Home Improvements: Landscaping and Blacktop

Posted By on April 28, 2008

Landscape pond
My back is sore and my muscles ach as this past weekend was spent working in the yard … well really in just part of the yard. I’ve been reworking the landscaping as the ‘new porch’ is slowly coming together — this past weekend was the small pond and opening up the pool. (too many rocks to move and place for my aging back)

New Asphalt
Monday was the asphalt day as the rain held off and the guys were able to pave my rear driveway; not quite as straight as I wanted it, but it will work. It should be much nicer than constantly adding gravel and killing weeds, but suspect will crack as does most blacktop. Never the less … we’re on a deadline to get the project done: My son’s high school graduation.


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