The Earthrace crew continues, but so do problems

Posted By on April 29, 2007

Pete BethuneThe champion of optimism … Skipper Pete Bethune … has finally conceded that the record of circling the globe by power boat in the fastest time is not possible anymore. After receiving some negative news while Earthrace waits for parts in the Pacific, Bethune writes as his crew mate sits down for breakfast with him: “Ryan comes wandering in. He’s got a big smile on his face so he’s obviously not aware of the latest developments. He slots down with a plate of hot food and I give him the crappy news.”

“His smile disappears and he looks out at the harbour just metres from where we’re sitting. “Does this mean we’re buggered for the record”, he asks. I do some quick sums in my head. Even if we had a perfect run from here there’s no way we’d get the record by Barbados. He pushes his plate away but doesn’t say anything more.”

After a series of problems … some just part of the challenge, others much larger … it looks like the run for the record is now over. The question they now face is with only a few dollars left to complete the trip, will they be able to find sponsors willing to supply the needed biodiesel to finish the circumnavigation?


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