Its sort of a loaded question considering “what the definition of ‘oil’ is.” The estimates are all over the board when looking at traditional oil, but a recent read has me thinking the US might be far more oil rich that we think. Think Oil Shale. […]

Citroen dancing Transformer commercial

| May 4, 2006

This post is for Jason who commented that he enjoyed the Vee-Dub television ads that were posted in February (or was it the VW TDI ad?). If you like them you might like this one; besides being a creative ad, the 2006 Citroen C4 was voted 2006 World Car Design of the Year, at the […]

Windows Vista delayed ‘yet again?’

| May 3, 2006

Windows Vista delayed until June 2007??? Wouldn’t you know I own Microsoft (MSFT) stock. Can you say — Apple or Linux? Unbelieveable if this rumor is true. 🙁

Volvo C70: I just like the commercial

| May 3, 2006

There has been heavy advertising for convertible cars on television lately (at least the news programs) and I’ve particularly enjoyed the Volvo C70 ad. I suspect its the nostalgia music, but the mechanical ballet that occurs when the top opens and stacks neatly in the truck is mesmerizing as well. The 30 second commercial is […]

Did the NYSE cave to eco-terrorist?

| May 2, 2006

Aggressive activists have stepped up their approach in anti-businesses activism … or terrorism … or blackmail, if you want to be polite and it seems to be working. Anyway you cut it, its a fear tactic that worked against the New York Stock exchange last year and could become a way to threaten and achieve […]

Campaign to the letter of the law

| May 1, 2006

As we gear up for election day tomorrow, the Roger Reynolds campaign had a problem and creative solution — a solution that seems to be “just what the ‘lawyer’ ordered.” In our township (in SW Ohio) we have neighborhood regulations, just as in most areas I surmise, as to the size of signs allowed in […]

Remember the SUPER Beetle?

| May 1, 2006

Ron Patrick’s New Beetle gives a new definition to the Super Beetle of the 1970s. He has a ‘slightly modified’ version of the popular Beetle that I first saw on Tech Blog back in March. He was interviewed by Michael Taylor at Mr. Patrick’s office in Sunnyvale, California this week while a bit of video […]

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