Just a few sharks off Florida’s Gold Coast

Posted By on February 1, 2011

Should I show this to my wife (or hold back) before she heads out for her hours of long distance swimming off Florida’s Gold Coast?

I’ve never seen that many sharks in one place and am surprised to see that many migrating in such tight schools along Florida’s east coast.

[flv:Sharks_spotted_PalmBeach.flv 490 260]

Pilot Steve Irwin has quite a fish tale, and he wasn’t even fishing. Irwin is a pilot with “Island Marine Services” based in Fort Pierce. He said he was flying about 100 yards off of Palm Beach, at 80 mph, when he spotted thousands of sharks.

He pulled out his iPhone 4 and began taking pictures. He recorded the spectacular sight and wanted to share it. This is the time of year when sharks migrate and head for warmer waters. They also typically swim close to the shore while chasing after bait fish.



  • Rene

    My goodness that’s a bunch of sharks. Are you sure they are called “schools” of sharks?

  • With the strange and mysterious bird and fish deaths lately, one might pause to wonder what would have driven this massive school of sharks together just off the South East Florida Coast.

    • Good point … and with the earthquake and tsunami, perhaps they know
      more that we think?

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