My mom’s Jenny Lind bed will be Annalyn’s BIG bed someday

Posted By on February 1, 2019


Ugh … still waiting for my results!

One of my gifts for Christmas 2018 was an DNA kit, so I quickly sent my sample in for genotyping … and from noting the delay, so did about a million others! I’m anxious to compare my results with Katelyn and Taylor (and my brother), but at this point, Brenda is behind in gathering her “spit” JennyLindBedLabel190127sample and mailing it to the lab. Hm, is there something she doesn’t want to know? HA!

Similar to yesterday’s family legacy tool post, this one is about furniture passing from one generation to the next.  Katelyn is interested in chalk painting my mom’s Jenny Lind for Annalyn. This was MomC’s bed when she was a teenager, then my bed in high school when we moved to Sidney (my brother and I shared a room with twin beds growing up on the shore of Lake Erie) AND eventually my daughter Katelyn’s bed when Taylor was born. We have kept it in the basement wondering if it might be handed down to the next generation?  I think it is great that Katelyn and Drew would like it to be Annalyn’s first bed. I think it is great!


EDIT: Since it is Thursday … and I haven’t had a #TBT post for a while, we’ll call this a ThrowBack Thursday post and include an Amazon Echo message from Annalyn.

  Annalyn and Katelyn leaving a message on our Echo | Feb 2019


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