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Posted By on May 16, 2005

A Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS) technology demonstration is scheduled for June 5 – 7, 2005 and will showcase some of the operating capabilities developed to make small aircraft and airports more accessible to more people. This is the information technology that is needed to open the door to personal air transportation along with the hardware like I mentioned in my previous post.

In email correspondence with Attila Melkuti he has indicated hopes of a first flight for his AMV-211 aircraft. “At this point I am conducting some initial taxi testing since I finished the landing gear configuration modification. My goal is to fly it before I take it to Chicago.”

I’m am excited in supporting his project and look forward to visiting with him in Chicago.

It is indeed exciting to be part of the aviation frontier (and preservation of its past) as we move forward these next couple of decades. With NASA SATS 2005 project in remapping the air traffic system to included personal aircraft … the “sky (pun intended) is indeed the limit.”

A great 12+ 60 minutes clip was sent to me by a friend, Mark Keener, and I’ve decided to include it for those wanting to see some of the possible future personal aircraft projects. (Recorded on April 17, 2005)

Right click and save will download this DIVX format (free codec) .AVI file: Future of Flight.avi (warning – 33megs)


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