President Biden has a bold tax and spend plan for the US

Posted By on April 29, 2021

Personally I don’t like using the word "bold" for taxing and spending by big government since it has a positive attribute (at least to my thinking), but President Biden’s Joint Address last night was unlike any we’ve ever seen. It looked far more like a socialist spending wish list than a unifying address to bring the countryarticle-6852-1 together.  It is depressing to see progressive leftist taking more from citizens and dictating, regulating and growing dependency.

As the BabylonBee commented (jokingly below) .. "Man Who Has Been In Government For Nearly 50 Years Promises To Fix Government." Of course to those who have followed partisan politics and ideology for decades, Democrats (and to be fair, a lot of Republicans) want to control people, maintain power and spend rather than let the individual direct their dollars. There is a place for government, but it should be small, non-intrusive and focused on securing our country and maintaining conditions that allow free enterprise to thrive and grow our economy. Ever dollar politicians take out of our hands, is one less that be used to build a business, invest or used efficiently for ones family. Besides the TRILLIONS in proposed borrowing and spending, the regulations and restrictions will cost ever American in the future.

"This man who has been part of the broken system since 1972 is our last hope to fix the broken system," said a DNC spokesperson. "See, since he’s been part of the problem for so long, only he knows how bad the problem is. So only he can fix it. If you got some outsider with, like, morals and stuff, they would be too horrified to even go to Washington in the first place."

"No, we need someone who’s been part of the swamp and has participated in much injustice, oppression, and bloodshed to fix the whole thing from the ground up."



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