Jury rigged trunk mechanism for 2001 VW Jetta TDI

Posted By on July 6, 2010

Jetta The electrical and mechanical release locking mechanism on my daughter’s 2001 Volkswagen Jetta TDI’s trunk malfunctioned last week and after further digging I noticed a broken plastic part. The complex linkage has both an electrical plunger and key lock that controls the latch. Unfortunately the poorly engineered (IMHO) plastic part broke off (click image below for larger view) and completely locked her out of the trunk. Thankfully the rear seatback folds forward and give access to the “boot.”


I crawled in and removed the trunk lid cover (lots of screws) enough to gain access to the linkage and triggered the latch, but quickly noticed that the plastic part being pushed by the electric plunger was broken.  After removing the linkages, I realized that the stamped sheet metal and spring loaded rotating mechanism would need to be replaced as one part. (if you have a source or suggestion for the above part, please let me know)

In the meantime, I jury rigged the linkage for the manual lock and latch using a piece of welding rod – it works great for a manual trunk release, and almost isn’t worth replacing this entire component.

EDIT: Once again the TDI community at the TDIClub and CinciTDI came through with some great info (thank for the links Tim). I’ll include the videos from Alamo Defense at jettatrunk.com. (part costs $39.99) Also on a lead from another member, U-Pull & Pay has a 2000 VW Jetta with factory parts on an undamaged trunk lid.


  • Ahmad Asou
  • tony50

    The fix looks nice but why not buy a new bracket? They are on ebay for about $35, part number 

  • Target4fun

    Just wanted to put an update on this….I bought the JettaTrunk.Com fix ($29.99 current price) and the reason why I didnt want to buy another OEM Bracket is the bracket still has the same thin plastic flaw which is the reason it broke in the first place. JettaTrunk.Com part in hand now I can say its 5x thicker and they offer a lifetime no B.S. guarantee. Cheaper than an OEM bracket and i wont have to mess with it again just a simple working trunk. Win Win

    • Jose

      Hi Mike,

      Congratulations on finding a fix for your trunk bracket that you are happy with. I do have a couple of points to make. First, the OEM brackets are actually available for less that $20 now. Yes, they are made in China but, they are actually a better product that the ones that were made in Germany. They are OEM because they are made for VW of China. Second, the reason that the bracket breaks is not because they are thin, it is because plastic gets brittle after 10 to 15 years in the heat of a trunk. The brackets that I have seen fail quickly, have broken because of the mechanism being out of adjustment. Your JettaTrunk.Com part will also become brittle after 10 to 15 years in the heat and fail. Also, speaking of B.S., it is extremely obvious that you are a shill for this company. I congratulate you on your product and your marketing strategy.

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