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Posted By on April 25, 2021


Although I’ve owned a small amount of Bitcoin in a cryptocurrency account for a while now, I’ve been wanting to attend a primer on the subject. Thankfully Barron’s offered a free webinar hosted by Beverly Goodman and Bitcoin_evergreenexplained by Grayscale’s Michael Sonnenshein. It was great fill in some of my knowledge gaps, but my question as to insuring holders security of one’s assets was still left unanswered. Who can you call if/when something isn’t right .. hacked, stolen, glitch, etc?

Still it was worth attending last week and I suspect, just like driving EVs, we’ll all be using cryptocurrency just as we do credit cards in the not too distant future. Mr. Sonnernshein left with some good actionable advice: "Set up an account and send $5 in Bitcoin to a friend as a way to get comfortable with how it works.’

The Guide to Cryptocurrency

As an extension of the Crypto edition of the Barron’s Guide to Wealth, Barron’s Editorial Director, Beverly Goodman speaks with CEO of Grayscale Investments, Michael Sonnenshein about investing in cryptocurrency.

This call will offer several perspectives on why advisors and their clients need to get smarter about this rapidly evolving asset class, and what they need to know if they incorporate it into a portfolio. Even advisors who have embraced crypto are finding challenges to how they take custody of assets, set fees, and generally adapt their practice to accommodate client interest in Bitcoin and other cryptos. We’ll also cover why corporations are investing in crypto and which use cases make sense and which don’t.

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