Minnesota requires all diesel fuel to be B5 biodiesel

Posted By on May 2, 2009

biodiesel kare11.comBiodiesel advocates are smiling in and for Minnesota as the state has increase it mandated 2 percent biodiesel blend (B2) to  a 5 percent (B5) blend as of May 1, 2009. This make Minnesota the first state to require all diesel fuel being sold in their state to contain 5% biodiesel — fuel made from grown or recycled vegetable oils ( the mandate will rise to 20 percent by 2015). The aggressive step by this state has made, along with Washington, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New Mexico and Massachusetts who also have passed biodiesel requirements, has them legislatively leading the way in helping our country to achieve energy independence and in being more environmentally wise in using our natural resources. I’m looking forward to the day when our entire nation moves from unhealthy, finite petroleum based fuel sources to domestically produced, cleaner, renewable fuels including biodiesel.


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