President Bush talks more about biofuels

| April 30, 2007

After meeting with EU leaders in the Rose Garden, President Bush commented a bit more on the importance of cleaner, renewable, domestically produced fuels. As an advocate for alternatives to petroleum, I’m pleased to hear national leaders stressing importance of continuing national efforts in developing renewable biofuels … especially the ‘more efficient’ biodiesel. President Bush: […]

Stormy skies & Lakota East High School Prom

| April 29, 2007

Last weeks storms: I’m a bit slow to post the drive home storm photos from last week, but will put a few thumbnails below … it was a nasty bit of weather, although the above clouds were more ominous to look at than to drive through. (click for larger) . . . . . . […]

The Earthrace crew continues, but so do problems

| April 29, 2007

The champion of optimism … Skipper Pete Bethune … has finally conceded that the record of circling the globe by power boat in the fastest time is not possible anymore. After receiving some negative news while Earthrace waits for parts in the Pacific, Bethune writes as his crew mate sits down for breakfast with him: […]

Enterprise Rent-a-Car – ‘doing it right’

| April 28, 2007

If you must rent a car, consider Enterprise Rent-a-Car … they are working in several ways to not only run a quality ‘Rental Car Company,’ but give back to the countries they do business in. They have collaborated with The National Arbor Day Foundation and the U.S. Forest Service in planting trees. Each year, The […]

Officially “Donna Lange Day” April 28th in RI

| April 27, 2007

For those of you keeping up with Donna Lange and her solo circumnavigation here and elsewhere, she is visiting the Rhode Island Statehouse today in preparation for a welcome home celebration on Saturday in Bristol, RI. Officials in the state have declared April 28th “Donna Lange Day” — how cool is that? Following her visit […]

Gas prices higher than diesel/biodiesel today

| April 26, 2007

Filled up as usual at the exit 151 Mt. Gilead I-71 renewable fuel Sunoco station (B-20 = $2.83) after noticing quite the jump in gasoline prices today. Many of the stations along the Interstate were at $2.99 for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline as reports of low US gasoline inventories frightened futures traders. I […]

Commercial aviation and biofuel development

| April 26, 2007

Boeing and Virgin Atlantic made an announcement that Virgin Atlantic would purchase 15 of the new 787-9 “Dreamliner” aircraft and form a new environmental partnership to develop aviation jet biofuel. The first 787 should be available later this year and offers a twenty percent improvement in the fuel efficiency compared to existing aircraft. The engines […]

Dow closes at 13,090

| April 25, 2007

The financial world is beginning to make me nervous once again after an “exuberant” day, as Greenspan might say. The Dow Jones Industrial average closed at its all time high of 13,089.89 with the Nasdaq jumping in for some positive action too — up 23.85 to 2547.89. It will be interesting to see just how […]

Dow Jones Industrials break 13,000

| April 25, 2007

How is your retirement planning going? I hope it includes ‘stocks’ because in and early morning Wall Street trading, the DJIA cracked 13.000 for the first time today. We’ll see how the day goes in hopes it can close there. Currently it has move back, but conditions remain bullish.

BMW/Oracle America’s Cup 18th man auction

| April 25, 2007

Here you go … a chance for a first class trip to Spain and position on America’s Cup BMW/Oracle’s team. With you backing the team they’ll be sure to advance to the finals and win back the cup. 😀 The charity auction is currently running on Ebay for a chance to be the 18th man […]

Toyota officially the world’s top automaker

| April 24, 2007

It was eventually going to happen if recent yearly trends continued, and according to a short post in LeftLaneNews, Toyota Motor Company has officially passed General Motors as the world’s top automaker. In the first 3 months of 2007, Toyota has sold more cars worldwide than GM. (2.348 million vs. 2.26 million) The article goes […]

Navy Blue Angels and Lt. Kevin J. Davis

| April 23, 2007

For someone who grew up fascinated with the Navy and aviation, there was no bigger thrill than to watch the precision flying skills demonstrated by the Navys’ Blue Angels. I’m not sure I can count the number of times I’ve seen them perform, or taken their photos over the years, but I’m always mesmerized by […]

Happy ‘biodiesel’ Earth Day :-)

| April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day … I guess that’s what you’re suppose to say? (click for larger macro photo of Tullip) It has been a beautiful couple of days in Cincinnati and I’ve been lax in posting and instead I’m getting the swimming pool opened, tuning up lawn equipment (fixing actually) and finishing a first compete grass […]

Donna Lange: Safe and sound in Bermuda

| April 20, 2007

Who would have ‘thunk’ that a world circumnavigating sailor with over 30,000 sailing miles under her keel would face the storm of her life only days from home? (I’ll include a summary from Brian Oatley helping her into Bermuda below) If you’ve been following my posts on Donna Lange, or checking in over at the […]

Biodiesel (B20) $2.90/gal in central Ohio today

| April 18, 2007

I filled up my Volkswagen Jetta TDI on my way to Cleveland and paid $2.90/gal for B20 Biodiesel today, April 18, 2007. Fuel prices continue to stay high, although reports I have read suggest that they may roll back a few cents this summer. (we’ll see) The exit 151 Mt. Gilead Interstate I-71 Sunoco station […]

Mobile ‘Slinging’ in Ohio on Sprint’s network

| April 18, 2007

Those of you paying attention several of my past posts will recognize that I’ve enjoyed SlingMedia’s “Slingbox’ and the ability to send a home video signal out over a broadband connection. The home video feed (TV, Tivo, DVR, etc) is then received by a Slingplayer equipped device. Pretty cool technology that works amazingly well. A […]

Donna Lange’s amazing strength and courage

| April 17, 2007

Sorry readers, but my heart is telling me to share the ongoing ordeal that solo sailing Donna Lange continues to face. Her log posts shares and amazing story of seawomanship, strength and courage. (with a few miles of experience to help her through) I’ll preface her recent log entry with heavy weather sailing practices that […]

Donna Lange fights for her boat and life

| April 16, 2007

Donna Lange, the solo circumnavigating sailor, has faced some challenging weather in her voyage around the world, and although she is closing in on home, the ocean is not finished with her yet. Today’s log entry is about as hair raising as it can get as she detailed last nights wicked wind and waves. I’ll […]

Did you file your Federal Tax Return yet?

| April 16, 2007

Thankfully for some of us procrastinators, the April 15th tax day has been extended two extra days this year … whew! In the right sidebar I’ve posted an audio interview from the San Jose Mercury News with personal finance reporter Mark Schwanhausser talking with Bert DuMars, the director of Electronic Tax Administration for the Internal […]

Final day at Delray Beach and then home :-(

| April 15, 2007

Closing out the week with a family photo and post after a safe flight home; it was a great week of ‘just’ family. I’ve been heavy on the personal memories this week, but I did want to archive a family photo the good time we had. For three us it was just the sunshine, relaxation, […]

Donna Lange facing another gale

| April 14, 2007

An Atlantic storm has put Donna Lange‘s landfall on April 21st; April 28th is now her official homecoming in Bristol Rhode Island. The northern hemisphere has brought a final gale and severe weather her way and her 28 foot sailboat Insanity Island is receiving one final battering. Although she has proven herself a capable sailor […]

Earthrace make Hawaii and is off again

| April 13, 2007

Earthrace is ripping and roaring … they are in Hawaii and off again. Here’s a segment from Captain Pete Bethune: There’s my star. I’ve seen him the last three nights on my shift from 2-4am. He’s brighter than all the rest around him. Maybe he’s that star which is only a few light years from […]

2008 VW R32 email invite

| April 12, 2007

The Volkswagen special performance edition R32 is available for orders and should show up in American toward the end of summer 2007. (mentioned before) The current email indicates a new website for those who may have previously shown an interest. Although it is most likely overpriced, the limited edition specialty vehicle would be a pretty […]

Lazy vacation, Donna Lange and Earthrace

| April 11, 2007

My posts have gone 100% personal as about all I’m thinking about is heading to the beach, lazing around waiting to fix dinner and visiting with my mother and father-in-law. We’re having a wonderful time of relaxation and rejuvenation. I did receive a note that Donna Lange is becalmed and running under Iron Genny in […]

Finally … Earthrace is off and running again

| April 10, 2007

Earthrace Press Release from April 9th: Earthrace has now left San Diego and is continuing on her round-the-world speed record attempt. The unique wavepiercing vessel was involved in a collision off the coast of Guatemala with an unlit fishing skiff, resulting in considerable damage that has been mostly repaired in San Diego. She is now […]

Too lazy for a real blog post

| April 9, 2007

Just another tough day at the office. The weather is beautiful, the ocean warm and the day is over. 🙁 PS. Wish you were here.

Enjoying the day on the beach

| April 8, 2007

Happy Easter to those checking in. We are enjoying the weekend at the beach. (post from phone)

Donna Lange: Keepin’ On

| April 7, 2007

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Tech Tip: Skip commercials with a ‘dogbone’

| April 6, 2007

Friday’s Tech Tip is an old one and is for TiVo newbies from TiVo gurus. Its a favorite Tivo branded DVR feature that drives advertiser supported television networks crazy. It is the hackable features available on the TiVo that allows for programming of a couple buttons on the ‘dogbone’ remote to do simple things well. […]

Mercedes E320 BlueTec: World Green Car of 2007

| April 5, 2007

European diesels made a good impression at the New York auto show in 2007. The Mercedes-Benz E320 Bluetec took top honors with more votes than the BMW Hydrogen 7 and the Volkswagen Polo BlueMotion. The initial entry list had 14 contenders, including the Saab 9-5 BioPower flex-fuel, Fiat Panda, Citroen C2 Stop & Start and […]

Encouraging Biodiesel State by State

| April 5, 2007

John Gartner posted on the Wired Magazine blog network and cited the National Biodiesel Board statistics in pointing out that 11 states encourage biodiesel use in by either legislating percentage used or reducing taxes on biodiesel. States promoting biodiesel include Florida, Connecticut, Missouri, California, Oregon, Mississippi, Arkansas, Nebraska, Montana, Tennessee and New Mexico. Some are […]

Are GM vehicles known for fuel economy?

| April 4, 2007

A segment on the FoxNews program The O’Reilly Factor caught my eye last night in discussing American automobiles. Mark Laneve, Vice President of Sales for General Motors, was interviewed and promoted the fuel efficiency of GM’s vehicles. He presented the case that GM has been gaining ground and has passed their rivals in building cars […]

National Champs: Florida dominates Ohio State

| April 3, 2007

Disappointment and frustration is how I felt while watching the final March madness Ohio State – Florida college basketball game. Florida played well as a team; Ohio State struggled and played ‘ugly’ … as a team … while the big man, freshman Greg Oden struggled to keep his team in the game. Unfortunately it was […]

Barrett Jackson Ford Shelby GT-H Convertible

| April 2, 2007

Here’s an automotive video clip of a different sort … a charity auction for the right to buy VIN #1 of a limited edition Carroll Shelby Ford Mustang. (1 of 500 to be produced) It is interesting in that the unveiling of the GT-H Convertible car also took place at a Barrrett Jackson Auction … […]

Google uses plumbing for broadband

| April 1, 2007

April fools prank by the Google gang! 😀 Welcome to Tisp Sick of paying for broadband that you have to, well, pay for? Introducing Google TiSP (BETA), our new FREE in-home wireless broadband service. Sign up today and we’ll send you your TiSP self-installation kit, which includes setup guide, fiber-optic cable, spindle, wireless router and […]

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