A different kind of Memorial Day remembrance

Posted By on May 27, 2024

American Flag Half StaffEach year Memorial Day holiday often brings out the best in Americans. Those I know, at least give “thought” to the service men and women who fought and died to protect and preserve our country, our freedom and way of life. It is of course, will never be enough appreciation from those of us who benefited from, but were not even called to serve, and it is hard to fathom, at least for me, just how many patriots have given their lives for our country … and how many families suffered loss

This year I thought about the the never-ending scroll of faces on just one of the X.com Remember The Fallen posters that I follow. Even just quickly glancing at each of the heroes listed for one year makes one realize just how many Americans served and died to preserve America. Too many have given too much for us to take our country and freedom for granted.

Instead of a Jorgensen Handscrew, here’s a drill press jig idea

Posted By on May 26, 2024

Jorgensen Clamp

Here’s an interesting rainy weekend workshop project idea:  A squeeze clamp drill press vice to hold smaller items securely. Hm … looks interesting and simple enough.

I currently use a classic Jorgensen wood clamp called a Jorgensen Handscrew (above) to hold pieces while using the small drill press, but could use something like this. Check out the “how to” video below the break.


A Cardinal keeps triggering the Wyze Cam and Panera Inflation

Posted By on May 25, 2024

No matter how I set the trigger, our friendly cardinal regularly triggers a warning on our Wyze Cam. He is enjoyable to watch and so I really don’t mind it.

On the other hand, I DO MIND the price increases hitting Americans at the gas pump, grocery store and restaurants … not to mention nearly everything else we buy! This month after month of elevated inflation is due in part by the heavy spending and money printing by our government. Congress does little to curtail giving out money for ever cause … or to other countries fighting to protect their borders and people (better wars are overseas perhaps?)   President Biden doesn’t help matters with his administrations terrible policies from energy, to forgiving debt for votes to handouts for every illegal crossing the border. Grr … don’t get me started.

May 2024 Barron's article on Social Security

Now that we no longer have a family at home and are thinking about “collecting rather than paying into Social Security“ (concerning Barron’s snippet above), I thought my wife and I wouldn’t have to think all that much about the family budget and retirement enjoyment … but frankly even going out for a lunch is frustrating. Not only can’t we stop in expensively at McDonald’s for an unsatisfying  fast food stop, but we can no longer comfortably sit down at Panera Bread to eat lunch on the road for $20. One would assume a cup of soup and a pick 2 half sandwich and cup of soup would be reasonable? Nope … and that’s without nagging for a “no real service” tip! 😡

Panera Receipt May 2024

Tech Friday: Just thinking about upgrades that are in my future

Posted By on May 24, 2024

iPad AirAlthough it is not an immediate need, the “want” in me is growing. My 2017 iPhone 7 plus is really starting to feel old; even my daughter mentioned that my shared photos were not the quality that they should be — she has a fair point.

Phone cameras aside, the device I use the most is my aging pre-2020 iPad and sluggish, slow-to-connect, Brydge Bluetooth keyboard too. Using it as often as I do, the slowness is starting to bug me. Along with my older mobile iOS versions on both devices, not being able to update apps is becoming a problem. I can no longer use 2-factor authentication via app, but have to default to text messaging (whew, glad there is a secondary way to authenticate). 

iPad Magic Keyboard for Air in BlackSo … this leads me to checking on the latest iPads from Apple that were announced this May 2024 and in particular the mid-priced iPad Air (still more expensive that I would like). I made an inquiry with Brydge under their new Uinta Products ownership and am not happy with their current cheaper “plastic” product offerings. They sent me back a reply which indicated that there is a new aluminum keyboard in the pipeline which is still a couple months away — so I will wait a bit (the Magic Keyboard at $300 (left) is too pricey).

I “won’t“ buy an iPad without a keyboard, so we will see how desperate I am in early fall?


Transplanted buttercups and DadH’s workshop in 2013 #TBT

Posted By on May 23, 2024

DadH's upstairs barn workshop in 2013
Upstairs in the Western NY Farmhouse Barn’s workshop in 2013

In keeping with the occasional ThrowBack Thursday #TBT, the above was a pano photo of DadH’s workshop after he passed away. I mentioned to Brenda that I wondered Buttercups off patio May 2024how he was able to climb the stairs of the barn and work on such a large refinishing project … and she then asked, “I wonder what happened to it?” (I think it was a project for her sister Ann and Gary)

While remembering our parents’ cemetery markers this week, I took a photo of the farmhouse buttercup transplants growing off the corner of our back patio … I know Chris has them around her house too (I mention in 2022 as well).

EDIT Add 5/26/2024: Just a Worker Bee visiting the buttercups.


Enjoyed the weekend with KDAE and a wonderful dance recital

Posted By on May 22, 2024

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Saved May 2024 Thunderstorm over the house video for a filler

Posted By on May 21, 2024

National Brothers Day
See below … 😉

While we were under a Tornado warning earlier this month, I was outside in the backyard watching the storms to the north of our house (over the roof). There was A LOT of lightning, but surprisingly not all that much thunder?

AND since today is my brother’s birthday, Happy Birthday Ron!! Congratulations to both you and Claire in closing on the property where we grew up. I can’t wait to visit.


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