“Its cold today,” says the snake …

| January 31, 2007

Winter is finally here as temperatures in southwestern Ohio are down near the single digits. “Brrr” …. it is cold … but at least I’m not as stiff as the eight-foot boa constrictor found along the Great Miami River. (AP/Middletown Journal photo by John Agliata) A couple of construction workers were cleaning up debris along […]

Donna Lange: East of the Fauklands

| January 30, 2007

I have a few extra minutes over lunch today so I’ll add a second post. Several of you have emailed me asking how Donna Lange is doing after setting sail again and I thought I would update that she is cold, but otherwise fine. Yesterday she had several equipment repairs to make perhaps by a […]

Regis and Kelly with Leo Laporte

| January 30, 2007

Those of you who follow the technology world will recognize Leo Laporte and his contribution to explaining technology to his viewers/listeners. He is a well known ‘guru’ with a mulititude of new media and old ‘channels.’ He is probably best know continent wide for his many ‘podcasts’ … or is it ‘netcasts’ … perhaps ‘webcasts?’ […]

WillItBlend.com: Just for fun and marketing

| January 29, 2007

Many of you have probably already been sent this enjoyable marketing URL for Blendtec Blenders. The company has figured out how to use the Internet as a sales tool; they have an entire series of video clips where the straight faced Tom Dickson attempts to blend some interesting concoctions … an objects. The video site, […]

“What I’m Listening” to sidebar item

| January 27, 2007

I promise not to go overboard in highlighting podcasts or music in my sidebar, but wanted to point out that I’ll be including new audio mp3 clips in the right hand sidebar. The current listenings include Slate’s Paul Boutin’s review of Windows Vista, an EVWorld interview with Representative Roscoe Bartlett on energy (thanks Mike) and […]

Donna Lange: Back to sea on Friday

| January 27, 2007

After several days ashore at the tip of Argentina, Donna Lange is back at sea and continuing her solo sail north continuing her around the world voyage towards home. (see previous posts) Her Friday log indicated that getting back ‘out’ to sea is challenging — especially having to maintain a constant hand on the helm. […]

DeLorean: Back to the Future

| January 26, 2007

Two posts for the price of one today … this one is for movie and automotive lovers. The story came from Digg.com and has been ‘dugg’ almost 4000 times. I wonder how many redirects? Anyway, if you remember the “Back to the Future” movie (who doesn’t) and Doc Brown’s DeLorean ‘time machine’ adaptation, try searching […]

Social Security Number required to collect prize

| January 26, 2007

In a similar vein to yesterday’s post concerning identity information and protecting it from theft, today’s post is a legally challenging one dealing with not having a Social Security number to protect. Maribel Nava Alvarez is in a pickle after winning a radio station raffle in Chicago. Alvarez, according to the Spanish Broadcasting System’s radio […]

Has your identity been compromised?

| January 25, 2007

I was hesitant about a site designed to cross reference known stolen ids with personal private information after a friend sent me a StolenIDsearch link, but thankfully he include a Dark Reading article that eased my concern. After reading it, I felt a little less skeptical and as you probably guessed just could help myself. […]

Serious Challenge of Global Climate Change

| January 24, 2007

President Bush delivered the annual “State of the Union Address” last night and although the situation in Iraq dominates politics and concerns, he did address other issues; among them was last years reference “addiction to oil.” (although he did use a new line: “the serious challenge of global climate change.”) As expected, the President outlined […]

The 2007 Mercedes Bluetec diesel is unrivaled

| January 23, 2007

The long running automotive program Motorweek reviewed the 2007 Mercedes Benz Bluetec diesel powered E320 this month and demonstrated it to be without a comparison in the U.S. If $52,000+ for a sedan was no object, there would most likely be a few more of these in existing Volkswagen TDI garages this year; what a […]

Superbowl XLI teams in place

| January 22, 2007

Some great NFL football was played today, especially the AFC game in Indianapolis — not many would have called the NFC game in Chicago all that great. Unfortunately, there was never really much consistency from the New Orleans Saints in their 39-14 lost to the Chicago Bears. In my opinion it was a rather poor […]

Cincinnati’s first real snow of the year

| January 21, 2007

Here’s a quick look out the window this morning (Palm Treo photo) as residents of Southwestern Ohio received their first real taste of winter. Saturday night brought a surprise blanket of white snow that few were expecting, everyone I talked to was surprised. This was evident by only a handful of plows were spotted on […]

Where in the world is Donna Lange?

| January 20, 2007

I’ve posted before about solo circumnavigating sailor Donna Lange and will update that she is doing just fine after rounding Cape Horn. She seems to be enjoying the time socializing and exploring new places at the bottom tip of South America. (photo to right was taken in a different latitude) 🙂 On her ‘to do […]

Is Joost the next big broadband thing?

| January 19, 2007

Joost Beta software and web application: Admittedly I don’t know enough about the technology being used in this Beta-only trial or if Joost is going to fly or not, but I know enough to say I’m interested in trying it. Two big names behind this project (originally called The Venice Projectâ„¢) are Niklas Zennstrom and […]

Gasoline prices continue move down

| January 18, 2007

In keeping my ‘phone to blog’ setup alive, I’ll include a photo of one of the lowest retail gasoline prices I’ve seen for a while — $1.89. (diesel was a bit higher here, but was $2.29 off I-71 in central Ohio) According to what is being reported, this might not even be the lowest? National […]

Books: Born on a Blue Day

| January 18, 2007

Daniel Tammet has written a book, Born on a Blue Day, about his life as an Autistic Savant. He is an extraordinary 27 year old from the UK and is fortunate enough to be able function normally in society. In day to day life, he does has a compulsive need for order and routine well […]

Living with Ed (Begley) – HGTV series

| January 17, 2007

I didn’t expect to enjoy watching the HGTV series “Living with Ed” as much as I have, but see it as a great way to present environmental living ideas to a broad audience. The storyline of the series is a ‘green-oriented’ husband (Ed Begley) and ‘lesser-green’ wife (Rachelle) dealing with each others lifestyle choices in […]

ThePirateBay.org looks for its own county

| January 16, 2007

A company at the forefront of the international copyright problems is looking to raise money to purchase a ‘seaplatform’ called Sealand and declare its independence. The former military platform is located 7 miles off the coast of England and it is already independent from Britain in a 1967 court ruling. Pirate Bay is looking to […]

John Deere promotional biodiesel online video

| January 15, 2007

As of January 2007, John Deere is providing addition information on biodiesel and other biofuels including a 6.5-minute video that overviews John Deere’s position on the use of biodiesel. Back in 2001 John Deere was one of the first companies to accept lower percentage blends in their equipment (B5) and along with Jeep initiated a […]

Jimmy Buffett: sails thru 60

| January 14, 2007

As an original “before the salt” Jimmy Buffett fan, I’m embarrassed to have missed his 60th birthday — I was there in the 1970s and have the original vinyl albums to prove it … along with books and concert memories — right Jeff? (am I getting that old?). Anyway, happy belated birthday Bubba. 😀 Time […]

Pumping cold weather biodiesel

| January 12, 2007

Here’s a little more on fuel, particularly biodiesel being pumped in colder weather. On my way home from Northeastern Ohio I stopped to fill my VW Jetta TDI at my normal stop, the I-71 Sunoco renewable fuels biodiesel pump. (see previous posts) It wasn’t all that cold (40 degrees Fahrenheit) but the B20 ran very […]

Pretty much the ‘norm’ in my parts

| January 11, 2007

Not that I’m filling up my fuel sipping Volkswagen Jetta TDI all that much, since 600 to 700 miles per tank are average distances between fills, but finding a diesel pump without the new warning label is becoming a thing of the past. It seems only a few months ago (link) we were starting to […]

No Ford diesel cars in America

| January 11, 2007

According to AutomotiveNews, Ford will not be selling diesel cars in America. Unfortunately for diesel advocates, many who have been looking for domestically produced diesel vehicles, we will be left high and dry by the Ford Motor Co. Hmm … what about those “Bold Moves?” According to Mark Fields, Ford’s U.S. division president, “diesels will […]

Donna Lange “Rounding the Horn” recap

| January 10, 2007

Here a ‘raw’ post from Donna Lange (solo sailing around the world); she has updated shortly after completing her rounding of Cape Horn at the tip of South America. Monday Good Morning HUGS!!!!! Oh my Goodness.!!! how do I begin. iam safe and sound in Puerto Williams, met by Jonathan Selby and his family and […]

Florida 41 – OSU 14: Pitiful just pitiful.

| January 9, 2007

“One game does not make the whole season” as the quote goes, but for the Ohio State Buckeyes, they couldn’t have lost a bigger game, or perhaps I should say, the Florida Gators could not have won a bigger game. The evening at my house was somber as I grimaced at nearly every possession, chastising […]

Goss’ Garage: more on “tire pressure monitoring”

| January 8, 2007

At the CinciTDI group we had a discussion about “Tire Pressure Monitoring” and I continue to come across a few extra tidbits worth sharing. Back in December I made a comment that the information Motorweek produced wasn’t as complete as it could have been, and so low and behold Pat Goss had another guest to […]

Donna Lange: World voyager & talented musician

| January 7, 2007

In a post a couple of days ago I mentioned solo sailor, singer and songwriter Donna Lange and commented that I would see if I could get permission to share some of her music. I’ll include a couple cuts to the right sidebar under the heading “What I’m listening to,” with the caveat that if […]

Volkswagen finishes 1 thru 5 in Dakar stage one

| January 7, 2007

Volkswagen has started strong in the Dakar Rally this year as after the first stage they have capture the top 5 spots of 187 cars in the race. Portuguese car racer Carlos Sousa was first in this grueling off-road event which travels some 5,000 miles through Europe and Africa. Sousa time for the first stage […]

Solo sailors Ken Barnes and Donna Lange

| January 6, 2007

I’m following up yesterday’s (1/5/2007) post about the California sailor Ken Barnes partially because the news media has picked up the story and and partially because of my sailing passion. In my opinion, this notoriety due to the family going public has been helpful in his rescue and the attention being paid to getting him […]

Solo sailor Ken Barnes is rescued

| January 5, 2007

UPDATE: Just before 6AM EST the fishing trawler Polar Pesca 1 rescued Ken Barnes. (FoxNews Alert Quicktime link) — Ken Barnes is a 47 years old from Southern California single handed sailor who was heading for Round Cape Horn in his 44 foot ketch Privateer. A wicked storm has battered his yacht, de-masting both masts, […]

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

| January 4, 2007

The formalities of electing a new Speaker of the House took place in Washington DC today as Nancy Pelosi from California took the gavel from Ohio Congressman John Boehner. The ceremony was the place to be today in our nation’s capital, as for the first time in our nation’s history a women was elected to […]

Ohio’s new “Celebrate Kids” license plate

| January 4, 2007

A new image will be showing up in Ohio on the CASA/GAL Association’s “Celebrate Kids” license plate. The new printing is colorful and attractive and will no doubt be an appropriate addition to minivans and the new crossover vehicles … or anyone wanting to support the social services offered by the Ohio Court Appointed Special […]

The Canadian Rockies last night …

| January 3, 2007

Wow … what a beautiful sunset. (click for full size) A friend mine is in the Canadian Rockies for a week and sent this photo just to be cruel. 😉 Actually, he is staying in Canmore, Alberta with his family, enjoying skiing and taking a photography course. I assume he’ll come back with a few […]

Christmas decorations and electrical concerns

| January 2, 2007

Can we ‘wish’ a Happy New Year 2007?

| January 1, 2007

It’s been almost a week since I’ve posted, so perhaps I’m not addicted to a daily blog after all? 😉 Can I really wish someone a Happy New Year 2007? As we put 2006 behind us, I have a sickening feeling when reflecting on this past year of war (US casualties top 3000), of local […]

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