Final touches and cleaning after condo kitchen remodeling

Posted By on September 25, 2018


It has been a slow condo1718 updating and remodeling process with spending only a week here and there in Florida … but after driving down to Delray Beach one more time last week, I was able to install the new "delayed" 250 lbs of shower doors (saved photo for damage), finalize the vanity, and sink (plumb), toilet and "headache of a mirror."Condo1718ShowerDoors I was able to finish it up in a couple days and then pick up Brenda at the airport for a stretched out a weekend to make the finishing touches and cleaning. It was great to have Brenda with me especially for the full and deep cleaning. We both enjoyed "most of our time" working together, although we still disagreed on a few things (it wouldn’t be normal without a disagreement!)

So far I’ve been very pleased with how the kitchen and bathroom turned out. Minus my time and sweat equity, the total investment wasn’t too bad … although probably should have replaced the windows in this same remodel? Putting it on the market after our winter renting of it is going to be harder after knowing just how much effort we put into it — we might set the asking price higher than market and just hang onto it if it doesn’t sell so as long as we can cover most of the yearly cost by renting it out.


Porsche is ditching diesel for good

Posted By on September 24, 2018

Porsche announced Sunday that it would focus on hybrid and electric technology and will no longer make diesel-powered vehicles.


The announcement comes five months after a senior manager at Porsche in Germany was arrested in connection with an investigation into diesel emissions rigging by Porsche’s parent company, Volkswagen.

Just 12% of Porsche’s global sales came from diesel cars in 2017. The company hasn’t had a diesel car in its portfolio since February and hasn’t offered a diesel model in the United States since November of 2015, a Porsche spokesperson told CNN.

Porsche said in a press release that demand for electric and hybrid vehicles has soared, but the market for diesel is shrinking.


Volkswagen will be keeping one customer and making new ones

Posted By on September 23, 2018

vwlogo155x150According to my very pleased Volkswagen driving daughter, she’ll likely stay committed to the VW brand IF they continue to appreciate her as a customer. She was one of the first owners of the new 2018 Tiguan last year and has been very pleased with the first year vehicle. The performance, including regular 30+ mpg tanks of gas, has been enjoyable for her to drive and exactly what she wanted and expected in returning to Volkswagen after short but disappointing time with the Nissan Juke.

Last week she was notified of a "recall" on the panoramic sunroof, but rather than just sending out a postcard notice, Volkswagen USA sent an apology and card with $150 for future service. Now that’s customer appreciation and one of the best way to retain a loyal VW customer. Well done VW!


On a side note, I received a phone call from a old VW friend who services Volkswagens north of Columbus, Ohio … Jon Hamilton of Jon’s Auto Care. He called to ask a couple of questions about modification that I made to Katelyn’s 2001 Volkswagen TDI Jetta. It seems the guy who bought the car from her several years ago brought it to Jon to replace a blown turbo. It now has 197,000 miles and it made their day remembering the service they did on Katelyn’s car. Even before the servicing days, he also remembered me bringing it to club GTGs in the early to mid-2000s for Rocketchip tuning and injector upgrades (I also have fond memories of Jon taking me for a run in his "hill climbing" racing RallyTDI Golf). From memory I was able to give him the appropriate coding and KermaTDI injectors we installed in Katelyn’s 2001 TDI (the one she learned to drive on at age 16 … and took care of her all the way through high school, college, medical school and residency!) What great memories and THRIFT … I do miss the old CinciTDI and TDIClub days … and my daughters VW TDI

Katelyn in her "well loved" 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI in 2010

We are looking forward to a couple days with Annalyn

Posted By on September 22, 2018

AnnalynSchoolGirl_Aug2018Brenda and I sure enjoy our FaceTime moments with our granddaughter Annalyn, especially when she is eagerly looking at the screen when we answer her call. There is a part of me hoping it is her anticipating talking to us and saying "Bompa" to me … but another part wondering if it is just her looking at herself before we answer? Oh well, it is great to be grandparents.

We are looking to our first overnight visit with her at our house later this week when I meet Katelyn halfway to pick up Annalyn. So much fun for grandma and grandpa … I hope the same for our little Montessori school girl — yes, she is in school two days each week at 1-1/2 years old already! Ugh.

Also, will archive a couple of last weekend photos from Katelyn and Drew in New York City where they extended a medical conference in to a fun weekend. Nice!


DJIA, S&P 500, Nasdaq closing strong and political pontificating

Posted By on September 20, 2018


If the stock market is worried about another round of China tariffs, it sure doesn’t show it. Thursday saw the DJIA back to its record high from earlier this year. The S&P 500 did the same and even the Nasdaq was positive although off the higher record area earlier this year … but not by much. All in all, the U.S. economy is robust and growth is hard to deny. Jobs have returned with hiring in most sectors … and even wages are rising thanks to lower business taxes that give them flexibility as to where to invest their profits — people and investing back in their business (hopefully more in divided and share buybacks too?)

About the only two things negative at the moment are trade war fears and the political divide giving Democrats the chance to will back leadership of Congress. Want to kill a good economy? Elect DEMs in November and watch them throw a monkey wrench into this great economy.

The Perfect Wave to make a mental escape

Posted By on September 19, 2018

Just escaping for a moment in my mind and eyes …

Tool talk: A little bit more regarding my Ridgid tool choices

Posted By on September 18, 2018

In recent years, I’ve added a few corded Ridgid tools to my workshop or traveling trunk. I’ve owned a favorite reciprocating saw for about 10 years now and still find it my absolute favorite (also have an old Makita). Because I’m so fond of it, I’ve added an orbital sander which gets use very often and is already starting to show its age (close to 10 years old too). Once again OldCraftsmanNewRidgidDrillit is the one I grab or take with me over all the other older sanders that I have.

Early this year when working on the kitchen remodel I also upgraded my old Craftsman "cheapy" circular saw; it was one that my mom and dad gave me as a teenager … yes it is that old and still sparks and whirls. Again based on my 2 previous corded Ridgid tools, their version of the classic "Skilsaw" was my first pick for ripping the long trim panels. It was only after handling it that I remembered how good it feels to use a well balance, solid circular saw (like the Milwaukee I used when working for a builder in college).

As for battery powered tools, I’ve never been much of an advocate besides having a drill, but times are changing. I’ve owned several drills through the years, most have been Sears Craftsman … with the occasional oddball that left me sorely disappointed (my first lithium 12v tool, but so disappointed). Eventually I replaced my old Craftsman 19.2 Nicad with the 19.2 Lithium and have been very pleased with it.

BUT … I’m sizing up possibly the tools I buy now should be ones last me the rest of my life, so I have picked the brushless Ridgid GEN5x line of tools and 18 volt battery system after suggesting it was a good value for Katelyn to buy Drew for Father’s Day this year … they then went on to buy me a new drill for Father’s Day too. It is a great drill although heavier than I’m use too. My recommendation was mostly due to my experience with the corded tools but also because it is handled at Home Depot and is covered by a Lifetime warranty when you "registered tool and battery that comes with the kit." Yes, battery … the bane of all the battery powered tools I have owned.

So, in keeping with my upgrade process, I decided to continue to stick with Ridgid Power Tools … and so far have not been disappointed (FYI: Ridgid based out of Elyria, Ohio and is owned by Emerson Electric).


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