Music Monday: The song “I Can Only Imagine” and recent movie

Posted By on July 2, 2018

Brenda and I are still a bit old fashion when it comes to watching new release movies; we I still pick up the DVDs at a Redbox rather than streaming. RedboxICanOnlyImagine2018BUT … no matter how you decide watch the movie "I Can Only Imagine," it will be well worth your time and the rental (or purchase). Personally I think it may be my favorite movie of 2018 … although I doubt the Hollywood and secular world will agree enough to hand out any awards? If you are in the mood to see a painful, yet touching, story of redemption and forgiveness, see it. I suspect there are far too many father/son, Bart and Arthur Millards in this world that need similar healing … and likely the rest of us need a renewed relationship with our Father … the one who loves us far more than we can imagine  (John 3:16). A great movie on every level.

As for the Music Monday song, here is MercyMe and their 2001 hit, I Can Only Imagine, the best-selling Christian single of all time. 

  I Can Only Imagine | MercyMe


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