State of the Union: Bush to stress energy

| January 30, 2006

President Bush will use his State of the Union address this week to stress a package of energy proposals. He will continue to talk about our nation’s development and implementation of fuel-saving technologies. Front most in the President’s vision is hydrogen. He believes that eventually Americans will be filling their fuel-cell cars at hydrogen stations […]

My Challenger Story

| January 29, 2006

Saturday morning, January 27, 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger and seven astronauts prepared for a cold morning ride into space at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida; they didn’t launch. Those of us patiently waiting on Cocoa Beach, including yours truly, were disappointed when we heard the word of the postponed flight. Chilled to the […]

Beware of Lumbriculus variegatus

| January 27, 2006

Lumbriculus what???? There is a rapidly spreading computer virus call “blackworm” which is beginning to spread quickly through internet email infecting PCs around the world. So far security experts estimate some 300+ thousand computers are already infected and that many more have receive emails containing the virus. What makes this virus a bit more concerning […]

Professional BMW M5 Test Drive

| January 26, 2006

Here’s a little video clip for BMW lovers and dreamers called “The Ultimate Test Drive.“ (encoded H.264 mp4 and is a 7.6 mb download – right click/save as) It’s a promo clip demostrating the BMW M5 performance sedan by a professional driver on a test track. The footage and comments from the driver regarding this […]

Dodge Ram Diesel approved for B20

| January 25, 2006

The biodiesel industry and supporters are making ground in getting manufactures to support biodiesel in their engines. Although most already approve the use of B5 (5% biodiesel), DaimlerChrysler has issued a press release that will expand this to B20 (20% biodiesel) in their Cummins diesel powered Dodge Ram pickup truck. It is good to see […]

RIM Blackberry users are still sweating

| January 23, 2006

1/26/2006 UPDATE EDIT: Blackberry decision could come on February 24th. Are you a ‘CrackBerry‘ addict? Thankfully I’m not but do used a computer and cell phone pretty regularly? I suspect we all know someone with a Blackberry device, I for one have a close friend who looks down at his every 5 minutes. 🙂 Its […]

Across the USA on one tank – 330MPG

| January 22, 2006

Engineers and builders at Accelerated Composites LCC in San Diego, CA are well into their strange looking Aptera prototype designed to get up to 330 miles on a gallon according to their studies. The two seat hybrid car is a prototype built of lightweight composites that they intend to market for under $20,000. The engineers […]

Racy Mini

| January 20, 2006

I’ve noticed that the BMW Mini brand has some interesting advertising on its Canadian website. IMHO this is an ‘effective use of Flash‘ in web design, but perhaps its a bit ‘racy’ for the US markets? Actually, even though I’m considered a bit of a prude, I found this ad very effective. I’m not suggesting […]

“SpyTunes” or iTunes – your choice

| January 19, 2006

Good news on the home front for all those who use and love Apple iTunes … the newest update let’s you decide if you want to receive Apple’s MiniStore recommendations. The update that originally contained a spyware feature has just been tweaked to the applause of customers. Facing an angry bunch of users and bloggers, […]

Reworking the 1985 EPA Window Sticker

| January 17, 2006

The EPA is planning new fuel economy tests that will affect 2008 model year vehicles. Rating on the window stickers of hybrids like the successful Toyota Prius will most likely take the biggest hit. Hybrids will look far worse than they are currently being advertised … according to some automotive experts, up to 30% worse. […]

Don’t you just love that new car smell?

| January 17, 2006

Don’t you just love that new car smell??? Well from the looks of it, Dick Gilpin’s best friend loves it too … let’s just hope the keys aren’t in it! I know Dick’s been waiting a long time for his new car to arrive and from the looks of it … its a beauty. He […]

Outstanding Rally Video

| January 16, 2006

By accident, I picked up a great videocast link from a visitor to NAIAS. The Climb Dance WMV clip (right click/save as) is short at only 3 minutes 45 seconds and 11 megs. I thought it was worth sharing with the automotive types that might occasionally read my blog. The audio is nearly as good […]

Is your headrest adjusted properly?

| January 15, 2006

How many of you adjust your headrest in your car or truck for safety? If you are like me, you probably rarely think about it unless your on a long trip and want a little support behind your head. Actually, I’ve never really given much thought to how to adjust it properly until recently. The […]

More Solar Energy in California

| January 13, 2006

According to an article by Rebecca Smith in the January 13th WSJ, California Public Untilities Commission will expanding their solar energy program. They will be subsidizing the installation of a new 3,000 megawatts of new solar capacity. This will be in addition to California’s current 1200 megawatts, which is already more solar capacity than any […]

I’m now addicted to Pandora

| January 10, 2006

Every once in a while there is something really great on world wide web that makes me wonder why I haven’t found it before. Have I been living in a cave? is not just another internet radio site, iTunes ‘wannabe,’ or online music player. No … its an ‘intelligent’ (and continually learning) Pandora’s Music […]

PacMen of the Galaxy

| January 9, 2006

In attempts to stay in sync with my daughter’s astronomy study, I’ve been doing some reading and learning. I’m barely scratching the surface in understanding this field, but find it very interesting. Our Milky Way is a phenomial site whether looked at in photos, viewed from a home telescope, or explored with the the extrodinary […]

EAA284 – Les Garber to speak

| January 8, 2006

EAA Chapter 284 will feature Les Garber at our February 12, 2006 meeting. He will share and discuss his latest book, “The Wright Brothers and The Birth of Aviation” and not doubt field a few questions. Although I haven’t read the book yet, this 13 Chapter book published by Crowood Press, is said to be […]

Dow Jones Industrial closes at 4-1/2 year high

| January 6, 2006

I haven’t written much on the markets, but will note that the Dow closed at a 4-1/2 year high, just under the 11,000 mark at 10,959.31 today. It was the fourth up day in a row and marks a positive tone for the new year. I suspect that investors and trader alike are sensing an […]

US Postage change effective January 8th

| January 5, 2006

I’m still writing the year 2005 on checks and will probably continue to put 37 cent stamps on my mail for weeks to come. I thought posting a reminder to myself, and to anyone reading this, about the upcoming postage change would be a good idea. Here’s a link to a PDF updated postage file […]

Chrysler Sales Slump

| January 4, 2006

My contact at Chrysler indicates that they will be announcing a significant drop in new auto sales for the month of December … somewhere close to 5%. To some this is going to be a surprise, to others it just puts them in line with GM and Ford difficulty in moving new vehicles as promotions […]

North American International Auto Show nears …

| January 3, 2006

For those of us that enjoy automobiles, January is a big month of the year as auto shows debut with the gigantic North American International Auto Show in Michigan. The automotive journalist will get the first look, followed by the industry folks and finally the doors open to the public on January 14th – 22nd. […]

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