Biodiesel gets Presidential sniff

Posted By on May 16, 2005

Bush Visits Virginia Biodiesel Facility

Today was an headline grabbing day for biodiesel advocates as President Bush made a visit to a Virgina Biodiesel Refinery. The public visit was in part a promotion of his stalled energy bill and an incentive to continue our national move toward less dependance on foriegn petroleum. President Bush exclaims, “Our dependence on foreign oil is like a foreign tax on the American dream, and that tax is growing every year.”

His visit was highlighted by a demonstration of how biodiesel is made – and how cleanly it burns in an engine. Bush was given a white handkerchief that had been held on an exhaust pipe of a revved-up 18-wheeler, and deemed it clean enough to hold up to his nose.

“Biodiesel is one of our nation’s most promising alternative fuel sources and by developing biodiesel you’re making this country less dependent on foreign sources of oil,” he said.

For American farmers and those of us promoting biodiesel in our vehicles, it is good to see the President in tune with us. I for one appreciate the exposure of having the Commander in Chief visit a biodiesel facility and point out to the American people what we already know. Clean, renewable, domestic biodiesel is an efficient fuel available to our nation today. Let’s keep the momentum rolling.


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