Covered Back Porch & Fireplace project

| September 30, 2007

The final construction project that will complete the original plans for our home is underway as the masonry crew finished the foundation. We are adding a back porch and outdoor fireplace (left elevation) that replaces an existing deck which houses our hot tub. The new stamped concrete is in place of the 12 year old […]

The iPhone predicament: To hack or not to hack

| September 29, 2007

Those ‘sexy’ iPhones are a pretty attractive (and expensive) toys/tools to be hacking, but according to users around the world they have been modified with software to operate with ‘unauthorized carriers’ around the world. (link) In the U.S., AT&T is the only network authorized by Apple … but hacks and other unsupported programs are being […]

Palm announces Sprint Centro smartphone

| September 28, 2007

Palm announced their new Sprint based Centro smartphone at the DigitalLife conference in New York City on Thursday. The smaller and more stylish smartphone was announced earlier across the pond, and expected in the states today. The release was semi- expected, although did seem to happen a bit sooner than many Palm Treo users expected. […]

Volkswagen Dieselution Tour

| September 27, 2007

Volkswagen will be making their rounds in hopes to promote their TDI diesel and alternative fuels in something they call the “Volkswagen Dieselution Tour.” Here’s a bit from a press release. AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Volkswagen of America, Inc. is launching the Dieselution Tour, a mobile marketing exhibit, to educate the media and the public […]

Volkswagen Tiguan teaser video clip

| September 26, 2007

As Volkswagen TDI owners wait patiently for new VW diesels to show in the spring of 2008, we can at least surf the web to find a few interesting tidbits in order to pass the time. Perhaps the most anticipated new Volkswagen is the small SUV called the Tiguan. The current site is in German […]

Chrysler/NBB partnership & B20 national fuel standard

| September 25, 2007

In a press release, Chrysler announced a special discount program for ‘members’ of the National Biodiesel Board to purchase or lease a Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle. (link) The focus is on the company’s new diesels which means it only includes the Dodge Ram HD pick up truck and Jeep’s high end Grand Cherokee SUV. […]

Volkswagen hybrids and more Bluemotion diesels

| September 24, 2007

A Leftlanenews brief mentioned that Volkswagen will offer all future models with a hybrid option. VW head of development Ulrich Hackenberg also told Automobilwoche that VW will offer a BlueMotion — the name of VW’s environmentally friendly diesel line — version of Tiguan SUV and that there is a “good chance” the Eos retractable hardtop […]

CinciTDI Brake Bleeding GTG

| September 22, 2007

Missing Google PHOTOS It was a great day for a CinciTDI get together (GTG) as the scheduled brake bleeding event went like clockwork thanks to our volunteer ‘wrenchers.’ (Thank you guys) Most of the VW TDIs received fresh brake fluid very efficiently as the Motive Powerbleeders made short work of changing the brake fluid in […]

Canadian Dollar on par with U.S. Dollar

| September 21, 2007

Since I have a friend who frequently travels to Canada (link 1; link 2), we note the exchange rate of U.S. dollars to Canadian dollars. (click for larger 5 year graph) It has been rather attractive for the past several years and in fact made our visit a few years back much more pleasant. This […]

Living aboard a Nor’Sea 27

| September 20, 2007

I enjoy Ben Eriksen’s sailing blog enough to include one of his video clips below … although I don’t think many reading my blog are sailors? His recent single handed sail back from Maine aboard his Nor’Sea 27 will probably be enjoyable just the same, as he has done a pretty good job of capturing […]

DIGG does major update

| September 19, 2007

I suspect that most active DIGG users know that the popular social bookmarking site which has popularized rating stories by Internet surfers continues to expand. For those that don’t, here’s a great intro from Kevin Rose (founder) that previews a few of the new expanded list of features. Lots of new changes coming to Digg! […]

Lakota East HS 2007 YoungLife club kickoff

| September 19, 2007

A great time was had by all as the leaders from Miami University planned an outstanding YoungLife kickoff meeting at our house. My son’s Lakota East High School Young Life friends enjoyed a beautiful evening and well attended kickoff meeting with football, pudding fights, slip’n slide, swimming and picnic food grilling. I hope the new […]

Dow has largest one day gain in 5 years

| September 18, 2007

The Fed cut interests rates today by 1/2 basis point; many assumed they would only react by moving 1/4 including former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan. One can only assume that the Fed sees inflation under control or are hoping to fend off a recession brought on by a slump in the housing market. The Dow […]

Living with Ed (Begley) – HGTV season two

| September 17, 2007

I enjoyed the entertaining look at living ‘green’ last year when the HGTV program “Living with Ed” premiered. (last year’s post) The program was filled with light husband/wife humor and yet offered educational content aimed at getting each of us thinking about our energy use. Personally speaking, its nice to be informed about how we […]

Biodiesel power: World’s fastest diesel motorcycle

| September 16, 2007

In keeping with the alternatively powered ‘bikes’ (see KillaCycle), Sunday “The Crucible” industrial arts school in Oakland California raced their biodiesel powered BMW R1150 RT with a BMW 3 series diesel to a new speed record on the Bonneville Salt Flats. The diesel motorcycle ran th two-way average speed of 210.2.03 km/h. Michael Sturtz rode […]

Wired NextFest “KillaCycle” electric motorcycle

| September 15, 2007

I’ve posted on the Wired NextFest in 2006 and attended in 2005 with my daughter, so its only appropriate to comment in 2007. Unfortunately the ‘newsy’ part of this years event is probably the “KillaCycle” electric motorcycle demonstration. The high … let me repeat HIGH … performance electric cycle is impressive without the attached video […]

Tech Friday: Slingbox Clip + Sling

| September 14, 2007

A recent post by moderator Brandon C. on the Sling Community blog has highlighted some information on the much anticipated Slingmedia’s “clip + Sling.” In case you don’t know what a Slingbox is, it is hardware component that is usually located at your home or office and broadcasts your local television signal to authorized computers […]

Wikipedia publishes its 2 millionth English article

| September 13, 2007

I like the online encyclopedia called Wikipedia even with the continuing flap over disputed posts and ‘insider corrections.’ (check out the wikiscanner which monitors which ip addresses edit which articles regularly) The volunteer writers and editors still do a pretty good job of indicating articles which are questionable and deserve scrutiny. I doubt referencing a […]

Biodiesel B-20 price update

| September 12, 2007

Filled my VW Jetta TDI with B-20 this week at the Mt Gilead I-71 exit 151 Sunoco and have noted that prices have worked back over $3/gallon again. Fuel economy the past week in mixed driving was 41.8 MPG. Taking a look at tropical weather it looks like a new storm is cranking up in […]

Great Wolf Lodge: another 2008 TDIFest option

| September 12, 2007

In keeping with ‘preliminary’ planning for the Cincinnati/Columbus Ohio area TDIFest for 2008, another possible conference hotel is the ‘new’ Great Wolf Lodge in Mason, Ohio. (see previous post) The larger and more extravagant 400+ room King’s Island area hotel/lodge is exceptionally nice, but will more than likely reflect higher pricing than what the group […]

Remembering 9/11 six years later

| September 11, 2007

I would be remiss in not mentioning 9/11 as the United States remembers the 6th anniversary of the attack on America. In many areas of our country, there were 4 pauses for reflection in silence today. In my moment of silence, I recalled that terrible day as I was getting my son off to school. […]

2008 Honda Accord – “diesel in the wings”

| September 11, 2007

Motorweek, the PBS long running automotive program, reviewed the 2008 Honda Accord this past week. The host John Davis didn’t offer any time tables, but indicated that “hybrids are no more but a clean turbo diesel engine is waiting in the wings.” It will be nice to have a little competition for the Volkswagen’s TDI […]

Volkswagen’s “UP” new rear engined city car

| September 10, 2007

click photo for larger image Volkswagen unveiled its new small city car entry they call the “UP!” It will compete with the FIT from Honda and the Yaris from Toyota. It is interesting in that the new small entry reverts to the rear engine vehicle that built VW — the original beetle. According to what […]

Should the next TDIFest be in Ohio?

| September 10, 2007

Four CinciTDI members headed to the Mason Ohio/King’s Island area on Sunday to scout out conference hotels in order to put in a proposal for 2008’s TDIFest. We’ve started the ball is rolling and hopefully area TDI members will consider stepping forward with ideas and their time. We visited several hotels and came away with […]

Alias email now

| September 9, 2007

Last year I mentioned Dodgeit as a great way to reduce spam when websites require you to use an email for confirmation. I noticed that a few months ago that their servers could no longer handle the volume of traffic and re-release the same service under a new domain For those that might have […]

One tough bunny …

| September 8, 2007

This ‘snake in the grass’ may have met his match …

Tech Friday: HTC X7501 mobile office device

| September 7, 2007

Oh how I do like tech-toys … and I’m not alone. Yesterday a discontented Palm Treo user told me about a new gadget that he was thinking about; he is considering the $800 micro computer in hopes he can replace his aging full size notebook as well as his smartphone. A quick look at the […]

Fred Thompson announces intent with Jay Leno

| September 6, 2007

It is probably not a surprise to anyone, but Fred Thompson has finally announced that he intends to enter as a Republican candidate for President of the United States in 2008. He has had a bit of time to develop an excellent website (Friends of Fred Thompson) and has included his thoughts in a long-ish […]

Palm’s Folio is being pulled & Centro looks real

| September 5, 2007

Well the Palm Folio didn’t last but a few months … a blunder from the start in my opinion. Palm created a notebook looking sidekick for it Treo users that just didn’t offer enough reasons for users to buy it. Its not quite a notebook, but still a big enough package to not want to […]

Felix comes ashore: Category 5’s back to back

| September 4, 2007

Hurricane Felix hit the Caribbean coast of Central America hard today with Category 5 winds of 160 miles hour and heavy rains. The coastal area of Nicaragua is primarily rural with many shallow water areas before the elevation changes in to steep hills which pose a serious mudslide danger. The life threatening winds and heavy […]

Chips & Salsa at Acapulco Restaurant

| September 4, 2007

I haven’t posted using the Flickr to blog on my Palm Treo recently and wanted to be sure all was working. I’m including a photo from my (and my son’s) favorite ‘escape from women’ hangout … although this is no surprise to my wife and daughter. Acapulco Mexican Restaurant at 5953 Boymel Drive in Fairfield, […]

Cincinnati Riverfest 2007 & Fly-in success

| September 3, 2007

Labor Day weekend is generally way too full for me. First, I always miss the TDIFest (held in Montreal Canada this year), I am obligated to work the Airshow/Pancake Breakfast at the Red Stewart Airport as it is the only fund-raiser my EAA chapter does (a big success this year), generally have a family reunion […]

Reynolds Indiana = Biotown USA

| September 2, 2007

It is interesting to see what a small community can do to improve their green footprint on the planet. Folks in the rural farm town of Reynolds Indiana have that opportunity. While I pretend to make changes by trading out my incandescent light bulb for compact fluorescents and run little biodiesel in my efficient car, […]

Old planes, aerobatic flying and great family fun

| September 1, 2007

This weekend is the annual Red Stewart Field / EAA Chapter 284 aviation celebration. On Saturday, the Stewarts open up their airfield for an open house which begins at 4 PM off Route 42 in Waynesville Ohio (directions). They offer a donation accepted ‘free’ chili dinner followed by an airshow that has always been excellent; […]

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