Replaced the 5-6 year old battery in the 2010 Acura RDX

Posted By on February 4, 2023

After 5 or 6 years, a car batteries no matter their indicated warranties, lose some of their cold cranking amps (CCA). If I were a “maintenance-focused only kind of guy,” I’d probably just replace batteries every 5 years rather than waiting forthem to fail. BUT … as usual … I wait until the winter when it is near zero degrees!

Since it is early February, it is of course cold. Brenda’s 2010 Acura RDX has been sitting for a month due to Brenda’s hip replacement (in the garage at least) and it failed to start this past week. After a quick charge and test, it started the car, but would not deliver the promised 490 CCA needed; the testing registered only 230 CCA after an overnight charge.

So … it is time for a new battery … the story of my life.

Tech Friday: A little more tinkering with MarsEdit blogging

Posted By on February 3, 2023

A fix or an update came out for MarEdit this week … and because I am really hoping to get comfortable posting to MyDesultoryBlog using MarsEdit5Icon128this app the Mac rather than PC. There have been a few nagging issues so far in preventing my switching from Open Live Writer (Microsoft Windows world) … besides it is challenging to teach an old dog new tricks.” 😉

  1. Uploading photos and video (which is a problem for OLW too) to an independent from blogging platform image server
  2. Opening links to new tab (target=“_blank”)
  3. Media Manager to list by name/list, not by image
  4. Ability to add CSS code to uploaded image (ie. border-black)
  5. Photos opening full size on click without HTML edit ( a beautiful Polar Bear test image below)

The Remarkable Life of Poon Lim (by Carl Seaver)

Posted By on February 2, 2023

EXCERPT => “On November 23, 1942, the Royal Navy destroyer SS Benlomond was torpedoed by a German submarine. Poon Lim, a Chinese civilian seaman aboard the ship, found himself stranded in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Against all odds, Poon Lim survived 133 days at sea before being rescued by Brazilian fishermen.”

This Carl Seaver blog post takes a closer look at Poon Lim’s remarkable life and story.

Read the full post at this LINK is on

Really … this Throwback Thursday #TBT “repost” was another MarsEdit test. I’m still trying to decide if I can handle shifting from Open Live Writer on Windows to MarsEdit on the Mac?  Unfortunately, unlike copy/paste to a Markdown editor when using my tiny Raspberry Pi HUGO test server, reposting from another website is not so easy using MarsEdit.

Archive: Saving a couple family update items to the blog

Posted By on February 1, 2023

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Depressing loss for the Bengals against the Chiefs

Posted By on January 31, 2023


I would be remise to not mention the the AFC playoff game that left Cincinnati Bengals fans out in the cold, unfortunately the excitement dwindles when your hometeam loses.

In my opinion, the Bengals were healthier and the better team going into the game against the Kansas City Chiefs, but as anyone who has watch Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs play under the coaching of Andy Reid, they are an extremely talented team. Obviously even though they were not 100%, it was enough to push past Joe Burrow and the Bengals this year.


Music Monday: A Little “Just Keep Livin” reggae by Mishka and Brenda’s hip replacement surgery and physical therapy update

Posted By on January 30, 2023

Mishka_ThisLove_ListenNewAlbumGenerally, reggaeis not my thing, but this time of year it is easy for me to include something a little more tropical for Music Monday. So my music listening turns to either “No Shoes Radio” or Radio Margaritaville on SiriusXM.

This week it was listening to Mishka Firth’s 2010 recording of “Just Keep Livin” as Brenda continues her rehab after her latest bionic part (a full Hip Replacement to go along with a compression fracture in her spine, the 2015 Shoulder replacement and previous wrist plate). It just seems fitting at this point in our lives to be thinking … “Just Keep Liviin” as Brenda continues to improve daily with her physical therapy with “Nurse Rich” doing his best. 😉 (updated x-rays below the break).

Besides the music and song title, I do enjoy the barefoot or flip-flop sandal thoughts and dreaming about relaxing at the beach or better yet … excapism and sailing somewhere tropical (a recent backyard January snow photo can trigger that – Ugh!)

BackyardSnow230122 Mishka_JustKeepLivin

  Mishka – “Just Keep Livin” | 2010


Routing corner splines on a woodworking project with a jig

Posted By on January 29, 2023

CornholeProjectVise230128Instead of painting the entire woodworking project that is currently underway in the workshop, I want at least to be able to naturally lacquer finish the frames of the Cornhole game. Partially it is to show off the miters and walnut splines in the frame corners and partially because I didn’t want to use any fasteners that could rust (unfortunately each corner has one brass screw to help with alignment). Still the 1/4” splines will do a great job in adding strength even though I used clear pine to reduce the weight (a couple “little” girls will hopefully be using these)? 

To help with the spline positioning, I made a jig that would clamp to each corner and repeat the exact same cut with my Makita router and 1/4” spiral bit. After a little experimented with scrap, it worked perfect. I cut walnut splines on the bandsaw sled (below) and new 45 degree miter gauge and used my portable belt sander to sand each spline flush. 


SplineRouterJif cutting230128 JigRouterCornerSplines230128

I’m so glad to have figured out the hole cutting and was thankful I had waterproof Titebond 3 glue and some stainless steel brads. 

CornholeCornerSplinesRough230128 CornholeCornerSplinesSanded230128

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