An assassination attempt on former President Donald Trump

Posted By on July 14, 2024

Yesterday’s failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump in Butler Pennsylvania will forever be burned in our memories and another dark stain in our divisive politics (unfortunately it has happened throughout history … no matter the country).

Trump Fist Flag in Butler PA - June 13, 2024

The soon to be Republican nominee for POTUS (the GOP convention is this week in Milwaukee, Wisconsin), was targeted by what currently seems to be a lone gunman from outside the perimeter at a Trump mapRally in western Pennsylvania (but within an easy rifle shot). From all early observations and news coverage, 20 year old Thomas Matthew Crooks climbed a 2-story building that wasn’t being covered properly by Secret Service or law enforcement (major failure). He fired a group of shots from a semi-automatic AR styled rifle at the former president … and into the crowd behind him. Trump was hit in the ear by the bullet, grabbed the side of his head and crouched to the ground avoiding additional shots. To their credit, Secret Service agents immediately covered former President Trump and proceeded to moving him to a vehicle as the response team snipers zeroed in and quickly killed the shooter. Trump was observed and photographed thrusting up his fist as he was being wisked away saying, “fight, fight, fight” to the crowd … who yelled back“USA, USA, USA.”

We saw the former president as strong, resolute and defiant once again, as partisan impeachments, legal lawfare and the political opposition comparing Trump to Hitler have now triggered lethal attacks (fundraiser for rally supporters and families who were injured or killed).  This must stop. 

Trump covered by Secret Service

After watching the coverage on television most of Saturday night, atheists, agnostics and humanists could assume it was “fate or chance” that Donald Trump turn his head the exact moment that he did … or the Faithful who pray “prayers of protection” for our nations’ leaders, including Donald Trump, are heard? I personally believe it was the divine will of God and that a “hedge of protection was around candidate Trump. Satan failed this time … and so we continue to pray that evil will not prevail (Psalm 91).

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8)

New “no wire” Wybot S2 rechargeable pool cleaning robot

Posted By on July 14, 2024

Wybot S2 cleaning wall / cornerOur now 20 year old “corded” iRobot Verro pool vacuum has been outstanding and I’m hard pressed to give up on it by buying expensive bags and replacing more parts. Improvements have been made over the years to pool robots and I decided 2024 was the summer to replace it with one of the cordless pool sweeper/cleaner gadgets (although made the purchase before drowning my iPhone — more tomorrow)

With a fair price and good reviews for a Wybot S2 on Amazon (paid $799) … the longer life battery, brushless motors and secondary water filtration sold me. Two charges and cleanings in now, I can say that I’ll give it a “B” grade. It has done a great job of sweeping for 2 hours on a charge, picking up debris on the bottom (some seen and some unseen), but fail to navigate all that well. Struggles around corners, the walls and around the two seating areas of our pool and stairs. To the Wybot’s credit, it never got stuck for more than a couple minutes, but it did fail to clean those areas. 

Wybot S2 Charging Wybot S2 Cleaning Basket

So far, cleaning the basket out has been a pleasure compared to the filter bags in the iRobot Verro and the secondary filter has yet to get dirty (haven’t put in the ultrafine foam yet). Perhaps an update after a few more adjustments and setting tries will be needed?

Amazon price for Wybot S2 - July 13, 2024

Weather thoughts after leftovers from Hurricane Beryl hit us

Posted By on July 13, 2024

BarometerThe stormy weather we had earlier this week due to the remnants of Hurricane Beryl, started me thinking about meteorology and just how scientists can predict weather.

There is far more to it than the graphic below, but do remember enough from my sailing books and studying weather my entire life, that it all starts with watching and recording the rising and falling pressures on the simple barometer. 

Why Does The Wind Blow - part 1

Noticing that the front arrived in SW Ohio on Tuesday evening, but the following day left use with gusty winds. Here’s an helpful graphic from NOAA SciJinks.

Why Does The Wind Blow - Part 2

Tech Friday: OS woes and a Mars Edit software update

Posted By on July 12, 2024

Although the Late 2012 Intel-based iMac is aging better than President Biden, my desktop iMac is struggling and is no longer being used as my primary computer. Still … it does work as a larger twin 27” screens desktop computer along side my MacBook Air M2 these days.

iPhone 7 plus aging Mouse and iMac keyboard Recently I cross my fingers when updating the blogging software I use from Red Sweater called Mars Edit. The update isn’t a question on the newer Apple Silicon MacBook Air M2, but since a lot of software is no longer supporting older MacOS machines, one never knows on older devices. Google Drive is gone at the end of the month and Parallels will soon be next.

My iPhone 7 Plus is was on its last leg too as a few apps will no longer work (it is dead now) … and don’t even get me start on my slower than molasses iPad. Way too many devices are facing their final useful days — don’t even get me thinking about our 2010 Acura and 2010 BMW X5 35d; they are our primary drivers and nearing or over the 200,000 mile mark … and are 15 year old! Yikes!

Impressive US stock market rally yesterday and political winds

Posted By on July 11, 2024

Those of us following the stock market and managing investments can’t help but smile at the strong U.S. financial markets on Wednesday and so far this summer. Stock Market close - 7/10/2024For some who sell in May and go away (as the idiom goes) … they are are not smiling quite as much.

As a long term value investor, I’ve been surprised at the continuing strength in the stock market, although employment is still reasonable strong, company earning have not disappointed and all signs point to the Federal Reserve easing rates later this year. 

There isn’t any certainly to the political winds, but conditions are improving for the Republicans after the poor debate performance of President Biden and concern Biden - dementia lookover his aging. Conservatives are hoping for a less restrictive and business friendly Federal government if Maga Rallythey can make gains in Washington DC. Donald Trump remains a bit more of a quandary, even though we know what he has been like from 2016-2020.  He’ll likely be a little more protectionist (tariffs and sanctions) and likely focus on tighter immigration policies (enforce them). This should in turn should be good for American workers (higher wages), but could in turn push up prices for goods and services (inflationary). Hm … and we all know what that has been like these past few years

For now, if you are invested for retirement, etc … the strong move in U.S. stocks and easing inflation should be helpful for your college savings plans, 401-Ks and IRAs. 

A couple interesting maps: Liberty Township development and severe weather map in Iowa looks like SW Ohio

Posted By on July 10, 2024

Liberty Township, Ohio development map

For those of us living in the Liberty Township, Ohio area for nearly 30 years now, the development map above  probably doesn’t come as a surprise. This once rural township is far more densely populated that it once was. With that growth comes challenges of keeping the heavy traffic and commercial growth from changing what attracted some of us and what we’ve enjoyed. 

Barn pile of lumber Taylor's photo of property

I’ve shared the removal of an older farmhouse and barn to the rear of our 4+ acre property earlier this year (above) and suspect this 2+ acre parcel is not going to be “just another house.” It doesn’t come as a surprise, but I suspect a medical/therapy office building and parking lot is being planned (watching for my township notice). This is commercial use space one step closer to us. That said, a “light use” office would be better than retail or restaurant … and far better than a 24/7 kind of business like a gas station or convenience store! Nevertheless, I’m keeping an eye on it.


Filler: Router Table storage was a weekend workshop update

Posted By on July 9, 2024

Router Table storage
Usually workshop tinkering is saved for rainy days and shorter days, but I decided that there were too many jigs and router table components just laying around. When I had fewer items, I could stick them under the table, but now I’m accumulating a few too many jigs, hold-downs and push stick type items that I needed them up and out of the way.

So … I added the shelf we once had in the laundry room and hung up a few of the jigs on the back wall so that they are accessible but out of the way. I’m sure they’ll get plenty dusty, but then that’s what my cordless Ridged Job Site Blower is for. 😊 

Ridgid Job Site Blower

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